Gun Ban by Default

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14546427-doodle-style-handgun-ban-or-gun-control-illustration-in-vector-format-includes-automatic-pistol-surrAs of today, May 17, 2013, no new semi-auto handguns will be added, or renewed, to the California Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale unless they incorporate microstamping technology. Just what is that you ask? Here is what that means according to the California Department of Justice:

“Therefore, to be listed on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California, a semiautomatic pistol must be equipped with microstamping technology-i.e., a microscopic array of characters that identify the make, model, and serial number of the pistol, etched or otherwise imprinted in two or more places on the interior surface or internal working parts of the pistol, and that are transferred by imprinting
on each cartridge case when the firearm is fired.”

Read the whole announcement HERE

Ok you say, no big deal, there are a ton of great guns already on the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale in California, I’ll just buy one of them. Not so fast! Take a look see at that roster. Notice the certification expiration dates?

Firearms-Micro-StampingThat’s right, certification expires and must be renewed every three years, you know, because the same make/model gun with no design changes suddenly will not pass the same stupid tests it passed three years ago.

I kind of think the lawmakers saw this as a long term way of eliminating guns, because as the years have gone by, they have continued to add requirements for the guns to be on the roster of approved guns. The most recent added requirement is the inclusion of a magazine disconnect device (gun will not fire without a magazine inserted). Most manufacturers have refused to comply with this asinine requirement in order to sell guns in just one state, and rightfully so. The few guns that do meet that requirement are now going to be forced to include microstamping if they want to make back on the list the next time around. To the best of my knowledge, no manufacturer is currently producing any firearms that include microstamping.

As a resident of California, it saddens me that many of the new handguns on the market are not available to us, but from a business standpoint, it makes complete sense. If I were a gun maker, I also would tell California to pound sand.

As a practitioner of law (from a cop standpoint, not a lawyer by any means), I think the residents of California may have a legitimate lawsuit against the state for essentially banning handgun sales. They may not have specifically banned them, but the net effect of their legislation is the same. It is making handguns, a type in very common use, impossible to purchase which according to the Supreme Court decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, is a violation of the Second Amendment. Looks like it is time for the California gun rights organizations to rally together and file a suit. Maybe we can get them to include assault weapons since those also fall under the “type in common use” verbiage in Heller.

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  1. Tonto says

    Just so it is politically correct. The criminals never fill out paperwork or follow rules.
    Is AG Holder out of the gun business?

  2. Nelson in Texas says

    This is why I am proud to be Texan. My sheriff has also said he will not enforce any unconstitutional law on firearms.

  3. $21707116 says

    Now I do not mean ALL Californians but 99% of them are just Sheepepole that blindly follow Ovomit anyway? Heck most of them are against guns! The rich and the beautiful have armed bodyguards so they are against the 2nd also.

  4. Phil Olding says

    I can build a gun for $15. I can make a new firing pin for a gun as easy as I can file down the old one.

    Microstamping is just another attempt at gun bans, and NOT a crime control technique.

  5. grassroot says

    If you get a gun with the imprinting on the firing pin, grind it off,,

    1. edodaniel says

      NOT a good idea. That will cause problems with misfires due to light strikes. Just get a new pin and replace the original.

  6. grassroot says

    This is Liberal Fascism,,

  7. Jerry Jacobson says

    well there’s always arizona,new mexico utah etc.

  8. John "gun rights" Public says

    I see what many must not. The politicians are only catering to the fears of ignorant voters for their “votes” Do you really think they are uneducated enough to believe that they are going to get gangs and outlaws to quit being aggressive or violent?

  9. JohnHD says

    The fact that this new regulation is a violation of the 2nd amendment’s position that the amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Oh by the way look up the Dick Act also known as Efficiency of Militia Bill H.R. 11654 of June 28, 1902, on Google to see how truly meaningless that any gun control law since then is.

  10. steveindajeep says

    We’re all know when this doesn’t work and gang bangers are still being shot with non-microstamped guns they are going to blame the surrounding states just like Mexico blames us for their violence.

