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Capitol Dome Tour Pictures


The United States Capitol Dome may be the most famous man-made landmark in America.

While the U.S. Capitol serves as the workplace for some of the most unpopular people in America, there is no denying those same people get to work in one of the most beautiful buildings on earth. Tours are available to the public and are highly recommended, but don’t don’t count on getting a Capitol Dome Tour without some planning ahead. has some pretty good instructions how to get setup for a Dome Tour:

The first step is to contact the member’s office and make the request for a specific date. If a member is giving a tour on the date you requested, your name may be added to the tour depending on how full the tour is. Often times, your representative will not have a tour scheduled. But this is what most people do not know: If your member is not giving a tour on the date you requested, ask the congressional aide if they can call the Office of the Architect of the Capitol to find out if there is a scheduled tour led by another congressional member that you can join. Your congressman or woman’s office must make this request; you cannot. If you are successful at scoring a tour, be prepared to walk up a lot of stairs.

Below are some of the pictures I snapped a couple years ago.

The level before the actual Dome starts

Looking up before entering the stairs into the Dome.

Those little octagons open up as you will see later

Looking out the window at the Supreme Court

Inside the Dome… made of cast iron with an inner and outer structure

A quick peek out one of the octagons mentioned earlier

At the top looking down… because of the curve of the dome, it seems like there is nothing under you

Some of the beautiful art on the ceiling

The detail in the cast iron is amazing

Yes, you get go outside when you get to the very top… nothing above except the Statue of Freedom

The Library of Congress from the top of the Dome

Statue of Freedom which sits on top of the Dome… I didn’t take this one, but I thought it needed to be included.

It’s a great tour and if you get the chance, don’t miss out!


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