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Houston teacher who crashed prom party accused of molesting 16-year-old student


HOUSTON – A local high school teacher faces charges of sexual assault of a child and having an improper relationship with a student after her behavior at a post-prom party caused authorities to investigate further.

promteacherStudents at Brazosport High School in Houston told police that 10th grade teacher Nikki Scherwitz arrived at a party at a student’s house scantily dressed and appearing intoxicated, the Daily Mail reports.

A student at the party told KHOU “she was wearing no shoes when she showed up … like a cut up, cut off shirt and everything.”

Scherwitz, 25, allegedly left with a 16-year-old boy when other students at the party told her it wasn’t right to be there, according to media reports.

The English teacher resigned two days later when school officials launched an investigation into her conduct. The Freeport Police Department also investigated and allegedly learned that Scherwitz, who had taught at the school for only nine months, was engaged in a sexual relationship with one of her students.

“The relationship started with text messaging, which led to explicit text messaging, which led to the relationship,” Freeport Police Department spokesman Raymond Garvey said, according to the Daily Mail.

Scherwitz is reportedly a married mother with one child. She’s separated from her husband and the child was in his custody at the time of the party incident, according to news reports.

The teacher was jailed with a $50,000 bond, the Daily Mail reports.


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