Green Energy and TaxPayers

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gasmoneyDoes this make any sense at all, to anyone with half a brain that is?

Green energy is financed off the backs of “Broke” taxpayers. America, you, me can not afford this kind of reckless stupidity.

Forget the sequester, this makes no sense. Even if America was debt free, and Washington was fluch with cash this kind of spending is criminal.

As you can see below we need in leadership positions that don’t walk around with their heads firmly planted in their butts!

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recently warned that sequestration would cause “suspension of important activities, curtailed training, and could result in furloughs of civilian personnel” but the spending cuts haven’t killed the green fuels program, as the Pentagon has continued purchasing renewable fuel at $59 per gallon.

“In March, Gevo entered into a contract with the Defense Logistics Agency to supply the U.S. Army with 3,650 gallons of renewable jet fuel to be delivered by the second quarter of 2013,” Gevo announced this week in its first quarter financial report. “This initial order may be increased by 12,500 gallons. All shipments will be at a fixed price of $59 per gallon during the initial testing phase. These shipments are in addition to the renewable jet fuel supplied to the U.S. Air Force (USAF) and the U.S. Navy (USN).”


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