Gun Control? How About Starting With “Criminal Control”

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DrivenygtaivGun control! We need to get these horrible, evil guns off the street! Blah, blah, blah! I hear lots of liberals and politicians talking up a storm, but with such selective enforcement of the current laws, I do not know what good they think it would do. Let me offer a sad example.

A few nights ago, my partner and I had a pretty fun night, as in a COPS episode type of fun (don’t tell my wife I said it was fun), that eventually turned into a dismal example of gun law failure.

We initially responded to a disturbance between a male and female, both in their early twenties, that boiled down to a whole lot of baby mamma drama. Their parents, who were all there, seemed like regular, caring, concerned, reasonable people. Their kids, the twenty-somethings, not so much. They were turds with turd friends. As we were getting ready to leave, having done our best to quell the situation, one of the parents got a text message warning her that her house was going to get shot up. Friends of the female found out about the drama and were planning on repaying the boyfriend for breaking her windshield. We did our best to convey to the female the importance of preventing her friend’s stupid behavior on her behalf, but it was falling on deaf ears.

A few hours later, a call of shots fired came out at the parent’s house. Multiple neighbors were calling and there were reports of 5-8 shots fired. One of the callers saw a male in a white shirt near a small silver 4-door car that left immediately after the shots.

We get to the scene a few minutes later (we were on another call across the district when this came out) and find that thankfully, no one has been shot. We were out of our car examining some fresh bullet holes in houses and parked cars when one of the neighbors pointed to a small silver car driving past and he said “I think that is the car”.

My partner and I ran to our car and the pursuit was on. During the short pursuit, which was all captured on video, the solo occupant of the fleeing small silver 4-door vehicle, who was wearing a white shirt, tossed a loaded gun out of the car. Eventually, the driver bailed out of the still moving vehicle and fled on foot leaving the unoccupied car to bounce off a few parked cars. The suspect jumped a few fences and was caught by one of our beat partners two blocks away. Thankfully again, no one was injured during this whole incident.

IMG_3412The gun was located in the street where we saw it get tossed. Not so surprisingly, the gun, a nice Springfield XD sub-compact .40 cal, had been reported stolen in a residential burglary several years prior. The magazine in the gun was a high capacity (not standard) 25 round extended mag. As much as I disagree with magazine capacity limits, in this instance, I’ll take it. The driver of the car, the man who threw the gun, was a previously convicted felon with prior weapons charges and who had been tied in the past, at least in the investigation, to at least one fatal shooting. The next morning, a second high-cap mag was located in one of the back yards through which the suspect fled. All in all, the suspect went to jail for six fresh felonies that night. It was a great end to a fun night. Bad guy in jail, stolen gun off the street, no victims injured, all cops went home safe! Well worth celebrating.

I got to work early the next day to finish my portion of the report, and to do so, pulled the subject up in the system only to find out he was no longer in custody. He, a 31 year old man with an extensive criminal history and no job, had somehow managed to post his $110k bail in less than 12 hours. I examined his criminal history and found that he had multiple arrests for not only gun law violations, but several felony assaults with weapons, and in almost every case, those charges had been dropped or reduced in plea bargaining. Needless to say, I was disgusted. The sense of accomplishment I felt the night before, GONE! This is but one very recent example of something that happens far too often.

Leave it to the utter stupidity of politicians to preach to us that they need to pass more gun laws, to infringe more on our Second Amendment rights “to save just one child”, to take the guns away from good, law abiding people because of the actions of crazies and criminals, all the while not enforcing the laws we already have and while letting criminals violating those existing laws off near scot free. The idiots calling for more gun laws are the very same idiots saying “we simply don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody” (Joe Biden, Jan 2012).

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  1. Jeff Shouse says

    With as many laws as are on the books in America, we should be the United States of Kumbaya by now. The problem is, there is an element of the ruling class in our society that WANTS us to be victims of crime and mayhem because it serves their political purposes.

  2. Graywolf12 says

    The release of a dangerous felon is par for the progressive game plan. Release him so he can do more shootings to prove “common sense gun laws” are needed to protect even one child. This is more than PC it is BS!!!

  3. thebackwoods says

    IT is so sad that they have to infringe the law abiding citizens rights because they cannot prosecute the criminals!!! Joe Biden is just like his imbecile Boss Obama, they cannot see the forest for the trees!!! I hope that Obama`s replacement will have enough time in office to undo the stupid laws and presidential executive orders that have been cast upon the Nation of the FREE Americans!!!

