Bill Brockmiller: Union Boss, Elected Official, State Employee, John

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Union boss busted for prostitution, but remained employed by the union and state

LA CROSSE, Wis. – Disgraced union bosses are like cats – they always land on their feet.

Bill-BrockmillerJust ask Bill Brockmiller. He was busted last year in a prostitution sting and admitted his guilt immediately.

Brockmiller, an elected La Crosse (Wisconsin) County supervisor, told the La Crosse Tribune, “I very much want to take full responsibility for my actions and express extreme sorrow and disappointment in myself.”

Brockmiller, also president of the Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO, didn’t have to worry about his “labor market analyst” job with the state.

He’s still with the La Crosse Job Center, which is a part of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

So the unions and Wisconsin state government don’t put a lot of weight on following the law, or holding employees responsible when they break it.

Then there’s the case of Mark Rosenthal.

Rosenthal, head of Local 983 of District Council 37 in New York, was recently exposed by union insiders for sleeping through much of his two-hour workday on a regular basis. But he still has his job with the union

Rosenthal pulls down $156,000 a year for apparently doing next to nothing.

Life in the world of union leaders must be pretty comfortable, to say the least. But what would rank-and-file union members say about somebody sleeping through such a short work day while making so much of their dues money?

Would the union even care what its members think?

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