Chicago police stand by as anarchists threaten hotel, ALEC

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CHICAGO – Anarchists ran wild through the streets of downtown Chicago on May 1, the traditional day for radicals and social misfits to protest anything related to personal property or capitalism.

A group of about 50 black-clad protesters – including one carrying a “F–K WORK” banner – descended on the Palmer House Hilton Hotel to lodge a threat against the hotel and free market group ALEC, which will be holding its annual meeting there later this year.

A video obtained by EAGnews captured the scene.

“Open season!” one protester yelled as they approached the hotel. They then discussed hanging a banner from the hotel’s awning.

Hotel security blocked the entrance and told the meatheads to “take the mask off.” Most were wearing Guy Fawkes masks or bandanas over their faces.

The crowed then engaged in the Occupy Wall Street-style “mic check” routine of the group repeating what one individual shouts. (How conformist!)

Anarchists-ALECThey referred to the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, as a group of fascists. ALEC is a free market group that has emerged as the scapegoat for leftists and radicals.

“If you allow ALEC to meet at your hotel, we will shut you down,” they yelled.

“ALEC is not welcome in a working class city,” they said.

Proud that his minions were following his chants, the leader then began tossing around his bottle of Gatorade, a product he purchased from the multinational corporation PepsiCo.

“Shut down ALEC!” they yelled.

“We’ll be here with thousands more people in August,” one vowed. “We’ll multiply.”

Will the police do anything then?

By Kyle Olson


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  1. Sagebrush6 says

    These Anarchists are pretty much bottom of the barrel scum of the world. Kind of like locust.

  2. dangerouspatriot says

    What else do you expect coming from the city that obama came from and was actually in politices there too before he came to destroy our country?? He first tested his destruction methods on chicago and it looks like it works out real well, don’t ya think???

  3. Bob Miller says

    The Superintendent of the Chicago Police Dept. is a guy named Garry MacCarthy. He came here from Newark N.J. P.D. A few years ago Newark was in a real bad way, with tourism and consumer spending way down, and the city fathers ordered G. Mac and his boys to get tough on the punks, which they did. Then the civil rights beefs and law suits starting rolling in against the working officers, who had done as ordered. MacCarthy, of course denied any knowledge of HIS ‘get tough’ policy and started ratting out the whole Department. obama, and his then chief of staff, a guy named Emanuel, recognized Garry’s ‘valiant’ efforts to curb police brutality, and when rahm became mayor of chicago, G. Mac was rewarded with his current super high paying job in chi-town. ATTENTION U.S. attorneys—- got it now?

  4. John R.Pyles 111 says

    Maybe the citizens of Chicago can meet the waste and burn it before it destroys there town.

  5. Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs says

    It is so sad to see that these people are doing just what the liberal want them to do without the foggest clue as to what they are doing.

  6. Buddy says


  7. usluv says

    What a total bunch of losers. Why would they want to advertise how worthless they are?

  8. steven says

    So white kids are doing what N-Word kids have been doing all along and the police won’t do anything about it. lol lol lol
    That is obama’s white half at work lol lol lol

  9. James Riley says

    We Vote for Obama and don’t have to Work.Pay for us America.If its free we want it.Pay for it Obama.

  10. ginger says

    It absolutely boggles the mind the number of useful idiots in America!!!!!! Guess we know where the unemployable hang out.

    1. Sam Wicks Jr says

      NOT unemployable; just lazy and not willing to work. Just want hand outs at the welfare department.

      1. ginger says

        That’s what I mean…they are unemployable due to their attitude….they don’t want to work…they want all things handed to them and don’t mind “partying a bit” to get them.

  11. Bratberley says

    Nice, so people will just find friendly cities to to hold their conventions. Way to go kids destroy what little business you’re getting to help with that bankrupt state of yours!!

  12. astrojohn says

    “Will the police do anything then?” Nope…

  13. rtlinc says

    bho will most likely encourage this – Chicago ‘PD won’t dare do anything – look at the mayor another gangster and bho goon————–

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