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OWS13.05.01-1Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler had many things in common when they ruled their respective countries in the early part of last century. At one point in time they were both popular with the people – but as control and expansion became more difficult, the Soviets waged bloody hell against the folks they governed. Political as well as non-political murder was the order of the day and forced starvation, genocide, mass terror and purges soon followed. Lenin and ideological successor, Stalin, ran up their death toll for the most part in peacetime, and is roundly estimated at around 25 million and 30 million people.

It’s strange at best to know that in this country it’s not okay to be a Nazi, or even a former Nazi (as well it should be), and yet Lenin’s core principle of Red Terror resulted in over 500,000 people being slaughtered in only the first couple years of Soviet rule. Millions more followed, besting Hitler’s numbers of atrocity by far. Yet for some reason, it’s okay to be a Communist, an admirer of Lenin, Che Guevara, Mao and run around in a Stalin T-shirt like he was a great guy. People who brandish swastikas are rightly outcast and despised by all, yet followers of Communism walk the streets with pride and even get hired as college professors.

OWS13.05.01-03Ironically, the kids pushing Communism / Marxism are also protesting that there are no jobs available to them. Do they realize that under a Communist system, the worker has no rights other than what the government allows?

It’s frightening when you think of the millions tortured and murdered in the killing fields and gulags, but look at the May Day celebrations in America to this day.

Occupy Wall Street is a group often celebrated by our media and politicians on the left and there was no shortage of Communist propaganda being heralded in Occupy camps, protests, parades and spectacles around the nation a few days ago. And outside of the Occupy forces, sadly there are still many more people living right here in the United States who continue to refuse to face up to the revulsions and murderous nature of Communism. Are kids not being taught the full history of the past 100 years?


1) Lenin/Stalin/Marx believed in killing people. A lot of people. That is Communism/ Marxism

2) Stalin admired Hitler, Hitler Admire Stalin and Lenin.  Nazism are very close cousins, if not brothers to communism/marxism

3) The atrocities committed by Stalin/Lenin/Hitler are the same. They starved men, women and children. They buried people alive in mass unmarked graves. They brutally tortured and murdered entire “classes” of people.

4) Hitler and Stalin wanted a “New Man” a new race…. (Most of you in the occupy movement wouldn’t make the cut, think about it)

1389.2 Holocaust BThe fact that our media does not jump down the throat of these people and tear them apart in print is complicit. The fact that some of our leaders don’t condemn these people and this movement makes them complicit.

For God’s sake Senator DICK Durbin (D-IL) joins them!

You know how after you hear a story about some guy killing his wife and kids then turning the gun on himself you think, “why didn’t they just start with themselves and save everyone else the pain?” Well these people that romanticize, idolize, and embrace the tyrants, and their policies, responsible for the deaths of more than 100 MILLION people would do the “collective” a service by starting with themselves.  Better yet, pack up your shit and GTFO out of AMERICA — a place where we believe freedom moves a society forward!

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