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Noodles’ Employees Unite! 

Today’s dose of Crazy takes us to good old Madison, Wisconsin when union members, communists, college students, socialists etc. all occupied the state capital for days, protesting Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed “union busting bill”. 

I will give you a minute to watch the video before I digress….

Where do I start…

I find this video both comical and bone chillingly scary. This is the next generation of “college educated” workers hitting the employment grid. He feels entitled to own this company not based on his qualifications or knowledge but because that is how it should be. Everyone should be equal in this company because we make the product but the owner makes the profit. Forget about all the hard work, time and personal money the founder and owners put into their own franchises!

He complains that the workers don’t get to decide their own worth. Well, how I was raised, you do get to decide your own worth. By working hard, showing up, and being a reliable employee you decide your own worth. You become valuable to the company you work for and you will eventually find reward in your efforts. People in this generation don’t take pride in their work. They feel they are owed something and don’t appreciate just having a job to go to. I partly blame child labor laws. Here in my state, you can’t get a child’s worker permit until you are 16 years old. By the time I was 14 years old I had two jobs. Before that I made money babysitting and filling the pop machines at my parent’s retail store. Kids aren’t learning the value of money and hard work with these restrictions. 

He goes on to say that Noodles is basically a dictatorship where employees are told what they’re going to cook, how they’re going to cook it, what time they’re going to get to work and if they don’t like what they’re doing they can get rid of us… Hmmm, welcome to the working world where there is a hierarchy in knowledge and talent! If this kid and others like him could do a job well, training people on the exact procedures of how to cook noodles wouldn’t be so difficult! He also doesn’t realize that much study and research has been done on customer satisfaction with how the food has been prepared. But in his eyes it is no longer the customer who buys the product that matters: it is him, the employee, who cooks the food for the customers! And yes, kid, you have to show up to work when someone has scheduled you or the restaurant won’t run smoothly and people won’t get the food that they pay for that provides your paycheck. 

There is no respect for his boss/manager. He calls him to “abdicate” his position as owner and work with them as equals. Well I’m assuming if he had half a brain and any talent he would now own his own franchised Noodle’s and Company. Of course a meal there would have to cost about $30 to cover the expensive salary with bonuses he feels he is owed…

Well folks, that’s about all the crazy I can handle for one day….


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