Mr. Ags’ Commencement Address for the Class of 2013

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Obama OSUYou are the best and the brightest, at least that is how you see yourself and what your parents told you as you strolled across the finish line in 36th place during Race Day in the fourth grade and received your “Participation Ribbon” atop the podium at (insert President/politician name here) Elementary School.  The truth is that it is now time for you to do something you have jokingly thought you have been doing all along; to think for yourself and discern what is honest/right vs. dishonest/destructive in this world you are helping to create everyday.

When you:

  • help someone out of the goodness of your heart, expecting nothing in return
  • work hard with the gifts that God has given you to provide for you and your family
  • love those close to you and are a genuine friend to those you are fortunate enough to count as friends
  • and share the wisdom you have gained through your failures/successes with the next generation

then you are truly an honest and wise steward of this earth.

However, when you:

  • decide that a credit card = happiness (despite the debt)
  • use Fb/social media as your source of news and by which you count your friends
  • think that people find your Tweet about that really sweet waffle you ate at 2:43am Friday night at Waffle House after a “crazy party” at Mitch and his roommates’s house the least bit helpful
  • expect a college degree = success
  • or believe anyone during a commencement address who tells you that you should not listen to people who might suggest there could be a “hint” of tyranny in a government the size of the US

then you are not as intelligent as your parents, teachers, and the MSM have told you that you were.

The person who has stared back at you every morning in the mirror is the one that you control and have the potential to propel to greatness or servitude.  The actions you take from this day forward will shape your life and determine your true success and happiness.  When you fail, embrace your stupidity and learn from it.  When you succeed, do so with humility and always respect others.  A handwritten thank you note is a dying art, use it and watch doors open.  Don’t hop into a green van that says “Mystery Machine” on the side with some cool looking kids and their giant brown dog (it’s a long story, just trust me on this).

In closing, like a good Boy Scout, leave your campsite (this world) better than when you arrived.  May God bless you in all that you do, even if you don’t bless him.  He made a donkey speak in the Bible, so I’m positive he can help you as well in this life if you let him.


Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampradio &  [email protected]

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  1. James Riley says

    We all must be dumber than a rock to think a government the size of ours would have bad leadership??

  2. Mike says

    Why hasn’t my comment shown up yet??

  3. Hotnike says


    1. Radiorick says

      Sorry to be pointing out something wrong with your post, Hotnike, but to compare the Democrat donkey with the ass Mr. Ags is referring to is to do a major disservice to the ass that spoke to Balaam when God placed words in the poor abused beast’s mouth. Perhaps you’re familiar with the story, but some readers may not be. Read about this famous episode from Bible history by going to:

      1. Hotnike says

        I know the story in the Bible. I am comparing Obama to an ASS. I believe that is appropriate. don’t you?

        1. Radiorick says

          If you’re referring to a particular part of the anatomy, it’s fine:)

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