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Feeling Crushed


twitterprofAppears Judge Jeanine Pirro feels very similarly to me. On Wednesday 5-8-13, while watching the “whistleblower” hearings, I felt crushed. It was as if I was witnessing the death of the United States of America.

The country I grew up in, the county I love and would give my life for, the country my father, grandfather and other ancestors fought to preserve, OUR country does NOT EVER leave our people to fight and die without support, without at least trying to help. To hear actual testimony saying that help was indeed available, prepped and ready but was not only denied once, but twice, was heart wrenching.

As if watching that testimony was not hard enough, but to be subjected to the blatant attempts at obfuscation by every single democrat on the committee was like watching them piss on the fresh grave that my country was just buried in.

I’m hurt! I’m pissed! I know I am not alone. Americans (real red blooded, patriotic folks) cannot take much more of this. I only hope those in a position to do something do their job and act, and soon, before this situation deteriorates even more.


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