Impeach Obama?

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Let me find the right word…


Let me be clear, I really don’t like the guy.  Really.  But impeachment is the dumbest idea around, and there’s a drumbeat out there pushing it.

There are the loons at WorldNetDaily who published some kind of a crackpot poll showing a “majority” of Americans want him impeached.  And then there’s ConspiracyCentral over at InfoWars.  And an occasional Congressman.  Note, I’m not linking to any of these moonbats because I refuse to give them traffic.

Did the President do something worth being impeached?  Honestly I don’t know and really don’t care.  It’s a non-starter of an idea for 67 simple reasons.  That’s how many votes it takes in the US Senate to “convict” on an impeachment motion from the House.  Democrats hold 53 seats, there are two i\Independents who are to left of most of the Democrats and there are 45 Republicans.

Exactly NONE of the Democrats will vote to impeach.  None.  Zero. Zilch. Nada.  Bupkis.  Neither will either of the Independents.  And then there’s the 45 Republicans.  Any bets on Collins or McCain?  Or Kirk?

Impeachment was designed by the founders as a way to rid the nation of a President guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors” whatever those are.  They didn’t bother to define them.  That means that, like it or not, impeachment is nothing more or less than a political process and it’s been all about politics on both occasions it’s been tried.

Andrew Johnson was impeached because he was a Southerner and ran into a Congressional buzz saw with respect to his plan to reunify the nation after the Civil War.  It was 100% political and he managed to squeak out a win with the Senate vote.

Bill Clinton was impeached because he got a blow job in the Oval Office.  I know, there was the perjury thing, but that was a convenient excuse.  It was the outrage from some sectors of the Republican Party based on the Full Monica that got him impeached.

Clinton’s impeachment was a total disaster for the Republican Party.  It reinforced the old – and well deserved – moniker “The Stupid Party.”

When the Stupids discovered that they couldn’t beat Clinton at the polls they went after him with Special Prosecutors and Monica was the result of that.

At the same time, the House Republicans under Newt were beating his brains out on the policy and issues floor.  They certainly didn’t win all the fights but they stopped HillaryCare cold in its tracks and laid the groundwork for holding the line on spending that gave us the first non-deficit years in decades.

By pursuing the Special Prosecutor route they personalized the fight rather than making the fight over ISSUES where the American people consistently side with Republicans.  Needless to say, Bill Clinton has more “personality” in his little finger than the entire Republican Party has top to bottom and he took advantage of that.

The impeachment united the Democrats behind their embattled President.  Just days before they had been a fractured party with no direction.  The lefties were angry at Clinton because he was moving right and there were wars going on in the Democratic Caucus.  Clinton had a rally in the Rose Garden the afternoon the impeachment was filed and every elected Democrat was there.  So was the fawning press.

It became a battle between a personally likeable President and the nasty, puritanical Republicans who wanted to regulate your bedroom.

Result?  Clinton regained momentum and the Republicans were pushed into political hell.  Today, Bill Clinton is the Grand Old Man of the Democratic Party and the issues that the Left was down for the count on have magically resurrected on steroids in the Obama administration.

Today we’ve a President who is personally likeable – so say the polls – and aside from the current hiccup, the press adores him even more than they liked Clinton.

Impeach him and it will come down to racist Republicans against a likeable guy who inherited two wars and a huge financial mess and Republicans have been trying to destroy him every day.  There won’t be an IRS scandal.  Ben Gazzi will be some forgotten guy who was on a TV series that didn’t get renewed and the press will forgive the AP and Fox peccadillo’s.

Republicans will take a monumental political beating for nothing and the Left’s issues will be alive and well.

We have the potential to really make a case that government is TOO BIG.  But in order to do that we’ve got to keep our eyes on the prize and not make this personal – no matter how much I’d like to.

We don’t need Democrats running around screaming RACISM at the drop of a hat, they already are, just look at Barack and Michelle’s graduation speeches last weekend.  The difference will be that they will make them the gospel with the help of the fawning press.

Keep our eyes on issues and the press will begin to pay attention to the real issues and we may be able to pull out a real win.

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