Cut to the chase: It’s betrayal

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The Scandalpalooza this week has certainly been fun. These smug, sanctimonious crooks have gotten away with so much, for so long, it’s been a joy to see them squirm with a little heat on them. Temporary heat I am sure, the media morons not having become free market Constitution-loving freedomists overnight. Still, laughs and hoots galore.

Skeptical though we be, things are nevertheless moving very quickly. Stupid people are feeling exposed, and in full panic mode, are saying very stupid things for attribution. It’s fully possible that some government people desperately in need of justice may find some of that coming their way. It’s also quite possible that the political damage done to the Left will have a substantial impact on the 2014 elections. Then again, perhaps not, since what they can’t win they’ve proven able and willing to steal.

But let’s step outside the moment.

There’s a bigger picture. That the Obamanistas have committed outrageous and prosecutable deeds in the last 5 years is a given. That at least half the cabinet should be serving prison sentences is also perfectly obvious. But sum up the behavior of Obama; his administration; bureaucrats in agencies federal, state, and local everywhere; their little tools in groups like OFA, ACORN in its modern guises, Planned Parenthood, Code Pink, Sierra Club, and so on; all the political-correctness behavior-control Nazis high and low; the leftists and Democrats in positions of power like Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Franks, and Schumer; 4 Supreme Court justices and hundreds of other left-wing judges on many courts; academia; union leaders; every major news organization except Fox News.

It comes down to this: betrayal.

Among the bedrock principals enshrined in the Constitution are personal freedom and consent of the governed. The former is more important than the latter; indeed, many protections are raised against temporary slim majorities voting away their own freedoms or the freedoms of others. The Framers were deeply suspicious of government tyranny, including tyranny imposed by consent. The electoral system was designed to limit government powers, and to keep the decision-makers accountable to the people they govern. To what end? For the most personal freedom, with enough governance to maintain order, facilitate freedom, maintain fundamental rights, and defend America from enemies without and within.

The above is not a secret pact. It’s pretty much the text of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the first 10 Amendments. It is the fundamental truth of America. When you take an oath to defend the Constitution, that’s what you are pledging to defend.

So, when you seek and gain a position of authority, be it an elected position or power in a government bureaucracy or even a local school board, and you use that authority:

  • to intimidate and abuse the rights of Americans to participate in the electoral process – you betray America.
  • to selectively enforce civil rights laws only when the victim is of a race, creed, class, or political view that you favor – you betray America.
  • to encourage some to “punish their enemies” in the context of political views – you betray America.
  • to bully corporations and industries because you don’t like them or would like them to fail – you betray America.
  • to impose your will via parliamentary tricks and stolen elections on an America unwilling to surrender its freedoms so you can take over 1/6 of the economy – you betray America.
  • to have people and groups audited, unduly scrutinized, and denied Constitutional rights via the IRS – you betray America.
  • to choose not to enforce laws that you disapprove of – you betray America.
  • to apologize to our enemies because of our freedoms – you betray America.
  • to run guns to drug cartels in order to deliberately have gun crimes increase so you can apply political pressure to regulate gun ownership – you betray America.
  • to nominate and appoint people like you to positions of authority so they can subvert the system and abuse power – you betray America.
  • to rule on matters in your court not based on the Constitution and duly enacted law, but according to how you think it ought to be – you betray America.
  • to stuff ballot boxes, chase poll watchers out of your polling place, physically intimidate voters, pull up signs out of yards, deface property, add or remove ballots, sign up or vote as fictional or dead people – you betray America.
  • to call yourself news, and yet selectively report in order to give America a wrong impression about the truth, in order to advance an agenda that imposes rule and denies freedom – you betray America.
  • to lie to America to hide your malfeasance in Benghazi just weeks before an election – you betray America.

Is this overly complicated for you?


Look, believe whatever you want to in your private life. But when you start imposing on me and denying my rights to freedom and self-governance – then you betray America.

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