Meet the Partisan Union Behind The Partisan Internal Revenue Service

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A union of government tax collectors that opposes small-government Conservatives & anti-tax Tea Parties — and Obama doesn’t want a special prosecutor…Coincidence?

By: LaborUnionReport

At a protest in downtown Manhattan last week, a group of federal workers chanted“Hey, hey, ho, ho, sequestration has got to go!”

NETU protest
Where do the anti-sequester, federal government workers-turned-protestors work? They work at the Internal Revenue Service–and they are unionized.

As the scandal involving the IRS’ targeting of Conservatives and Tea Party groups consumes the news cycle for the moment and Barack Obama (who, so far, has claimed ignorance of the targeting) has thrown a sacrificial lamb out to appease journalists, that IRS agents targeted certain small-government, anti-tax groups should really not come as a surprise.

Beginning in 2009, Democrats and unions, including government unions, have spent the last several years demonizing Tea Party groups as well as other small government groups.

On Thursday, despite the escalating scandal, Barack Obama told reporters that he did not see the need for a special prosecutor, saying “probes by Congress and the Justice Department should be able to figure out who was responsible for improperly targeting tea party groups when they applied for tax-exempt status.”

While that may appease reporters from CNN and the mainstream media for the moment, one must wonder why there shouldn’t be a special prosecutor to look into the wrongdoings of an agency with such vast powers over the American populace. Unless, of course, there is a smoking gun that people within the administration don’t want discovered.

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  1. bahndon says

    of course Obama knows about the abuse, he started it. If Obama did not directly order the IRS to do what was done, Obama’s leadership has been to divide and destroy his opposition.

  2. James Riley says

    OO CajunPatriot I see you are not asleep.Who other than the IRS is at the door,Obamanation!!!

  3. disqus_blJq6Ckq8t says

    speaking of scandals when is there going to be a investigation on why the government is buy up all the ammo? I thought our country was broke – where are they getting all this money to buy up all this ammo?

  4. TruthorConsequences says

    Just another scandal for the Obama Administration. The woman who ran the harassment of Tea Party and Patriot groups and who quickly approved leftist, socialist, and progressive groups, received $103K in bonuses signed off by Obama and now a promotion to head up IRS oversight over implementation nd compliance with ObamaTax/Care.

    Benghazi, when Obama/Nero fiddled/watched movies our Americans died without any support.
    AP reporters were spied upon by the Administration.

    While Gosnell is being tried to be convicted of murder of born babies at his murder clinic in Philly, while Gosnell is completely supporting the policies of the racist eugenic supporting founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger, Obama is across town expressing solidarity with the purposes of Planned Parenthood and he is so ignorant of their history and distains the trial of Gosnell, that he does not care if the holocaust on African American babies continues.

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