  4. Keith "Lucky" Luxton says

    It is heart breaking to hear what this country is doing to it’s law abiding citizens. As kids have been known to ask when a picture of a wanted man is posted, “Why didn’t we keep him locked up when we took the picture”

  5. Daniel from TN says

    The problem is easy to understand. Criminals can’t vote if they are in prison.

    1. JobRon says

      Daniel: they did in the last election, even had some come back from the dead to make sure their vote counted, at least once, maybe twice.

  6. dangerouspatriot says

    Nothing coming from the mouths of king obama and his clown prince surprised me anymore as it probably doesn’t surprise any or you eitherl

  7. James Riley says

    Help I am reading articles and comments that are truthful, plus they make sense.Is this America?Come on Joe you know the truth hurts.

  8. Mark Donka says

    I can relate Brother they seem to get home before we end our tours. Be safe..

  9. Robert Williams says

    It would be nice if we could outsource these criminals to China we let them do everything else for us they can build a big prison and just hold them cheap or maybe Mexico would like our criminals we could pay them half what it cost here to keep them.

    1. phunyfarm says

      We could just take them all to the Mexican border and let them run on across and pay Mexico zilch, zip, nada – kind of like they do us. Maybe put chips in ’em like we do dogs, so we could run them back over if they came back. Or send them to Texas, they seem to have a way with crime in Texas

  10. shannon853 says

    will not happen joe. remember, congress is the crime leader with crimes against the American people.

    1. Keith "Lucky" Luxton says

      I remember seeing a report a year or so back in which there were lists of serious and median crimes committed. I think it was several hundred crimes all committed by the same group of people. The current Legislation were the perps. We expect our people to obey the law, when the legislation has that record.

  11. cynical bastard says

    What does it cost (these day)s to keep one man imprisoned for 5 years at taxpayer expense? It used to be about 60K per year in 1980’s money. so add say 30K per year for inflation and it is likely around 90K per year or rough guesstimate 450K for 5 years! Sheriff Joe does it cheaper in AZ and we still have the death penalty too : )

    I figure (and I ran it by my puppets…)at a $1.00 per round quite a few problems could be solved and quite a few dollars could be saved! Police have to go back to the, “I saw suspect reaching into his waistband” a little bit more I think. A little pencil-ffcckking goes a long way.

    1. unwillingvictime says

      You must remember, when we should have used the cost of a round principle, it was only about $0.15 a round! That would have been money well spent as well. We wouldn’t have to pay $1.00 plus for a single round. No more warning shots, ammo is too expensive!

      1. cynical bastard says

        Yeah…I spent about 200$ on ammo today…I tested out the FNH FiveseveN I bought almost 3 years ago for the first time. It feels like a rubber dart gun to me. I shot fine. It works fine. The ammo is FNH Ammo. I just love big fat nasty slugs much better because that is what I am trained on more or less. Due to inflation that gun I paid about 1000 for is now worth 1500-2000.

        It’s the buying power of the dollar that has shrunk like crazy. I used to be able to live on so much less as far as daily needs. I quit smoking… I quit drinking… and I am still spending more money on food, gas, medical, utilities, guns, ammo…and I am getting middle aged and if the $hit hits the fan my place is like a bunker, so I will just BUG IN and roast illegal aliens over a camp fire and feed em to my dog. It’s Cinco de Culero now and I am dialing in a site picture on my drunken neighbors and their butt-puppet mariachi music. That has to be the most annoying music in the world. I need to get a Scotish bagpipes and sound the war whistle…That is really what I wish I could do….Arghhhhhh

        Filthy swine, chucking garbage around in my front yard…I hate their culture, smell, and noise. Now the air unit is flying overhead… 6 months ago the swat team came 3 doors down and captured a murder / kidnapping suspect…The crap never ends does it!

  12. jaxtom says

    You are proposing a solution – that will not be tolerated in the new obamastan. Please report for recalibration.

  13. $13614178 says

    If they do clean up the criminal element they will no longer have these excuses to disarm all of us .

    1. JobRon says

      Forget the criminal element. The District of Criminals want to disarm the electorate so we won’t have the means to fight back when we get fed up with their goofing off. It is all about control, control and more control. Yes we need to abolish the NEA, EPA and several other alphabet agencies that have no basis of law in the Constitution. However, with the ?leadership? in both the house and senate, the chances of that happening is like a snowball lasting 20 minutes in a very hot fire.

  14. Sharon Jeanguenat says

    I totally agree with this man. He’s one of the GOOD guys. We have so many laws now that are NOT enforced, why do we need more? I don’t envy the police officers we have, because I can imagine how they feel, after being endangered by this perp, only to have the system let him walk away. He probably won’t show up in court, plus end up killing somebody els.

