Florida high school teacher loses her job for modeling swimsuits to earn extra income

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STUART, Fla. – A Florida teacher was recently fired when her principal learned she worked as a model – and posed in swimsuits – to earn extra money.

VVJAMESMartin County High School English teacher Olivia Sprauer, 26, was fired April 29 by principal Alfred Fabrizio after he discovered Sprauer worked as a model under the name Victoria V. James.

To his horror, Fabrizio discovered the teacher’s modeling website contained pictures of Sprauer in a bikini, according to media reports.

In one of the pictures on her site, James was even wearing sheer lingerie.

“I felt it would have been nice for my students to finish out the year with me,” Sprauer told the Huffington Post. “They trusted me and they made me happy so that aspect of it was sad.”

Sprauer, however, said she won’t be crying herself to sleep at night over the ordeal. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong, but knew she ran the risk of getting canned when she started posing for bikini shoots in February.

“I don’t make pornography. I don’t open my legs on camera. I take swimsuit glamour style photography,” she told the Huffington Post.

Sprauer said she made as much in a weekend modeling as she did working a whole week in the classroom. She also said she aspires to be a college English professor and is returning to school for her Ph.D.

Sprauer sounds like the kind of self-motivated, level-headed influence many kids need these days. Judging by her website, we’re sure she captured the attention of many of her high school students.

But did she really deserve to lose her job? We’ll be interested to see if the parents of the district register their opinions on this topic.


By Victor Skinner 
at EAGnews.org


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  1. Joe Burton says

    I hope she sues.

  2. libby says
  3. CustomClubMaker says

    I’m sure the straight male students in her class are very disappointed.

  4. William Riley says

    Lawyers are already flocking to her side for a lawsuit. No money from her upfront but 35% of the take.
    The school board will spend $300,000 of taxpayers money to defend themselves and loose, claiming what is right is right.

  5. mikeymike61 says

    where were these teachers when I was in school? this reminds me of van halen hot for teacher.

  6. hmdog48 says

    Let lesbian teacher in a school is ok but modeled NOT, is typical for liberals all doing inverso hope sued a Principal and win.

  7. bsteelesp says

    She’s moderately hot and all of the ugly Liberal teachers were jealous.

  8. Bob Hauser says

    Now do you understand why I call it the public fool system?

  9. Leigh Combs says

    Please someone tell me what grounds the school had to fire her? She did nothing illegal or immoral. I am not one to jump on the litigious band wagon but this seems like a slam dunk!

  10. rchguns says

    It’s not proposing that got her in trouble was posting it on the web. She supposed to be a teacher and therefore intelligent. I give one bit of advice to everyone. “NEVER EVER PUT ANYTHING ON THE NET ON THE WEB THAT YOU WOULD NOT BE ASHAMED TO SEE ON THE FRONT COVER OF THE NEW YORK TIMES”! That should be common sense but still you see people putting pictures out they are either on their cell phones or on the net in the web that they really don’t want the world to see but they don’t think about it they just do stupid things. Maybe she shouldn’t be a teacher if she’s not smart enough to know that.

  11. MortarMan107 says

    Holey buckets – coff – there’s a long list of sites on Google featuring Miss Sprauer but not a single one featuring, ummm …. errr …what was his name? Fabrizio?

    As it should be. >>ahem<<

    There may be an issue here but one can reasonably expect that none of her students was likely to see any of those pics. If it was a "moral" issue then half the teachers in the United States should resign immediately for working questionable jobs in the off months.

    Besides, what Liberal teacher is qualified to pass judgement on another when classes are held in this country featuring homosexual kissing?

    So what was the REAL reason?

  12. bahndon says

    But it is OK to teach that sodomy is acceptable, and same sex marriage should be allowed, and give teenagers condoms, and the morning after pill without the parents knowledge.

  13. TruthorConsequences says

    Let us understand. A teacher teaching patriotism to his public school class grabs the American flag in his classroom to which they pledge each day, tosses it to the floor, and then stomps on it. A student reports the teacher’s behavior to the principal. The principal threatens to fire this teacher. Threatens. Does not do it, but threatens.

    The teacher contacts a lawyer. The lawyer sues the school and school system. So far the school and system have agreed to pay the teacher’s attorney’s fees ($30K) and also to the teacher ($85K) and the teacher’s attorney said more money is coming from another related entity to be paid to the teacher.

    This teacher models, which is a legitimate and legal trade. The principal does not threaten, but actually fires her. She ought to be able to find a lawyer that will take the case. They ought to be able to get at least what the slug flag stomper received, if not more, right? No? Only in America.

