Gun Control? How About Starting With “Criminal Control”

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DrivenygtaivGun control! We need to get these horrible, evil guns off the street! Blah, blah, blah! I hear lots of liberals and politicians talking up a storm, but with such selective enforcement of the current laws, I do not know what good they think it would do. Let me offer a sad example.

A few nights ago, my partner and I had a pretty fun night, as in a COPS episode type of fun (don’t tell my wife I said it was fun), that eventually turned into a dismal example of gun law failure.

We initially responded to a disturbance between a male and female, both in their early twenties, that boiled down to a whole lot of baby mamma drama. Their parents, who were all there, seemed like regular, caring, concerned, reasonable people. Their kids, the twenty-somethings, not so much. They were turds with turd friends. As we were getting ready to leave, having done our best to quell the situation, one of the parents got a text message warning her that her house was going to get shot up. Friends of the female found out about the drama and were planning on repaying the boyfriend for breaking her windshield. We did our best to convey to the female the importance of preventing her friend’s stupid behavior on her behalf, but it was falling on deaf ears.

A few hours later, a call of shots fired came out at the parent’s house. Multiple neighbors were calling and there were reports of 5-8 shots fired. One of the callers saw a male in a white shirt near a small silver 4-door car that left immediately after the shots.

We get to the scene a few minutes later (we were on another call across the district when this came out) and find that thankfully, no one has been shot. We were out of our car examining some fresh bullet holes in houses and parked cars when one of the neighbors pointed to a small silver car driving past and he said “I think that is the car”.

My partner and I ran to our car and the pursuit was on. During the short pursuit, which was all captured on video, the solo occupant of the fleeing small silver 4-door vehicle, who was wearing a white shirt, tossed a loaded gun out of the car. Eventually, the driver bailed out of the still moving vehicle and fled on foot leaving the unoccupied car to bounce off a few parked cars. The suspect jumped a few fences and was caught by one of our beat partners two blocks away. Thankfully again, no one was injured during this whole incident.

IMG_3412The gun was located in the street where we saw it get tossed. Not so surprisingly, the gun, a nice Springfield XD sub-compact .40 cal, had been reported stolen in a residential burglary several years prior. The magazine in the gun was a high capacity (not standard) 25 round extended mag. As much as I disagree with magazine capacity limits, in this instance, I’ll take it. The driver of the car, the man who threw the gun, was a previously convicted felon with prior weapons charges and who had been tied in the past, at least in the investigation, to at least one fatal shooting. The next morning, a second high-cap mag was located in one of the back yards through which the suspect fled. All in all, the suspect went to jail for six fresh felonies that night. It was a great end to a fun night. Bad guy in jail, stolen gun off the street, no victims injured, all cops went home safe! Well worth celebrating.

I got to work early the next day to finish my portion of the report, and to do so, pulled the subject up in the system only to find out he was no longer in custody. He, a 31 year old man with an extensive criminal history and no job, had somehow managed to post his $110k bail in less than 12 hours. I examined his criminal history and found that he had multiple arrests for not only gun law violations, but several felony assaults with weapons, and in almost every case, those charges had been dropped or reduced in plea bargaining. Needless to say, I was disgusted. The sense of accomplishment I felt the night before, GONE! This is but one very recent example of something that happens far too often.

Leave it to the utter stupidity of politicians to preach to us that they need to pass more gun laws, to infringe more on our Second Amendment rights “to save just one child”, to take the guns away from good, law abiding people because of the actions of crazies and criminals, all the while not enforcing the laws we already have and while letting criminals violating those existing laws off near scot free. The idiots calling for more gun laws are the very same idiots saying “we simply don’t have the time or manpower to prosecute everybody” (Joe Biden, Jan 2012).

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