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Amnesty DuckOver the last month or so we’ve put up a series of reports on illegal immigration and the farcical “immigration bill” that John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio have collaborated to write and get to the Senate floor.  This bill is the top legislative priority of the Obama administration and the far left.

Below is a summary of the articles, titled Raping Arizona, for your reference.

We have to take action to stop the amnesty of 30 to 35 million illegal aliens that will eventually destroy not only Arizona but the nation.  Share this summary with your friends and family and urge them to get involved.  As you’ll see shortly, it looks like there might not be 60 votes to get this legislation to the Senate floor for a vote and with your help we can stop it.  Call and fax your Senators and your Representative.  It makes a difference when they hear from voters in their district and it’s as easy as one mouse click.

Here’s a summary of the Raping Arizona series, please take the time to get informed.  This is going to be a difficult month because the headlines will be focus on the Obama Scandals and will be ignoring immigration.  The media has refused to talk about the problems with the legislation, you won’t find any reporting of the issues with the bill for the last two months.

With respect to SOME of the problems with the Senate bill…

Border Security.  DHS admits they can’t secure the border or even define what that means.

Cost of the bill.  Proponents are saying that this bill will bring down the deficit because illegals who are being paid under the table will now be paying taxes.  That claim is a blatant lie.  According to a Heritage Foundation study, the cost will be $6.3 TRILLION for 11 million illegal immigrants, and there’s a problem with this study.  The real number will be more on the order of 30 to 40 million.

Paying back taxes and penalties.  That would be the job of the IRS, assessing back taxes and penalties.  They’re too busy investigating conservative 501 groups and setting up to enforce ObamaCare.

They’ll have to learn English.  No.

They’ll have to pass a background check.  Not on your life.

They’ll pay a fee and fine.  Guess who gets to define the “fees” and the “fines”?  That would be Janet Napolitano.  You can guess what they’ll be.

They have to go to the back of the line for consideration for citizenship.  They come here illegally, receive a work permit, Social Security account, etc, and then it’s likely that DHS, with the blessing of John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Jeff Flake and Mario Rubio, will waive fees and back taxes and any other requirement they feel like.

Those closest to the fight are opposed to this bill.

The two unions representing the folks who enforce immigration laws are hopping mad.  The Wall St. Journal had this to say…

Two unions representing federal workers who implement and enforce immigration law came out Monday in opposition to the bipartisan Senate effort to overhaul the system.

The leaders of unions representing workers at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said in a letter sent to lawmakers that the Senate immigration bill wouldn’t strengthen security of the U.S. border and fails to address problems identified by law-enforcement and immigration officials.

And finally, we still have a chance to stop this abomination in the Senate.

According to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), the so-called Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill does not have enough votes at this point to pass the Senate.

Even though the bill has exited the Senate Judiciary Committee with a 13-5 vote, Menendez says that it will not receive 60 votes thanks to Republican opposition. “We don’t currently have 60 votes identified in the Senate,” Menendez told Univision. “We need to add more votes on the floor. That means that the community in your state, in every state, should be contacting your state’s two US Senators saying that they want comprehensive immigration reform, that they are going to judge their political future based on this vote.”

Several Republican senators have expressed support for debating the bill, but do not support the bill itself yet, including Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY).

What can you do?  Well for starters forward a link of this series to everybody you know and follow up with them to get them to take action.  Call your Congressman and let him or her know that you want this immigration fiasco stopped.  Call you US Senators and tell them to vote NO!

Ask your friends and family to make a call as well.  We’ve made it easy for you, click below and you can get your representative’s numbers and you can send them a fax letting them know that you want Security First!

Click Here

Our Nation is hanging in the balance and we’re running out of time.

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