  14. E Pluribus Unum says

    This is just so wrong. Clearly I went to the wrong high school. because none of the teachers looked like THAT.

  15. 1loyalamerican74 says

    It was probably very “Hard” for the principal to fire her.

    I am curious to know, who turned her in, or did the principal find the pictures

    on his computer?

  16. JOHN T. FOX says


  17. $28109413 says

    I live in Stuart Florida and the STUDENTS wear the same (or less) on the local beaches here. If she had been promoting Lesbian “Fisting” or some other LGBT type of act, she would have been hailed as a brave, courageous woman. What a load of steaming excrement this is….

  18. cynical bastard says

    I want to offer her a better paying job being my personal assistant. If she likes to shoot firearms and camping, hunting, and fishing I’d hire her on the spot. Looks smart and like a good looker to me!

  19. James A. DeHart says

    A PC society gone absolutely nuts. Like my coworker just said, tongue in cheek, every teacher that goes to the beach should be FIRED, NOW.

  20. violater1 says

    Ahh! To be 25 to 30 again! This young attractive lady has done nothing wrong and I agree with those of you that hope she sues the living feces out of the principle and the entire Palm Beach school board! I hope she wins millions setting that sorry bunch of judgemental asssholesback to the dark ages! Those self centered asssholes are the same bunch of crooked basterds that have screwed up many Florida elections because their brains are in their rectal canal and they deficate their ability to think daily and flush their brains down the sewer! They are all YANKEE IDIOTS THAT SHOULD BE GIVEN LIFE INPRISONMENT FOR BEING STUPID AS A BOX OF ROCKS!

  21. Benjamin Garback says

    Who cares, as long as she does not go around showing it off. What she does on her OWN time, is no ones business and if you have a problem with it. STOP BUYING THE CRAP!!!! IF there was no market for it, it would not be done!!! As long as she kept her acting career separate from her Teaching career. Big whoops… Maybe if they paid teachers more, they would not have to suppliment their pay???!!!

    1. stillsane says

      I don’t know about Fla. Some states pay teachers a reasonable wage, right to work states being the exception.

      But I must agree if that picture is the most revealing, then the prudes need to get off their high horse, and handle their BUSINESS!!

  22. Chuck says

    Where was she when I was in school. Yea I know, she wasn’t born yet. I would definitely buy her swimsuits.

    Now let me get this right. It is OK for a teacher to teach girls and boys how to perform oral sex on the same gender. It is OK for a couple of guys to get married. It is OK to terminate a fetus as long as the abortion is performed before the fetus enrolls in the head start program, but it is not OK for a good looking young woman who is also a teacher to model a sexy bikini? How about if she has sex with the students? Then would it be more in line?

    1. stratman51 says

      Excellent points, Chuck. The liberal dyke hosebags just can’t stand a woman that looks like a woman. They much prefer Chaz Bono-types

  23. Andreas Shizas says

    It was done outside of school on her own time, I hope she sues and wins BIG…..then I’ll look her up.

  24. Andreas Shizas says

    Who turned her in?

  25. David Wasmer Sr. says
  26. David Wasmer Sr. says

    Some of her photos were no so innocent.

    1. Bob666 says

      I would have to agree. felt bad for her at first, but one of these is bordering on porn. I’m not saying that she is wrong, but how effective is she going to be with the boys in her class after they view these? many of these were at least poor judgment.

      1. JOHN T. FOX says


        1. Bob666 says

          Sad but true. Still- a poor judgment for a real teacher.

    2. Bob Hauser says

      She said she “didn’t open her legs on camera”……really?…one knee pointing north, the other south as in this shot….if that isn’t as open as San Pablo Bay during Duck Season then the word “open” never existed. How porn is porn? You know, I think all of us have seen stuff that was so out there that if they had to rate it, they’d run out of “x”s…and if this gal posed for stuff like that—-i.e., same as Obama’s mother, then perhaps i could at least see their point, but this is pretty tame and no just cause for her dismissal as long as she cuts the mustard teaching the kids in class. But stop and think for a minute—suppose she were all over the backs of poker cards and it got back to the kids in the p.s. where she worked….the old saying is that familiarity breeds contempt and it would then be all too possible that a substantial fraction of her class would get just a little too familiar with her since her posing amounts to an engraved invite to get that way, then discipline issues ensue followed by a drop in class performance. But as soft core as this stuff is, I think the printz is riding a typically hypocritic high horse since the entire student body probably carries each male student his own weight in worse stuff than that on his pod or cell….not to mention the printz himself.

    1. David Wasmer Sr. says

      Yeah right. She’s an innocent 5th grade school teacher struggling to survive on her bloated government union salary. Give me a break. She deserved to get fired!

