Daily Dose Of Crazy

6 108

Ladies, how many of you have ever felt so oppressed by men that you just needed to take your tops off and walk around bare-chested in the streets? If you have, you may consider moving to New York. Apparently women there are feeling left out and want the freedom to walk around top naked like the men do.

What is wrong with this city! This is coming from the same place that tried to ban Big Gulps in the name of citizens’ health. They have now trained their police force on how to disperse crowds who have gathered around these half-naked women. I sit here and laugh because this comes from the same women who feel that men treat them as pieces of meat. You really showed them!! Literally!

They fight for one ridiculous freedom but don’t mind having another taken away (the right to drink Big Gulps). Ladies, if you’re feeling that oppressed by men, beat them with your brains, not your chest!

That’s about all the crazy I can handle for one day….

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