Joe The Plumber vs Zombies

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                               JOE THE PLUMBER TAKES ON NEXT FOE: ZOMBIES


Wurzelbacher to give away assault rifle, 1000 rounds of ammo, and a disaster preparedness kit

Toledo, OH- If you thought Marcy Kaptur was scary, wait until you meet Joe the Plumber’s next opponent.  That’s right: Zombies.  Recently the Center for Disease Control released a promotional video advising Americans on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse.  Their reasoning: Preparing for a zombie apocalypse would be very similar to preparing for any other major disaster.

Joe the Zombie

Here at Joe for America, Wurzelbacher’s new website featuring news and commentary from a working class, conservative perspective, we believe that every American should be prepared for a disaster and we applaud the CDC for their initiative.  Yet, there is one major flaw in the CDC’s video: it fails to remind Americans that in times of disaster, one needs to be well armed.



To counter this omission, Joe for America will giving away an AR-15 with 1000 rounds of ammunition, as well as a disaster preparedness kit, all worth well over $2500.  Details on the specifics of the prizes and the rules of the contest can be found here.


Wurzelbacher released the following statement on this giveaway:

“One never knows when disaster may strike.  That’s why I want every American to be prepared, and that includes being armed.  One of the biggest threats in disaster situation is looters who wish to do you and your family harm.  It is criminal for the CDC to fail to recommend means for personal protection in their zombie video.  Those clowns wouldn’t make it through one episode of The Walking Dead.  I hope everyone will take part in this contest, and more importantly, take action to prepare themselves for zombies or any other potential disaster situation.”


Joe for America is a website which brings you working class, conservative news from the perspective of Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher and like-minded bloggers.  Joe for America began in 2012 following Joe’s run for the US Congress. Through this site, he hopes to provide a counter-narrative to mainstream media outlets and to help conservatives stay informed on the issues of education, veterans, the 2ndAmendment, and taxes.

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