    1. UpNorth2 says

      My, you certainly seem to be fixated on Ms Sprauer and her pictures, David. It won’t be long and the sheriff will be showing up to serve you the restraining order.

  27. Chipmunk says

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t teach, Those who are lousy teachers become school administrators. She should sue the school district for a couple million.

    1. David Wasmer Sr. says

      Those who can’t get government union jobs at tax payer expense.

  28. Mike Parker says

    You guys are idiots if you think this story tells you everything….and yes, she is showing too much skin to be a teacher. If you went to her site you would see that. Too much of a distraction to be in the teaching arena. She does appear semi-nude in the pics. Nice for the boys but too much of a distraction. There is a morality clause in teacher’s contracts that forbids them to do things like this that are of a questionable moral nature. She would have no case if she sued…period.

    1. JOHN T. FOX says


    2. MortarMan107 says

      Does the “morality” clause cover classes in “diversity” which feature homosexual kissing? I find the use of the term “morality” in our schools laughable these days.

  29. dodger4754 says

    I hope she gets herself a good attorney and “sues the pants off” that principal!

    1. dodger4754 says

      BTW, where can we go to see the rest of her pics? LOL!

    2. David Wasmer Sr. says
  30. Bongo Mawongo says

    “To his horror, Fabrizio discovered the teacher’s modeling website contained pictures of Sprauer in a bikini” ????

    Fabrizio must be gay. Sounds like a typical homo response to a beautiful woman.

    1. David Wasmer Sr. says

      What bikini? I don’t see a bikini. Hmm… She’s not even wearing panties.

  31. PARAMEDIC70002 says

    Apparently high school students in Florida are not allowed to go to the beach or pool, or watch network TV? Oh the scandal! Not.

  32. David Christensen says

    Since what she was doing is neither ilegal or immoral I think she should take legal action to teach the idiots that fired her to not be idiots.

    1. David Wasmer Sr. says
      1. Bob Hauser says

        Looks like she could use a refill

  33. Malcom Treadway says

    She was let go simply because her Bikini top appeared to be two mortar shells, ready for launch. In the wake of recent mass shootings caused by fingers and thumbs, Pop Tarts and Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils…”our zero suggestive-pic policy will be robustly (well, yes she is) enforced”, said school a spokesman, who was not authorized to speak for randy male heterosexual students.

    1. Rod Hjelm says

      I got stabbed by a pencil once in middle school. Kids have to be careful how they swing their arms with a sharpened pencil in their hand

      1. Malcom Treadway says

        Glad to know you survived, Rod. These days, the Liberal response is probably limb amputation.

  34. SOTG says

    I’ll bet if she’d have modeled burkas they’d have looked the other way.

    1. Guest says

      lol thats funny and sadly true .. wouldnt want to piss of CAIR or what ever that muslim groups acronym is that is making sure our educational system and gov portrays them as peaceful and does not tie them to anything terroristic.. but seeing some skin which worse can be viewed anytime on web by anyone old enough to think it up and type it in… makes her ability to poison the kids minds she teaches virtually IMPOSSIBLE.. they already have that ability. We are not in the 1950’s as some of those policies they are using were written then.. different times and different modesty level in all of society then.. before that a shoulder or a leg showing was considered pornographic basically.. 1800’s when hookers showed their shoulders… woo woo and it was considered horribly erotic and made young men think sexual things.. well .. hormones will take care of that naturally and what she was doing was her own business.. on her own time.. heres another perfect example of the “fix” not even coming close to solving the issue… they could have required her to set her page on PRIVATE and only allow people she knows . ..friends .. potential modeling jobs .. etc.. to see her pics.. and leave her employed.. wah lah problem fixed.. not fire a teacher that actually tries and cares about her kids.. geeeeeeeeeeeeeez…………….

  35. Dell Russell says

    They are just jealous they don’t look that good or their wives don’t look that good.

  36. Joyce says

    I live in Florida and this is just wrong to let her go, again they hate ppl making money.

  37. Chuck Sherman Jr says

    Now, if this teacher had come out as queer she’d be getting a call from Obama!!! Mindless!!!

  38. Brad DasseyMusic says

    I think that’s lame. Seriously, she hasn’t done any crime. Big DEAL. Seriously, there’s more SERIOUS things to worry about in the world. – braddasseymusic.com

  39. RottDawg says

    Personally, I am undecided on this one… I think I need a one on one meeting over dinner and a nice bottle of wine.

    1. David Wasmer Sr. says
      1. RottDawg says

        We might have to remove that picture… I think Gray Goose rules the day around here. That’s not the same girl is it? If so… might change the way some people view this story.

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