“Dial-A-Dad” & How It Relates To The Softening of America

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130101080739-frustrated-mom-story-topI’ve been dealing with this scenario for so long, I had forgotten how strange it was until just a few days ago when I was talking to Joe on the telephone and the topic somehow came up. What scenario am I talking about? Well, that would be a law enforcement call for service that those of us in law enforcement refer to as the “Dial-A-Dad”.

The “Dial-A-Dad” is essentially when a parent, for one reason or another, calls the cops to come and discipline their child. I am not talking about the 6’ tall, 200 pound high school football lineman out of control child who is physically fighting their parents/neighbors/siblings. I am talking about the young kids who are not eating their dinner, going to bed, doing their homework, etc. I have responded to these calls for children as young as 6 years old. And yes, people really do call the cops for this.

I find it both humorous and sad at the same time. The fact that any adult would even consider calling the cops because their young child will not do what they are told is so ridiculous, it screams of something from a sitcom. Unfortunately, it is all too real.

On a deeper note, I find these calls a sad reflection on today’s society and the utter lack of personal responsibility. People have become so reliant on the government that they are now calling the government to discipline their child. Others complain that their children do not show them respect, so in some twisted, distorted form of logic, they think that calling the cops on their child will somehow make that child respect them. The fact is that their actions so brilliantly display their weakness that their child can plainly see it, and that realization on the child’s part does nothing but further erode what little respect that child has for their parent’s authority.

I remember about a year back watching a video by Bill Whittle where he talked about the left’s attack on the alpha-male role in society. When looking at the frequency of these “Dial-A-Dad” calls, it strongly supports what Bill was talking about in that video, and what Doug Giles at The Clash Daily talks about often, and that is the Wussification of America. Whittle does an excellent talking about this in the video I previously mentioned.

As a cop, when responding to these “Dial-A-Dad” calls, I will always speak to the parent away from the child to try and convey my concerns I listed above, but it often falls on deaf ears. These parents are so programmed to rely on government to solve their problems that they are unable to see they are the only ones capable of fixing the problem for the long term, as relying on someone else to discipline only detracts from their role as the authority figure in the household. Many times, I will ask the parent “What would your parents have done if you were behaving like your child?” to which they often reply “smack my butt” or something similar. I usually pause at that point while looking at them with a “uh huh” look on my face, and then I ask “It worked, didn’t it?” Sometimes I can see the light bulb turn on, but more often than not it stays dim.

Now, I am most definitely not suggesting that beating children is the way to solve all the problems they might present, but I have got to think that a quick smack on the butt by a parent is a far better solution to correcting behavior/discipline issue than calling the cops, but then maybe I am just old fashioned that way.

I cannot imagine my parents or grandparents even remotely considering calling the cops because of something I had done. For that matter, I feared my parents finding out about my screw-ups more than I feared the cops, which is as it should be. The parents role is not just to be a loving, food and shelter provider, but also to educate and discipline their children so that they too can grow up to be responsible adults. The sooner society remembers that, the sooner we can get back to being the America I remember. As we all know, children are the future voters and future leaders. When children, with no respect for authority or American values, grow up they become adults with no respect for authority or American values, and they end up electing Barack Obama, who respects neither authority nor American values.

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  1. edinvestor1 says

    Somewhere over the last couple of decades, common sense died, no was executed by the left, and was buried.

  2. bahndon says

    Dial a Dad, Cops should have stood up when the progressive liberals listened to Dr Spock and made corporal punishment illegal. Schools teach the children to dial 911 if a parent spanks them, God help the parent that hits hard enough to mark the child.

    1. Matt says

      Corporal punishment, at least here in uber-liberal CA, is still legal, but you are exactly right that the line the state draws between punishment and abuse is both very fuzzy and very gray.

  3. ken345 says

    For a while I worked as a security guard in a regional shopping mall and at least weekly I had parents with kids in tow coming up to me and telling their kids that if they didn’t behave they would call security on them. I always told the parents in front of their kids that the security staff were there to help people not to punish them and that if the children ran into trouble they should know that they can come to us for help and shouldn’t be afraid of us. I always got the dirtiest looks from those parents and the biggest smiles from their kids.

    1. Matt says

      Ken, that happens all too often, and usually when we are sitting down for our meal break in a restaurant. Really makes for a nice comfortable dining experience…

      I really don’t think the parents realize what they are doing when they do that. They are trying to get their kids to behave, but what they are really doing is 1) displaying to the child that the parent is not the sole authority figure in their home (wrong) and 2) teaching the kids to fear the cops. Both of those are very bad things to teach your kids.

  4. phunyfarm says

    Good points, so sad also.
    How about the kids calling the cops when their parents discipline them?
    Now THAT is right up there with one of the worst and most stupid decisions made yet.
    So the kid threatens your life with a pistol, you discipline him and save your life. He calls the cops.
    You become the “criminal” @ that point. True story here…now the parents sleep with a chest of drawers against their door every night because their young loony son is still in the home.
    A lot of mental illness involved here, the point is still the same.

  5. Lori Robb says

    When the government banned corporal punishment in schools and the schools started teaching kids to call the cops if their parents “hit” them the government basically took discipline out of the homes they didn’t define to either the parents or the children what abuse was and is. The perfect example of this is from probably 15 years ago My daughter was 7 or 8 years old a child services worker was visiting my home because my son had set a fire in our back yard. it was right around the same time the child abuse epidemic was being addressed in schools and all over the news. With a children services worker sitting right there my daughter started acting like a total brat. She was completely out of control talking back; the worst most embarrassing behavior you could imagine from a child her age. Finally I looked at her and told her in a very stern voice to knock it off. To which she immediately replied “You cant make me, what are you going to do?” Before I could say another word, the worker responded “she can smack you in your smart mouth”. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing. we talked for the next hour about discipline versus abuse and the laws. The next time my child threatened to call the law if I spanked them they still got the spanking- open handed with only my hand (not hard enough to leave a welt but hard enough that they felt it) then i handed them the phone and asked if they wanted me to dial the number for them.

    1. Matt says

      Unfortunately Lori, the problem, at least where I live and work, is made worse by the schools who tell the kids that their parents cannot lay a hand on them at all, and many of the parents believe the same thing. They are both jaw droppingly shocked when we tell them otherwise. You are 100% correct, abuse and discipline are entirely different animals, and the law recognizes that.

      1. ken345 says

        The law does recognize that discipline and abuse are two different things but sadly the first response by Social Services most often is to remove the kids from the home and then investigate the situation. In some cases the children are removed for weeks, months and even years, before it all gets straightened out, if it does. They don’t call them SS for nothing. And before anyone says that CPS and SS are different animals, CPS is just a division of SS.

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