Biden Slips and Reveals True Aim of Government “Studies”

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Occasionally, a politician makes an off-the-cuff remark that reveals more about Washington than thousands of speeches ever could. With one sentence, Joe Biden recently let the cat out of the bag and affirmed the true intentions of the flurry of proposals for government studies on violent media that have propagated in the time since Newtown shootings: that is that they are purely political studies with a purely political intent to create pseudoscientific cover for a brazenly unconstitutional agenda.

icon_xlAt a recent meeting at the White House between Biden and faith-based leaders Billy Graham’s son Franklin proposed the idea of taxing violence and funneling proceeds to “help victims.” To which Biden replied that there was “no reason why they couldn’t do that.” Now the unconstitutionality of this has sparked no small amount outrage among those who value the First Amendment. But what he says next should alarm them even more.  Biden continued by saying, “They really need a good scientific study, which they’ve done on things like smoking.”

Ah, yes. The Study.  When it comes to Washington lobbying and public relations, nothing ads credibility to your position like a study confirming the validity of your position. Never mind that your position is in direct violation of the Constitution.  Get the results you want from a study, publish it, run a PR campaign, get the media on board and eventually weak-kneed politicians will succumb to your “scientific evidence”.

This sound far-fetched? Well, its already underway.

Politicians of both parties looking to “do something” in responses to incidents of violence, have attempted to blame video games and violent media for the actions of Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook, Connecticut and James Holmes in Aurora, Colorado.  President Obama called on the Centers Disease Control and Prevention to conduct further research into the relationship between video games, media images and violence and ask Congress to spend $10 million to support his position.

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA), the chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on Commerce, Science and Justice, demanded that National Science Foundation– a government agency he oversees funding for–conduct a study to link violence and video games.  The Foundation hired a “can’t miss” professor, whose claim to fame is a 2006 study linking Bible verses to violence in society.  Of course, Wolf was able to get the result he was looking for as Professor Bushman testified and asserted a link between violence in society and video games.

But when actual scientific research is done, Wolf and Bushman’s findings are directly contradicted. There are literally dozens of legitimate research projects that find no such link. In fact one recent study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence in April 2013, found exactly the opposite to Bushman’s finding. They found that teens’ pre-existing competitiveness and aggressiveness predicted game play not the other way around as Bushman asserts. But then again, what do they know? They are just experts in their field conducting research without agenda.

No doubt, actual facts or experts will not deter Biden and his ilk. And the use of politically motivated studies will continue even beyond the issue of video games and media.  Studies are an all too easy, commonsense sounding way for politicians to lay the foundations for their real aims or seem responsive on an uncomfortable issue (on the taxpayer dime of course).

Wolf’s study is moving forward as is the CDC study mandated by Obama. Citizens who value the First Amendment and their right to expression would be well served to pay attention and remain vigilant as these studies begin to publish their “results.” Because a demand that the government usurp liberty to address the “crisis” will be highlighted by the results.

The last thing we need is another IRS-like agency empowered to decide what speech is allowed is which is not.

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  1. LonnaBertelli says

    How about doing a study of the drugs these people were on at the time? (Or recently stopped taking) Add that to the study on the violent (points for killing with no consequences) games. Bad mix?!

  2. RAS0503 says

    Look at Gore and his “Global Warming” scheme to make millions for himself and the government if allowed to tax for what they say is polluting the atmosphere.

  3. Oldtex says

    This author doesn’t seem to realize that Crime Victim Assistance Funds across the country are being funded in part by a portion of the fines that are paid going into the fund.

  4. blair152 says

    Let’s have a government study into how many gaffes Biden’s made over the past five years.

  5. Lee Mc Donald says

    Same thing can be said for polls.

  6. Dan Williams says

    Talking about politicians letting things slip, Barry Soetoro, aka, whatever, at a recent commencement speech at Ohio State University quipped jokingly, “I guess I will have to get the IRS to audit them” chuckle, chuckle. Well, we now know that it was on his mind and it was no joke.

  7. FloridaJim says

    Every problem has a solution in government with more taxes, more government union employees, more costs and never ending. Biden has spent 35 year living off the public teat and he has no understanding of freedom. Government control is Joe’s forte and our fiasco. All these scandals under Obama/Joe/ Holder/Hillary are caused by the massive size of government no one knows what is truly taking place and each of these dolts has confessed “I didn’t know” perhaps it is too big or they too are stupid?