  11. Robby777 says

    Kalifornia…Isn’t that where they grow all the fruits and the nuts?? [San Joaquin Valley]

    1. steveindajeep says

      Yes, I call it the granola state

  12. Rob Pobe says

    Considering this moronic micro-stamping has been put on hold until the fantasy became commercially practicable, it stands to reason that Kamala H, in the true spirit of the Obama, has personally decreed that microstamping is commercially practicable and must be employed from henceforth.
    Will the Kamala H exempt law enforcement or will the Kamala H require law enforcement to follow a law that cannot be followed?

    1. jimpeel says

      Look at the mandates that have been placed on the oil companies on cellulosic ethanol. They are fined millions of dollars for not adding the amount of cellulosic ethanol the feds decree into their fuels. So why don’t they just add the cellulosic ethanol and be done with is and save those millions in fines?

      ANSWER: There is no source of cellulosic ethanol for them to use to get it to add.

      Nothing new here. Move along. Same old same old. Force an industry to comply to standards which cannot be met due to the unavailability of the item being demanded. (Like micro-stamping of cartridges.)

      Cellulosic Ethanol Targets: Mandating the Nonexistent

      Here is an entertaining read: Why I Don’t Ride a Unicorn to Work

      The courts are starting to come around proving they have more sense than the EPA: EPA doubles down on ethanol mandates

  13. marcdepiolenc says

    SUE, SUE, SUE. Plenty of contingent-fee lawyers in California going hungry for lack of deep pockets to dip into.

  14. DaveinUtah says

    Kalifornia wins. I will Not sell anymore firearms into the Communist State of Kalifornia.
    Also, no more refugees will be accepted into Any of Kalifornia’s border States or beyond.
    Stay there and Fix your own MESS and Stop polluting the other states with your Idiotology.
    My Favorite state WAS Colorado.
    Now it has become the Communist State of Kolorado due to the invasion from Commie Land !

    1. Rob Pobe says

      It has become the Colorado of your dreams as a result of your brand of self reflective vindictiveness. Colorado is run by the Catholic Church.

  15. $13614178 says

    Why do you still live in Kalifornicate ? If you are an American get the hell out . Every true American patriot living in ANY state that has been taken over by the progressive( read communist)filth needs to get the hell out and gather in constitutionally correct states to strengthen , and pass laws at the state to make those b–t–ds behind all this to LEAVE . When said states become destitute some of them may awaken , but either way , they can lay in their own feces .

    1. Rob Pobe says

      Why in hell would anyone abandon their property because of invaders? California ran Mexicans out once before when civil rights were denied to people of European descent.

  16. Dan S. says

    Cali is the most liberal state in the nation. They are just trying to please their super hero, Barry Nobama.

  17. bhudda says

    Right,the democrats spent decades destroying our education system because of some small loop hole here and there and they all so have done the same with religion . We now live in an uneducated godless society and those who cling to the guns have morals and values plus the stamina to hold on and keep the bible and the guns .As a comedian once wrote ,What difference does one or thirty make when they hit you with the first round .Are you going to count the rest ??

  18. fred pucker says

    Placing an order monday for 100 9mm firing pins, All will be micro stamped “OBAMA SUCKS”

  19. Berzrkr50 says

    I’m convinced, now more than ever, that the Governor of this state is Adolph Hitler reincarnated and everyone in the senate / house are his henchmen. I refuse to be disarmed by these ass-clowns!

  20. Robert says

    vote all anti-gun and democrat out of the office.

  21. bahndon says

    I am amazed that any conservative gun owners still live in Granola Land.

  22. kds says

    The IDIOT MAJORITY VOTED THESE AS-HOLES in now you have to live with this. When will the people in Kalifornia wake up and get rid of this SCUM? Looks like the only way to clean up the state is for it to fall into the ocean and take all the TRASH with it.

  23. Matt says

    Good thing I’m leaving California for reasons like these BS laws. On to Texas!

  24. LittleMoose says

    When all the conservative businesses and peoples move to other states because crime rises in California, what will the liberals do then. Taxes will rise so high that even the movie stars will have second thoughts.

  25. Acuman says

    Does this include guns for police?