  15. Lou R Chavez says

    I have a different perspective on the recent catastrophe in Boston than what is being hammered on by both conservative & lame-stream media outlets. As the catastrophe in Boston unfolded on the national media, the eyes of America witnessed the consequence of a dastardly progressive agenda. The dastard progressive agenda has taken control of the nation’s education system and by doing so has implemented the disillusion of the American dream and the disintegration of a civil American society.

    Gun Control? How about Progressive Control? What America saw unfold on national television and on-line media was in-effect a horrific demonstration of the destructive power of the Progressive Agenda in America. The threat posed by anti-American progressives is very real and continues to fester within the educational system of the United States. Tragically, the initial victims of the
    catastrophe in Boston were the two young immigrants from Chechnya; victims of the craven progressive agenda that acts with impunity within the fabric of American society.

    Just a decade ago, with hopes & aspirations to reach for the American dream they had arrived in the US as young immigrant children with their family. Unfortunately, upon entering public schools, they were subjected to hostile indoctrination as they became statistics of a captured audience of impressionable, vulnerable students at the mercy of progressive surrogates. The progressive agenda contaminates individuals and hence civil society with hatred of American thought, Judeo/Christian principles, and Free-Market concepts. The social fabric of this nation is woven within the nation’s education system and progressives are in control along with their progressive unions & progressive politicians

    A progressive’s abuse of entrusted positions of authority is akin to a social-path that walks into a school-house and murders innocent children and unsuspecting adults. A school-house slaughter is graphically appalling and demands immediate attention, but the destruction caused by converting the hopes & aspirations of the American dream into an Anti-American philosophy can become graphically appalling and tragic as it has this week. Although the disaster in Boston will continue to be referred to as an act of terrorism, it could more appropriately be considered a National Civics
    lesson by the progressive agenda.

    Gun Control; is a distraction-issue, meant to divert the public’s attention from the fact that hopes & aspirations for the American dream are being held hostage by Anti-American philosophy being splayed by progressive surrogates in the nation’s schools, town-halls and mainstream media. The catastrophe in Boston has in-capsulated the major issues of concern in America today, mainly terrorism; gun-control; immigration reform, and a failing education system. All issues that are
    weaved by the progressive agenda for their own purpose and to spur Anti-American sentiment. We must retake the narrative and focus on controlling and/or eliminating the Progressive Agenda. The Progressive Agenda, Promoted & Endorsed by the Progressive Legion (a great multitude of minions & miscreants determined to subvert Judeo-Christian civilization).

    Lou R. Chavez, USN Ret
    San Diego, CA

    1. colsooonscoorner says

      Amen. Thank you for your service.

      I’ve thought for a long time we should abolish the U S Department of Education, The teachers Unions are part & parcel of the problem.

      1. phunyfarm says

        Any ideas how we can do that? I with you on this one.

        1. Daniel from TN says

          Us Dept. of Education, along with several other agencies, need to be dissolved. However, this will never happen for political reasons. The best we can hope for is that the next president makes them advisory ONLY agencies by executive order. This will strip them of all regulatory power.

          1. phunyfarm says

            Can we really afford to wait on another president? Will we even have another president? Time is of the essence!

    2. $4119491 says

      Add my Amen. Thanks for your service Navy. Semper Fi

    3. apollodr says

      Totally agree with you shipmate. God bless.

    4. phunyfarm says

      Thank you for shedding light on facts I certainly had not thought through completely.
      I pose one huge question for you sir. As we seem to get closer to “the middle” of the mess ( how does one word this for the PC police…??) what do you suggest as a course of action
      toward an end to this madness?
      Please do not tell me to contact my reps, done and done again.
      Ain’t PC a bitch? And this is cotton pickin’ America for gosh sakes.
      Any insight would be great and thanks for serving us all.

      1. Keith "Lucky" Luxton says

        Maybe the answer will be the people will have to take back America. The pinkos will hide if the people ever rise again.

  16. Robert says

    Criminal Control, can’t work we have no room in the jails. we need a strong rope and a tree.

    1. colsooonscoorner says

      OH NO That would be cruel & unusual punishment. I’d laugh but it’s too true.

    2. $4119491 says

      Good book called “88 men and 2 women”. The story of capital punishment executions in Kansas prior to the “new methods”. Great read. Did you know they have to hang the rope out full length heavily weighted with sand to take the “bounce” out of it? Tends to do to humans what we do to chickens prior to butchering them.

    3. Beepster says

      Well, I agree with the strong rope and tree bit, but jails (or actually prisons) are quite empty in some areas of Texas. The state is considering selling them off. And, it’s not because we execute that fast.

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