  8. Kathleen Pedersen says

    violent games and movies certainly can effect children by desensitizing them regarding killing, etc. I remember when movies always made the “bad guy” have to pay for what they did. That’s accountability which seems to be lacking in our society. Removing the Ten Commandments plays a part in this also. I remember learning them as a youngster and they always stayed with me. We cheered for the good guys at the movies and were not sucked into crime, killing, and all the things that harm our society. Society certainly has a lot to say about our behaviour and it’s been leading us down the wrong road. Just take a look at the trouble our young get into and ruin their lives. Taking Mom out of the home on the guise she’s a nobody if she doesn’t have a career had a great impact on our children. Why do we have so many angry young people today? Think about it. They’re palmed off to day care where they are just one of the bunch, go to after school places instead of home, and as teens go home to an empty house to look after themselves and sometimes they don’t go home and get into trouble. Children need their Mom’s and Dad’s and especially in their teens. End result….the Government will take care of your children, indoctrinate them to their thinking and you are left out of the process. From personal experience I’m glad I was home most all of their childhood and wouldn’t have changed that for all the money/career available. Being a Mom is the best job in the world.

  9. Kenneth Bowman says

    The Kenyan is a Communist Muslim RADICAL SPY who seeks the DESTRUCTION of America as it was founded. Those who refuse to acknowledge this are STUPID, Lying or support this goal.

    Being a Muslim Obama fully supports the world agenda of Islam. Obama fully agrees with international communism and their agenda. Obama is the puppet of George Soros the Jewish NAZI SS Hitler Youth who fingered fellow Jews for the Death Camps. An incestuous bunch to be certain. This group of barbarians are directly opposed to everything America was founded upon.

    One cannot be a loyal American citizen and support Communism or Islam.

  10. William Mdcannold Jr. says

    There ARE individuals possessed with psychologies who interact negatively with violence whether it be from videos, movies – whatever. The number who commit mass killings as in Sandy Hook and Aurora and Columbine are a fraction of the total susceptible. But, as we know, it only takes those very few to blow the lid off the emotion bank. Sometimes anectodal evidence actually is better than the empirical (which, in truth, is too often accepted as such – even though it be hypothetical).

  11. akmodog says

    Pinochio,Biden and Hillary all need to be in prison for life without parole. They are all guilty of treason.

    1. TexasJester says

      Don’t forget Freakenstein, Pelosi, Reid, and most of the democrats!!

  12. Don't Even Try It! says

    When Biteme takes his foot out of his mouth, the only thing that falls out of his mouth is stupidity! If he keeps his foot out of his mouth for very long, the few brains he has left will fall out of his mouth, too!

  13. worldwatchman says

    There is something seriously wrong with Biden. He has mental problems. Too much alcohol? Too many medications? Probably both plus just being plain stupid.

  14. rosie46 says

    There is a more direct correlation/connection between the use of psychiatric or psychotropic drugs pushed by the pharmacy industry than there is any other factor. All of the shooters were on or had been recently on these drugs, with one exception and that one is unknown. These are all young males and they need to start evaluating this overuse of drugs on this group (I think it was 18 to 24) and on our children in elementary school. The use of drugs on children (ritalin, e.g.) has exponentially increased because teachers and parents to not want to apply strong discipline both at home and in the classroom. And then they go on to other drugs. We are damaging how many generations of our children with this type of drug pushing by the big pharmacy companies who want to rake in profits from drug sales. This is the study that needs to be done, but that is not easy nor acceptable to the pharmacy companies.

  15. $23154113 says

    Is Biden the biggest dumb ass in America or what? He is the jester of America. How can anybody take this idiot serious? Lucky for us that he can’t keep a secret. I see this clown and I instantly laugh because I know he’s going to spew dumb outta his pie hole. Deer God please send a lightning bolt to his head and put him out of his misery.

    1. Hawkeye71 says

      I agree with you but we shouldn’t make fun of someone who is in the advanced stages of senility as Biden clearly is.

  16. leviguy1947 says

    I doubt Franklin Graham knew the idea he tossed out would be unconstitutional if implemented. These days someone can find something on which to base an article or argument. Not that Biden doesn’t provide more than his share of debatable gaffs. I just don’t understand the big deal about the idea. But now I see where the comments are headed. OK.

