IRS Insists That A Pro-life Group Talk Pro-choice values To Receive 501c3 Status

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images (11)How can the IRS insist that a pro-life group talk about pro-choice options to receive 501c3 status? Legally they can’t.

The IRS is out of control and needs to be reined in. Many of us believe the IRS to be unconstitutional, and we know that they hinder personal and business growth. As Plato stated over 2000 years ago about the “income tax” that “the just man will always pay more then his fair share and the unjust man will never pay his fair share at all”.

We need tax replacement for many reasons, but one of the biggest reason is the control that they have over the American people. Story below illustrates it perfectly.

The Internal Revenue Service already has confessed to targeting and trying to injure tea party, Constitution and patriot organizations, by demanding answers to arbitrary questions and delaying their applications for a tax status so they could operate.

Now WND has learned that the IRS also put an organization in its bull’s-eye that wanted to do nothing more than share its pro-life message with churches.

Cherish Life Ministries was created to be a non-profit under the IRS 501(c)3 provision so that churches would feel comfortable working together.

Peter Shinn founded the group, because he already was working with, but as it did not carry the same tax code designation as a religious institution, some churches were reluctant to hear the message from its education materials.

And even more reluctant to participate, Shinn told WND.

The mission of the ProlifeUnity group is to “save the unborn and defend the defenseless, no exceptions, no compromise.”

It organizes pickets, works through email campaigns and takes “direct action” on the dispute.

So Shinn launched Cherish Life Ministries, a separate organization, to offer help to a coalition of churches that supports mothers struggling with unexpected pregnancies, promotes abstinence and advocates for an end to abortion in the community, state and nation.

“Our goal is to assist churches, organize and support a life ministry in defense of life and help function as an outreach to people struggling with unwanted pregnancies in the local community,” the site states.

Read more at WND.

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