    1. Matt says

      Nope, law enforcement remains exempt just as they already are. Cops in CA are not restricted to handguns on the approved list, just as we are not limited to the 10 round magazine capacity that the public is and has been for a very long time. And every cop I know, save 1 or 2, thinks this is completely ridiculous (for lack of using the politically incorrect “R” word).

  26. cedarcreekman says

    Stupid Californicators! Cooks don’t give a rat ass and the people intent on killing somebody, will just pull the trigger. Those really concerned, PICK UP YOUR SPENT BRASS! These idiots need to be put on a big ship, it would take a big one, for all the idiots in Californicate. Send it out to sea and sink it in Great White waters. Probably make the damn sharks sick!!!!!!!!!

  27. USPatriotOne says

    No worries…these law making/breaking individuals will soon be removed from office and all that oppose the the Bill of Rights will be tried in real Constitutional Courts!

    1. Robert says

      I can’t wait to see the day will come soon. Every citizens must stand by with gun rights against gun grabbers

  28. Ted R. Weiland says

    This is but more evidence that Second Amendment cannot protect our weapons. The amendment with the language “shall not be infringed” is already the most infringed, licensed, and limited amendment of the entire twenty seven, and it will only get worse. In fact, the day is likely coming when the Second Amendment will be repealed. This is the nature and danger of optional Constitutional Amendments versus non-optional God-expected responsibilities.

    For more, listen to “The Second Amendment: A Knife in a Gunfight.” Click on my name, then our website. Scroll about half way down our home page to our “Featured Messages.” At the same location, you will also find an radio interview Larry Pratt (Executive Director of Gun Owner’s of America) did with me on this same subject. I believe you’ll find Mr. Pratt’s comments especially interesting.

    If you prefer to read, go to our blog and scroll down to the title: “You Can’t Win Bringing a Knife to a Gunfight,” followed by “Rights, Rights, Everyone Wants Their Rights.”

  29. Ranchman says

    Yeah, it’s what Californians need to do, but will they do it? Why do California politicians get away with so much unconstitutional laws to begin with? Because the people let them. The people don’t have a clue what is Constitutional or not, they’ve been “dumbed down” for generations by the Kommunist Kalifornia Kongress” and the public education system. The students are not taught true American history, our Constitution, or anything substantive so that they will not know the truth about our nation.

    California is so far gone that it’s likely we will never be able to live in true freedom there. What a shame, too. California is a beautiful state with great weather and more. But California is bankrupt, with many people leaving the state and it’s only going to get worse. Their tax rate is oppressive and stifles businesses, it robs the people of their wealth, and, even though they’ve got some of the toughest gun control on the planet, their cities are rife with gang and drug cartel activity (look at Los Angeles).

    Only the people of a nation can stand up and demand their freedom. We’ve known this since 1776 when we beat England, the most powerful nation on earth at the time. The people in California are going to have to figure out that their politicians are totally screwing them (have been for years) and get them out of office. They’re going to have to reform their public schools and demand the students learn meaningful American history. They’re going to have to, in a word, REVOLT against the status quo. But, again, will they?

    1. LibertysSon says

      California was Bankrupt Morally years ago. It has consequences and now as the old Rev from Chicago would say” The chickens are coming home to roost!”

    2. Clint says

      In a word, NO.

  30. $14832922 says

    Any effort to circumvent the Second Amendment is a de facto attempt to “amend” the Constitution for these united States of America. There is a proper procedure to “amend” the Constitution – any other attempt or means to amend said document is an attempt to destroy that document and the country founded thereon …. thus, any attempt to unlawfully amend the Constitution is an OVERT ACT OF WAR and anyone doing so should be shot dead on sight for High Treason and Acts of War against this nation and her people.

    Congress …. Supreme Court …… do you understand the implications of what you are doing?

    Even the Sovereign States Several are FORBIDDEN the making of any restrictions on firearms – The Second Amendment was and is part of the binding compact that each and ever State agreed to upon their join of the union.