  17. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

    As far as I can see it, Islam and the Muslim religion, so far as depicted by the ” jihadist”, is nothing more than deceit and lies! Muslims claim that their religion is all about peace and harmony. The only peace I see is pieces of the people that are blown up or mutilated. The only harmony I see is the sounds of people crying as they bury the dead and the bands and trumpets that play to remind us of the sacrifices made on all sides to impose their will on someone else. The British soldier that was hacked to death is just another example. They say they are peace loving and say into the camera “an eye for an eye”. Why the hell were these bastards even arrested? I’ve seen football games over in England and I’m telling you that some of the fans are insane and probably would have NO trouble whatsoever to impose “JUSTICE” on those two. And Obama is apologizing for us? WTF! Now we are spending 10,000,000 dollars on “studies” to prove that violence is caused by violent video games and movies, but they rigged the test! They get the answers and responses they want or they keep asking the questions over and over until they find the “right people” to back up their claims. And the ones that pay for it all is Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer as usual. Obama and his administration have lied and deceived the American people time after time. When are we going to say “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”! Impeach Obama! Fire Biden, Holder and the rest of the Gang Of 8. Get rid of all those people that want to lie about everything from gun control to education to amnesty and lets worry about what the hell is happening in our own country. Lets quit being the world police. We need to build up our country back to the way it used to be, a leader in technical and industrial development. Now, we are like 5th or 6th just because our leaders have thought it was more important to help the entire world and let big business have huge tax breaks and then move out of the country. What would help with the issue of violence is to produce more jobs at home for those of us who aren’t rich or have a big portfolios. Strengthen our infrastructure before it collapses even more! There have been 2 bridges collapse in two days. There’s only about 16,000 more that need help. Lets take our country back and make it great once again.

    1. TexasJester says

      Agree with everything, but I need to point out something – the bridge in Missouri collapsed after being hit by 2 freight trains – I don’t know of many bridges that would stand for that! The one on I-5 in Mount Vernon, WA, collapsed after an overheight load hit a beam – though a bridge shouldn’t collapse like that.

      1. Si Vis Pacem ParaBellum says

        Jester, I realize the bridge in Mo. was struck by a train. It still shouldn’t come down like that. I used to work for an engineering co. that was responsible for bridge inspections in Tn. There are quite a few in that state that need either repair or replacement and I’m sure that in states that use salt to de-ice the roadways, the bridges in those states do need repair.

        1. TexasJester says

          I agree with that! I drive a truck cross-country – I’ve quit worrying about whether the next bridge will collapse with me on it or under it – was giving me migraines!

          But when a freight train car or locomotive takes out the supporting beams, that bridge is coming down. Remember the I-40 bridge in Oklahoma that was hit by a barge several years ago? The barge hit one of the legs of that bridge – it came down. (Like knocking a leg out from under a table.)

  18. Shane Comeback says

    It’s the left that creates the violent video games and hollywood movies. Obama contributors, every one.

  19. egbegb says

    Justice Roberts very recently declared that the taxing authority of the government is unlimited.
    Indeed if you read the 16th Amendment, you would have a hard time disagreeing with him.

    1. rockyvnvmc says

      Ah yes, but he gave us an Out. All Taxes must Originate in the House.
      Obamacare originated in the Senate & thus is Unconstitutional Taxation !
      Write your Reps !

  20. Phillipe Violette says

    Somebody needs to start cleaning (white) house

  21. RickAsh4312 says

    If it is all so clear why can’t we petition the House to introduce multiple requests for impeachment. It is steamrolling and we better get going. This is pure evil but we can beat it. I would like a FACTUAL report on every country where he has sent US troops. But we MUST get him out of office. He IS the AntiChrist!

  22. mort_f says

    About ‘studies’
    By Congressional edict, all new development procurements had to be first validated by a ‘study.
    The solution was simple, we used a study contractor, who was so steepped in esoteric mathemtics, that nobody could understand a word he wrote, let alone anybody in the Congress. Usually the procurement would be well on the way before the study report was even printed.

    1. KellyKAFIR says

      Like Common Core…. this all reminds me of Atlas Shrugged.

  23. KellyKAFIR says

    Hitler had pleeeeeeenty of studies justifying his genocide… He got rid of the dissenting scientists first then had the studies prove what he wanted… yeah, that’s real science…(shaking head)

  24. Steve Meyer says

    I have just as many issues with Islam, trouble it it is a religion and unfortunately it is being afforded all the protections our constitution provides. Legally it’s no different than going after the episcopalians. This isn’t the way to defeat them. The ACLU will take the side of the muslim on constitutional grounds. They will not take the side of American people concerned with what is being taught to their children. Biden will not win the presidency in 16, I have no worry there. Star has the only viable idea here to re take control of our schools and our childrens curriculum

    1. KellyKAFIR says

      We can fight them on the Shari’ah front… Joint ACT for America to help – and they have a text book study and project to do what you are talking about.

    2. KellyKAFIR says

      But we HAVE to fight common core – which is a disaster!! Texas finally got rid of CSCOPE due to political pressure. Parents and citizens must speak out to their representatives!!

