Benghazi: We’re Focusing on the WRONG Video

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benghazi mission on fireWe really didn’t need the testimony in the Benghazi hearings to know that the blaming of the Benghazi attacks on a stupid YouTube video that nobody saw was bull crap. Yes, Hillary Clinton testified in January 2013 that she “knew nothing” about the requests for security (throwing her underlings under the bus). She bellowed “What difference does it make?” when queried about why she would blame the attacks on the YouTube video. We are all used to the “Sergeant Shultz” responses of Hillary, Holder and Obama.

This administration is very adept at distracting the media and the American people. Recently it released 100 pages of emails (starting on September 14, not September 11 or even 12), ALL of which were about the edits to the talking points for Susan Rice’s appearances on the Sunday talk shows on September 16. I read all 100 pages. Yawn. We already knew the talking points were changed so that Barry could get back in the White House and Hillary could run in 2016. I believe people in this administration are happy to have us all incensed about them ‘blaming it on the video’. The YouTube video and the evolution of Susan Rice’s talking points for her September 16 Sunday talk show blitz are a distraction, people.

The Interim Progress Report for the Members of the House Republican Conference on the The ReportEvents Surrounding the September 11, 2012 Terrorist Attacks in Benghazi, Libya is actually easy to read and interesting. (Phew! Hereinafter, The Report.) Read the 43 page April 23, 2013 report for yourself here. The Report states that attacks began at 9:42 p.m. (3:42 p.m. EST) and that DoD ordered an unarmed, unmanned surveillance aircraft (i.e. a drone) to reposition over the Benghazi mission.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin E. Dempsey attended a previously scheduled meeting with the president (sorry, no capital P for this guy) at the White House at 11:00 p.m. Benghazi time, which is 5:00 p.m. EST. This was about 80 minutes after the attacks began.

At 11:10 p.m. (5:10 p.m. EST) , the drone arrived over the Benghazi facility. So, WHERE IS THIS VIDEO? That’s the video we should be asking about. Now wouldn’t you think that Barry, Panetta and Dempsey were likely in the situation room viewing this in real-time? They were all at the White House when the drone arrived in Benghazi. Of course they watched it, and they knew the attacks were not started by a spontaneous demonstration. The Report says that the State Department Operations Center reported that the al-Qaeda-linked group, Ansar al-Sharia claimed responsibility for the attack at 6:06 p.m. EST.

But what about the footage from the surveillance drone? Have any members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) asked to see this video?

Sean HannitySean Hannity received a very interesting phone call to his radio program on May 6, 2013. You can listen to the entire phone call via a link on The Blaze’s story about it here. The caller (“John”) claimed to be the camera operator for this drone. Of course, it’s possible the guy was a crank caller, but I listened to the whole thing and he sounded pretty believable to me. John said that the drone was only over the consulate for about 5 minutes and was then directed to the CIA Annex. John was the camera operator for about 90 minutes and then was relieved by “another guy”.

The Report doesn’t mention the drone again until it notes that a second drone is directed to relieve the initial asset still over Benghazi at 5:00 a.m. September 12 (11:00 p.m. September 11 EST). So the original drone was over the Consulate and/or the CIA Annex for nearly 6 hours. Where is this footage? Why doesn’t anyone ask about it? Sean’s caller John said he’s never been contacted (but of course interested officials would only be concerned about the footage, not the camera operator). The Report doesn’t talk about this footage at all. On page 15, The Report does say that “…officials at the Defense Department were monitoring the situation throughout…”. Perhaps this alludes to these officials watching the drone footage in real time?

So, the YouTube video is not the video you’re looking for. It’s all a Jedi mind trick. Ask your congressional representatives to look into this!

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