Gun Buyback Programs = Safer Streets

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As I perused my Inbox this morning I noticed an email advertising a gun buyback program in Toledo, OH scheduled for June 8, 2013.  I thought to myself, “Thank God, it’s about time my City do something to end gun violence once and for all.”  What better way than to do a gun buyback program where they pay $50 per handgun (limit two handguns per person), offer a Gun Education & Prevention program (not taught by the NRA), and free gun locks.  If you believe that these programs are actually effective in curbing firearm’s related violence I have a vial of unicorn blood and some prime oceanfront real estate in Fukushima, Japan to sell you.  I did like that they will be offering free gun locks as part of this program though.  That’s like having an abortion and then as you are walking out of the clinic they hand you a stroller.

I do empathize with an individual’s misguided logic that thinks these events are helpful.  After Sandy Hook I think it is fair to say that no matter what side of the gun debate you stood on that you were saddened and angry at what happened to those administrators, teachers, and children.  Non-shooters/non-strict supporters of the 2nd Amendment directed their sadness and anger into feel-good/ineffective ways to make sure an event like Sandy Hook never happened again.  Unfortunately, events like gun buyback programs have never been proven to curb violence on America’s streets.  For the most part you get honest citizens turning in their old firearms that are barley functional and probably their only form of home protection.  This is nothing more than someone placing the blindfold of ignorance over their eyes and swinging wildly at the pinata that is violence in America.  They will do more harm than good with each flailing of their crazed limbs as they repeatedly strike Liberty in their poorly executed attempt to strike the pinata.  In the end, all that is left in the room is the undamaged pinata and Liberty no longer exists.


So, if you are in Toledo on June 8th and looking for some possible good gun buys, come on out:


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