    3. HongryHawg says

      Everything islamic is unConstitutional. That’s really all we need to know about this evil ideology masquerading as a religion.

      1. TexasJester says

        All of what they stand for is illegal in this country – pedophilia, assault, battery, torture, murder.

        They cannot legally take ANY oath of office, as the Oath demands fealty to the United States Constitution, essentially a government – the Koran says that a proper muslime must give fealty to Allah alone, as he is above all governments. To take the Oath as a muslime would be to perjure oneself.

        I have no problem with people practicing their religion – but when their “religion” breaks the law and/or violates MY Constitutional rights, their right ends. Christians shouldn’t be allowed to nail people to a cross; pagans shouldn’t be allowed to perform animal (or human!) sacrifices.

  25. lfhpueblo says

    Another $10 Million To Be Wasted Of Tax Payers.

  26. $13614178 says

    All government studies should be paid for by the people WANTING the studies , and all rebuttal studies should be paid for by those the studies wold hurt the most . Why doesn’t the ACLU fight the expansion of Islam ? Because they are ALL cowardly LAWYERS and are well aware of Christianity’s true peace and love , as opposed to the hate filled murdering b–t–ds that account for ALL MUSLIMS .

  27. badman400 says

    This is like a O.J. Simpson defense team paying for the results it wants.

  28. Centurion ' says

    I’m for removing Obama from the power of the President but what really scary is Biden’s next up to bat.

    1. GinoV says

      That’s why both him and “O” have to be put into ORANGE suits ……. Biden as POTUS OMG what a disaster

      1. beowulf32 says

        Start a new party with Ted Cruz as its leader he is fighting both parties.

        1. Dan Williams says

          Amen to that beowulf32! As far as I am concerned, you do not get my support or vote unless you ae a TEA Party member in good standing. All else are worthless.

          1. beowulf32 says

            we need the tea party to become a major party come 2016.

    2. phunyfarm says

      I just can’t stand to look @ little “O” anymore.
      Makes my skin crawl, so I’d have to say Joe would probably make my skin crawl a little less.

    3. Phillipe Violette says

      Impeach them both

      1. rcaston says

        Better yet try them for treason and let them suffer the consequences if found guilty.

    4. DustyFae says

      But give him a bottle and he will be replaced also. lol

  29. jstarusa says

    Well of course playing a violent video game every waking moment has nothing to do with a childs mental state! How many good character games do you see out there? Not many I’m sure. Oh but I forgot, your not allowed to tell a child “No” any more, never mind!

    1. Sarah Turpiano says

      The report says that they were looking for a link in violence in society and video games and found “one,” but when you do actual research, you realize he lied.

      “But when actual scientific research is done, Wolf and Bushman’s findings
      are directly contradicted. There are literally dozens of legitimate
      research projects that find no such link. In fact one recent study
      published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence in April 2013, found exactly the opposite to Bushman’s finding.”

  30. DustyFae says

    Islamic teaching in schools are harming our Children.Please Tell your State to stop this education now.

    1. 7papa7 says

      Where is the ACLU? Why is it they only object to Christianity out of schools and not the hate filled islamic poison? I totally agree with you Star.

      1. fliteking says

        Good insight . . . I bet we’ll see the ACLJ step up to the plate soon , , , once they are done rinsing the dirtbags out of the IRS debacle .

        1. 7papa7 says

          I hope so, Jay’s group does an excellent job.

      2. beowulf32 says

        Its because the ACLU has been infested with muslim`s and homo`s so if you got an issue with ether group`s you aint got nothing coming.

        1. 7papa7 says

          That and don’t forget what ACLU stands for, Anti Christian Liberals Union.

    2. Conrad Gabbard says

      Where in the teachings of ANY Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist or any other religious sect can we find anything remotely comparable to the words of their god outlined in Koran 9:29? Look it up.

      1. DustyFae says

        [29] Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger (Muhammad (peace be upon him)) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” [Quran 9:29]

        1. TexasJester says

          I wonder when they’ll do a study on the connection between violence and KORAN verses (like this)?? Or is this racist? (Kinda wonder how one can be racist against a dictatorial governing system couched in religious dogma..)

    3. Dan Williams says

      Get your children out and send them to private schools were you know the curriculm. Otherwise, home school them. You will not be able to change public education in time to save your children from indoctrination.

      1. DustyFae says

        Thank you!

  31. $4119491 says

    I suggest they study the drop and windage of a NATO round.

    1. 63Marine says

      You are correct!!! Lead deposits are very valuable these days.

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