    1. Robert says

      I will join those states who are against gun control

  31. Chained says

    250,000 armed march in Sacramento and the capitol bldg to have the laws repealed right then and now may do it

  32. Chained says

    How about the Militia Act of 1902 aka The Dick Act of 1903 or UNITED STATES v MILLER 1939

    1. Ranchman says

      Chained, the website Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (at has an excellent article on the “Dick Act of 1902.” Their website, started by Aaron Zellman, is probably one of the best resources for gun owners. Check ’em out.

      1. Chained says

        Much obliged Ranchman I’ll check it out

  33. Lloyd Bonifide says

    How can any Californian complain? Everybody knows California and a few other states negated the Bill of Rights decades ago. If you still live in any of those states, you’ve demonstrated that rights aren’t important to you, and forfeited the right to complain. Had everyone who cares about rights left those states years ago, they’d have been left with no productive class & would have changed or collapsed long ago.

  34. GreginVA says

    Gun makers pay attention DO NOT SELL YOUR GUNS TO CA. GOVERNMENT state or local gun owners tell them you will not buy their guns if they sell to CA. The time to shut down the insanity is now or you can enjoy your chains. May they rest lightly upon you.

  35. ginger says

    As far as I am concerned, the state only has any power over me and my actions are those I grant them…and I do not grant them the power to circumvent the Constitution …period.

  36. Terry Adams says

    I personally do not plan on ever going to California. Been there and didn’t care for the attitude. But their gun laws just make it easier for me. I will not support that state in any way. will not buy any product from the state of California. And believe me that isn’t easy. Will not go to or purchase any movie from that state. I will watch ones I like if I can borrow or see them at no cost to me. I will not purchase any fruit or other products from that state. Its the only thing I can do to protest. My hope is that many more will do the same. Its they only way to hurt the liberal idiots. Cause they only care about money and power. My kudos go out to the sheriff’s in Colorado. God Bless them.

  37. TruthorConsequences says

    A Glock 23 costs around $600 new from a gun shop or gun show. On the street, a Glock 23 runs a high of $200 and down to $100. No criminal will buy a gun from a gun shop or gun show. It is just economics (along with desire not to be caught).

    1. garysvent says

      Being a law-abiding citizen, and fairly naive about such things, I have no idea how to even find a street gun. But to save that much money, I’d sure rather be a “criminal” (under the New World Order’s laws) with a gun to protect myself, my family, and my property, than a lawful unarmed citizen headed for a cemetery.

      How do you even find out what the street value of a gun is?

      1. TruthorConsequences says

        In my case, some of the men who work for me live in areas where “street guns” are readily available. For these men and those who are law abiding citizens who live there, it is a necessity to have firearms to defend oneself and one’s family.

        My conversation began when I greeted my workers at their truck one morning and when they pulled their coat out I saw a handgun behind the seat. These men say that a good handgun at retail price is out of their budget, but a “street gun” is one they can afford.

        Normally, a street value/price is about 1/3 the retail for a very good condition gun and 1/4 the retail for average condition.

  38. John Paul Jones says

    I think California must led by stupid examples of corrupt and stupid lawmakers! and I know all of the criminals will comply with their stupid laws also, maybe these same corrupt law makers should work on there debt instead of there stupid gun laws.

    1. unwillingvictime says

      They are working on their debt, increasing it! Poetic justice would dictate that all those who believe in the Second Amendment move out of there. Then the taxes would be paid by those who are so good at avoiding them. There would be no avoiding it then when there are so few left.

  39. JungleCogs says

    Yup, those government folks sure are smart; going after the honest citizens who always follow the law will surely cut the crime rate big-time. Well done government folks!

    1. Sam Wicks Jr says

      It’s an easy way to herd up the masses for extermination. Then afterwards, just go after the hoods that are left. A heck of a lot less to hunt down to exterminate….. anything moving..

  40. Derekf900 says

    The Marxist Democrat California legislature has won again and until the citizens of that state WAKE UP….their 2nd Amendment Right will be abused and denied by the Marxists that run that state.

  41. DJ says

    Nothing like a revolver…..nine shot 22 magnum will do most any job asked of it. The 22 is the most widely used handgun for assiination….close up and personal….. and no brass left behind, unuless a mico stamped casing from someone to be set up is left at the scene. Ah, would a hit man do that, why mercysakesalive, unfair.

