Keeping them Focused on Benghazi

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PS_0646_SHINY_OBJECTS_2Benghazi is a much bigger problem for the Administration than the IRS/Tea party issue, or at least that would be a good bet.

The IRS targeting of Patriotic groups is no doubt a very big problem.  Anytime a government agency as powerful as the IRS is targeting groups for political purposes it is BAD NEWS.  A Federal Government agency targeting groups that educate the general public about freedom, raising taxes, patriotism, government controlled health care, and tyranny is unacceptable.  Just imagine… a federal government that is opposed to groups that are opposed to tyranny!

So yeah, it’s a HUGE deal.

But let’s get back to Benghazi…

Let’s go black helicopter for a bit here.  From LibertyNews:

…Here are the basics of what the schemers in government and the complicit media would like for us all to focus on and buy into:

• Why wasn’t there better security at the consulate (keep this misleading word in mind) in Benghazi?

• Why didn’t authorization come to move Special Forces in for protection and rescue?

• Why was an obscure video blamed when everyone knew the video had nothing to do with it?

• Did Obama’s administration cover-up the true nature of the attacks to win an election?

…Here are the basics that we (America, in general) should be focusing on, but aren’t:

• Why do media outlets continue to refer to the “Special Mission Benghazi Compound” as a consulate?

• Where are the so-called “terrorist” attackers/murderers? Have we stopped looking for them?

• Who and where are the rest of the survivors and those evacuated after the attack?

• Why did the attackers know they should target the Special Mission Benghazi Compound, and what was their true intention – what did they really want?

• Why is there now so little discussion of the role the CIA played in the facilities that were attacked?

• Why were 23 of the 30 American officials evacuated from Benghazi active within the CIA? Only 7 of the 30 worked for the State Department? Yet the media continue to characterize the Benghazi facility as a State Department installation?

• Was the CIA Annex a facility used in a secret gunrunning operation, and was Ambassador Chris Stevens involved?

• Was the CIA Annex used to facilitate the flow of arms to (Muslim Brotherhood) insurgents fighting in Syria and possibly beyond?

• Why are there two versions of the ARB (Accountability Review Board) Report? One is unclassified for public view, the other is highly classified, and while Congress can view it, they are legally forbidden to discuss it in public hearings or in news interviews.

The LibertyNews article is well written and well sourced on many points.  There are some unconnected dots and the article is obviously asking a lot of questions.  Never the less, Geraldo Rivera already appears to be on the same page.

Speaker Boehner’s resistance to a Select Committee, even though 136 Republicans are pushing for one, should give us some indication as to how big the Benghazi problem IS.  We know John Boehner is not loyal to the Republican members of Congress, whom he serves; he is just good at twisting their arms to get them inline.  I would not put it past Boehner to put together a deal in which if these members will back away from the Select Committee on Benghazi, he will support an investigation into the IRS scandal.

So what’s the difference?

I believe the difference is one story has Obama’s fingerprints all over it, and one doesn’t.  Most likely, the IRS problem has the fingerprints of someone Obama is willing to throw under the bus; which could be anyone, remember poor old grandma? The Benghazi fingerprint is either his or someone very close to him. Not to mention if there is an Iran/Contra style arms deal going down…

Watch the difference in answers between the two scandals from today’s presser straight from the horse’s ______ (fill in the blank).

Which one of these issues looks like he is worried about?  If you didn’t watch the whole thing, please watch the last few seconds… and think about this little blurb about biting one’s bottom lip and body language:

Biting the lip, centrally or at the side, is often a sign of anxiety. Usually, this is the bottom lip (especially if the person has overhanging top teeth). This may be a habitual action and people who do this, will often repeat the move in predictable situations. It can also be an indicator for stress during lying.

This is a fairly child-like action, especially if accompanied by wide eyes and eyebrows raised in the middle and lowered at the sides, and thus may betray concern about being told off or otherwise being censured in the manner of a child.

As well as a comforting action, biting the lip can be a suppressing action as a person is stopping themself from saying something.

Now that the MSM is actually covering Benghazi, we can’t be distracted by a shiny IRS story that everyone is shoving down our throats, including many members of congress… Call your representative today and tell them to stay focused on Benghazi.

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  1. bob novak says

    Benghazi was another gun running scheme gone wrong. Stevens was brokering arms to the Syrian rebels, aka muzzie goat fornicators brotherhood via Turkey. The plan was to kidnap Stevens not kill him, Owevomit would then step up and save the day ransoming him for the blind sheik, and he’d look like the hero. all set up through the state department and Hillary Clinton. The plan went to hell when three Navy Seals fought, like hells hero’s. Clinton didn’t know the plan went south, that’s why at 0200 when she called Hicks, she didn’t bother asking who, what, where, and when, she already knew the answers.
    Now this is just my tin foil, right wing conspiracy theory for you all to ingest.

  2. bahndon says

    The Commander in Chief is the only one with the authority to order a military operation to STAND DOWN. A Navy Seal WILL NEVER LAZE a target unless he is sure that target will be distroyed within 30 seconds of being lazed, a Navy Seal lazed a mortar battery expecting it to be destroyed, that mortar battery zeroed in on the Seal’s position and killed him because some one gave the order to STAND DOWN, only Obama has that authority. WHO ORDERED THE STAND DOWN?????

  3. joepotato says

    The performance of the Deceiver/Usurper in Chief was truly pathetic. He was obviously selling bovine excrement biscuits.

  4. NOT A LIBERAL says

    Obama you are such a LIAR!

  5. 17_tparty_patriot76 says

    I send daily e-mails to the Pres pointing out the fact that We The People, are not stupid and we know he is lying , and its just a matter of time before he will be impeached. WE will not let this sleeping dog lie. 4 Americans were murdered on his watch and he did not send help when they asked for it! Mrs. Ob ama spent Mother’s Day with her children, did the 4 murder victims of her husband, do the same with their Mother’s ….NO , they were dead and buried and their Mother’s cried on Mother’s Day !!!!

  6. reggiec says

    Whenever any administration really screws up the ole “national security” lid goes on the cess pool and is welded shut. “Highly classified” means they did something they just can’t let the American public know about. They just might not understand why the government is supporting a group like the Muslim Brotherhood with arms from a CIA facility Lybia so they can kill Christians in Egypt and Syria.

  7. kyrunner says

    Whenever this liar in chief comes on the TV I immediately turn to a channel where he isn’t lying. This guy is making Nixon look like a choir boy.

  8. Matt says

    Obama is such a lying sack of crap! Listening to him makes my blood boil! Thanks Rottdawg! Now I get to start my work day even more pissed than my “new normal”… 😉

    1. RottDawg says

      Hey Matt… just don’t take it out on your victims! 😉

      1. MortarMan107 says

        Right. Leave the victim exploitation and persecution to Barack Obama and the Lib/Communist/Left. Where it belongs.

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