Sex Sells, and Not Just in Cleveland

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With the horrific story unfolding in Cleveland of the three women who were held captive for almost 10 years, a new light is being shown on a growing issue in our world today, human trafficking.  This subject never really got much press until the movie “Taken” came out in 2008.  It depicted an ex-CIA agent’s daughter who was kidnapped by human traffickers while on vacation in Paris.  A very good friend on mine also wrote a book in 2010 about the orphan girls in Moldova who disappear, being sold into the global sex trade when they are too old to live in the orphanages anymore.  It is estimated that human trafficking has grown into a $32,000,000,000 industry worldwide and it is no longer a problem just outside of the US.

Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Memphis, New York, and Toledo, OH have all become major centers in the global human trafficking industry.  In fact, the FBI has listed Toledo (my hometown) as one of the top recruiting cities for human trafficking in North America.  That really pisses me off.  Ohio’s Attorney General did an investigation in 2012 and honed in on who the “Johns” were who were fueling this industry.  Many were surprised that although drug dealers and other various miscreants topped the list of Johns, there were also: businessmen, teachers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, social workers, lawyers, (the US Secret Service), and even pastors who were doing their part to make sure this industry stayed alive and well.  Even worse is that many of the women being taken advantage of in the sex trade (even in the US) are underage girls who have been blackmailed and forced into the trade.  These women aren’t living the life of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”  Many are locked in dingy basements and apartments that should be condemned and are repeatedly abused by 30+ men a night.

I am not trying to preach to you, but if we on the Right are to stand for what is right, we must do so on all fronts.  People from every walk of life are partaking in this debauchery and it needs to end.  If there were no Johns, there would be no sex trafficking issue.  That being said, an open hunting season on pimps might not be such a bad idea as well.  Just saying.

*I want to thank The Blaze TV’s “On The Record” (aired 5/8/13): for much of the information I have listed above.  If you do not subscribe to The Blaze TV, you should.  They are one of the only major media outlets in the world that is not afraid to speak the truth.


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  1. Stop Statism says

    I came pretty close to losing my then 17 year old daughter to human traffickers. Were it not for some alert undercover deputies, she would have been taken. Not mentioned in these stories is that Atlanta is also a major hub for human sex trafficking.

  2. Ray - God Bless Israel. says

    Parents Beware
    Issue Date: January/February 2013

    Satan’s struggle to capture the next generation continues in our government schools. Parents who try to object to the humanist and sodomite indoctrination, are increasingly faced down by emboldened teachers and administrators backed by sympathetic judges and legislators.

    Someone has said that, as California goes, so goes the nation. Bills signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown may be precursors for other states. SB 1172 forbids counselors and therapists to handle cases of gender-confused, underage children who seek counseling to escape same-sex desires. SB 1856 instructs foster parents who are supervised by the state to positively support homosexuality, bisexuality, cross dressing, and sex changes for kids placed in their care.

    Last year another bill established “Harvey Milk Gay Day” as a recommended day of recognition for the murdered homosexual San Francisco politician. Students were to read a favorable biography, attend assemblies that promoted the same-sex lifestyle and were given Milk Duds candy in celebration of this known child sexual predator.

    One college in Washington found itself having to allow a “biological” man, who claimed to be really a woman, use of the women’s dressing facilities in the swimming pool area. He/she chose to relax in the pool area, with male genitals exposed, in view of both college women and local 6-year-olds who had come in to use the pool. A new law against discrimination of “transgenders” forbid the college to do anything more than erect screens in the area.

    Besides the promotion of perversion, all evidence of godliness and Christianity is under siege by schools from elementary to universities. Christian legal assistance organizations such as Alliance Defense Fund, American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and others are in a running battle with school districts that try to discriminate against Christians and Christian organizations in many ways.

    Small churches without worship facilities often look to local schools that are vacant on the weekends. In the past, these have been offered free or nearly free of charge. Now they are beginning to charge large fees when other organizations get the use free. From local churches to international organizations such as the Gideons and Child Evangelism Fellowship, legal help is increasingly required to keep the ministry avenues open.

    At the higher education level, Christian clubs in high schools and colleges are being denied benefits given to other clubs on campus unless they adhere to the “anti-discrimination” policies of the school. With homosexuals being added as a protected category along with race and ethnicity, they are pressuring clubs whose charters require prospective leaders to sign a statement of faith. Since sin is now legal, Christian clubs are being pressured to allow perverts into leadership.

    Most of this is below the radar of many Christian parents. If you have children in school at any level, you need to talk with your kids about their teachers, know what they are being taught and be ready to help them counter Satan’s lies. Remember, the culture is no longer your friend. Children must be aware we are in enemy territory and must be equipped to stand for God and Biblical truth. Many parents have told us at Chick Publications that reading Chick tracts over the years has strengthened their children’s understanding of God’s way and their resolve to follow Him in their lives.

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