Conservative Veterans Targeted by IRS?

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Recently, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has come under attack for malicious treatment of certain U.S. citizens and groups by singling them out based upon their personal political preferences. At this time, it is still unclear where the direct orders came from to initiate such heinous activities, but what is crystal clear is that this type of activity is not new for the IRS.

IRS logoThe IRS has mastered the art of breaking their own laws, one case in particular; using banks to launder and then steal disabled veterans’ disability checks.

The Veterans Disability Act of 2010 is a Federal law which exempts VA disability from withholding of any sort. Actually, existing code USC, Title 38, §5301 already protected VA disability from withholding, but this provision was re-iterated and included in the newer legislation of 2010, because too many civil court judges were legislating from the bench and including veterans’ disability monies as earned income and granting it to ex-spouses (men and women) in divorce proceedings, at times, leaving disabled veterans without any safety net for self-care.

However, the IRS is still figuring out ways to get to a veteran’s disability money. How do I know? Recently, it happened to me.

A couple of months ago, when I logged into my online bank account to make sure that my VA disability check had been deposited (I am a 60% disabled veteran of the Iraq War) I saw red and a negative balance, beside which read the word “hold.”

I called my bank and was informed that the IRS had sent a letter demanding that the bank take all of the available funds out of my account on the first day of the month and then wire them to them. The bank gave me a telephone number at which to call the IRS. After being placed on hold for a very long time- long as in a biblical age- I finally spoke with an agent.

Long story short; they claim I made $157,000 in 2010 and that I owe them tons of money, and that until I pay it, a lien will remain on my personal bank account.

At the beginning of 2010, I was still in the hospital recovering from injuries I’d sustained while serving in Iraq. I was released early in the year, but still did not find employment until October, and even then, it was only part time. I can assure you, as I did the IRS, that I did not earn $157,000.00. Actually, I earned less than $10,000.00 in 2010.

I kindly read the federal code mentioned above to the lady I spoke with at the IRS, reminding her that VA disability money is 100% exempt. She placed me on hold for another age (I could see a man coming- bearing water- over the horizon) and then she came back on the line and told me, “We do not take veterans’ disability money. We wait until the funds are deposited from the VA and then we take all of the funds from your bank account.”


Isn’t this called laundering?

I find it ironic, now, that only weeks before the IRS put this hold on my bank account, I’d been asked to be a contributing writer for key Tea Party personality “Joe the Plumber.” I’d been writing freelance articles on veterans affairs for some time, publishing and distributing them mostly through Facebook, and I viewed the personal call Joe made to me as one of the greatest compliments I’d been paid in regard to those articles. I jumped at the opportunity to join his team and give my work, such as this piece, a wider audience. I can’t help but think that part of my decision to join Joe’s team may have played a part in being singled out by the IRS at this specific time and having my VA disability money taken from me in complete breach of federal law.

The good news is that through my persistence, and my refusal to accept their answer, that it is okay to launder VA disability money, I was able to get the IRS to refund all of the money they’d taken from my bank. I am working with the IRS to remedy their great misunderstanding of my earnings for 2010, and I am reaching out to all disabled veterans to let them know that if this is happening to them, they do have rights, and they need to stand up for them.

As many veterans know, our war does not stop once we make it home. Often, new battles begin, such as battles for the rights our government promised they’d provide for us upon our return from war that they often turn around and attempt to take away.

Currently in America, twenty two veterans a day are committing suicide. One of the biggest contributors to the suicide epidemic is our veterans’ inability to find suitable work after serving and the inability to take care of themselves and their families financially. This is why VA disability is sacred- except in the eyes of the IRS. Too many disabled veterans in the U.S. are just a disability check away from being on the street and joining the already nearly 70,000 homeless veterans in America.

If you are a veteran receiving disability from the VA, and you are having it garnished, withheld, or having a lien placed upon it for any reason, please contact the entity who is withholding, garnishing, or who has placed the lien, and reference the federal code stated earlier in this article. You stood up for the rights of all people of a great nation in combat, but unfortunately, you must continue to stand up for yourselves to ensure that the promises of being taken care of upon your return are kept. But you can do it, because you are a warrior, and that’s what warriors do.

Kevin E Lake is an Iraq War Veteran and author. His book “Off Switch” was written to raise awareness of the veteran suicide epidemic in the U.S. and can be purchased on Amazon at:


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  1. edinvestor1 says

    Whoever authorized that should burn in hell.

  2. David Flow says

    Embassys around the world are violating the federal law by order of canceling
    and revoking wounded combat veterans U.S PASSPORTS and making U.S war wounded
    veterans to pay the processing fees of the requirements when the U.S Embassys
    are violating federal law.By fallowing local state laws and even the IRS.When
    they are a government agency and listening to both agencys such as STATES and
    the IRS.

  3. Dan S. says

    Avery sad state of affairs that the IRS, or any other entity of the government take such advantage of those who are now disabled due to serving their country. I am 40% service connected disabled, soon to be evaluated again for an increase in rating, due to a back injury I sustained while on active duty in the army. No, I never saw combat, but that doesn’t mean my disability is any less traumatic for my family and I. I am grateful for the medical care and the financial aide I get as well. Others, i.e. the government itself, needs to leave our benefits alone unless it is to increase them as needed.

    1. Kevin E Lake says

      Amen, brother, and thank you for your service! You might not have deployed, but you stood ready to, and that’s more than 99.6% of the rest of the population. Good luck to you, brother!

      1. Dan S. says

        You’re welcome. Before I served in the army I was in the navy. My job in the navy was hospital corpsman (fleet marine force). In 1981 we deployed on a Med cruise the day Ronald Reagan was first inaugurated. We spent a great deal of time several miles off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon. Yep, we were definitely ready to go at a moments notice. That is what it is all about. Just doing our jobs.

  4. rchguns says

    That describes me quite well but the IRS has a problem. In the past they’ve audited me three times it’s a bit of a pain but every time they did they found that I had shortchanged myself and they owed me money.

  5. Retired MSgt USAF says

    I am a Disabled Veteran myself at 70% and the State courts in California tried to do the same with my money due to a long ago divorce. I had to tell the Superior Court Judge that if he was going to garnish my Disability that I would personally have him thrown off of the bench and have the State Bar take away his license to practice law and I would personally file a law suit against him for breaking Federal Law . He backed down immediately and told my ex-wife’s lawyer that my disability was exempt from divorce litigation. I know exactly what you are talking about in this article. This Civil Court was trying to do the same to me.

    1. Kevin E Lake says

      Great for you! Unfortunately, that’s how it has to be done. They will not respect our rights, we have to demand them! Good job!

  6. $13614178 says

    As a conservative patriotic American I have no doubt I am on every domestic terrorist list Nappy could draw up . 7papa7 , the national sales tax would be the hardest to control us individually with .

  7. 7papa7 says

    This is why we need to FIRE the infernal revenue service and go to the fair tax or flat tax. The irs is filled with crooks and thugs.

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