  42. 2War Abn Vet says

    No worries; the criminals will still be able to acquire whatever they want.

    1. Terry Adams says

      Oath Keeper?

      1. Betty4440 says

        yep just go across the border. fast and furious.

    2. cowboybobmt says

      I tend to agree but unfortunately, much of the California problem is not completely of their own making…it is true that enough of the metropolis there has managed to keep enough of their urban commie politicians in office long enough to get driver’s licenses for illegals, welfare for illegals, SCHOOL and FREE medical care for illegals and lastly, the VOTE for illegals…thus the rural areas are overwhelmed by this crappola and there you have it. It’s hard to believe that Ronald Reagan was once able to be elected governor of the state. You pile all that on top of the parallel development of the welfare state there…and the deed is done. It will take generations, if ever, to undo. The best anyone who values their freedom can really hope to do is MOVE…and that is a shame.

  43. Kent2012 says

    add that to “no ammo for sale” and you have a artificial gun ban…….

  44. antiliberalcryptonite says

    A brass catcher foils this stupid idea.

    1. Matt says

      So would swapping out a firing pin and a Dremel tool to the other area (bolt face or barrel). Then what happens with reloaded ammo? Could I be implicated in a shooting because a round I fired at a range somewhere got picked up, reloaded and then sold to some dirtbag who shot someone leaving the casing on the ground that was microstamped by my gun? This whole situation stinks to high heaven.

      1. TruthorConsequences says

        You nailed it!

      2. Dan Moore says

        The part that gets micro stamped is the primer. The primer is replaced when the brass is reloaded. So we all need to start reloading our brass.

        1. Matt says

          The law specifically states the gun must microstamp in two locations, firing pin being only one of the two. Not sure where the other would be, but I suspect the chamber as if it were the bolt face, the manufacturer’s head stamp on the ammo itself would interfere with microstamping.

        2. proudpatriot says

          i think a piece of scotch tape would eliminate any micro-print added by the firing process. I’d have to test but i think the tape would not be hard enough to show a legible imprint.

      3. jong says

        And of course once it reaches a court will hopefully be struck down for exactly those reasons. Obviously they never learned the meaning of “infringe upon” in California

        1. Sam Wicks Jr says

          They will just change the law. We’re heading for a communistic state. So, the government IS the LAW…..

          1. jong says

            At that point there is no law. Just the rules observed by people like that are here to each other. The rest have nothing coming as being part of the problem to begin with. At that point you must make a choice on which side you want.

          2. jong says

            In this case I would say that California is a good lesson to be avoided. Michigan for instance has gone the other way as have many other states. In matter of fact the left whinging about guns has lead to many more state adopting more freedom for gun owners and producers. They will not be struck down as they do not violate the Constitution. The others make criminals out of honest citizens and eventually will be. Now the race between bankruptcy and the Supreme Court throwing down their laws.

      4. Sam Wicks Jr says

        Just another way to attempt to confiscate ALL guns; legal or NO…..

      5. proudpatriot says


      6. Barry Deditch says

        That is exactly what is going to happen, some innocent person will be charged with a crime he did not commit. How are they going to prove that it was him if
        1) the casing was reloaded.
        2) someone didn’t pick up the casing and drop it at the scene.
        3) The gun was stolen and was used in a crime or a murder within a few hours.

        The lawyers are going to have a good time with the first case.

    2. unwillingvictime says

      How about revolvers? As a way to get around that foolishness maybe someone will devise a way of using larger chambers. Let’s face it, changing out a firing pin on most semi’s is not hard and I am sure the illegal users of these weapons will certainly find a way around it. I am sure some company will come out with stamp resistant primers. What fools they are in CA! Apparently there are far more anti-gunners there than legal gun owners. How else could the likes of Feinstein keep getting in? Even if they are anti-gunners, I would think her idiocy would be any intelligent person to avoid voting for her. Then again, without the ID laws, who knows if they really are anyway! Now watch how their economy goes into the crapper!

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