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benghazi obamaDemocrats act all outraged at the suggestion that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would ever do anything to endanger the lives of personnel stationed overseas in order to win re-election. Well guess what – that’s exactly what happened. They lied, gave orders to stand-down, didn’t send help, failed to act, changed the facts, covered-up, lied some more, went to Vegas, lied again, got help from Candy Crowley, got some other people to lie, intimidated witnesses and are now going after the folks testifying to the truth.

Since they took office the Administration has been holding a gun to the head of nearly every American in its quest to exact maximum pain on each of us to achieve Barack Obama’s political objectives. First, printing and spreading money around to their supporters, then bribing members of Congress to pass legislation, and now engaging in activity and cover-ups such as Fast & Furious, the Sequester and now the murders in Benghazi.

It makes me wonder what they’ve done that we don’t know about.

What we do know is that whether it’s public unions, the IRS, the Justice Department, the EPA and a whole lotta other government personnel – it’s clearly become a case of Us versus Them. When kids are denied tours of the White House as the Muslim Brotherhood lines its coffers with taxpayer money – you know the federal government is lined up against us. When pilots come over loudspeakers to announce you’re being delayed because of a phony sequester crisis – you know the federal government is lined up against us. When teachers and their unions fail to teach your children basic math, science and English, yet scream for more money and pensions – you know what it is:

Government is no longer the parasites, they are the host organism and as far as they’re concerned we are here to feed the monster and shut the hell up.

But now thbenghazi deade reality of Benghazi is finally being extracted: Our federal government knew our consulate in Libya was under attack by terrorists, but from the State Department to the White House on down they lied about it. In their zeal to hide a full-on Al Qaeda, Islamist, terrorist attack on U.S. soil just before an election they concocted a story, conspired and lied in order to divert your attention – less Mitt Romney get a head of steam.

They. lied. period.

This was re-election at any cost. Unless you’re in a coma, it’s clear to anyone that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are complicit in the deaths of Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty and Christopher Stevens.

benghazi hillary2

“What difference does it make?” Those are some balls on you, Ms. Clinton. I’m over Barack Obama, because I think I figured him out. But we should all keep our eye on Hillary. Keep the political pressure on her, everyone. Do not let this lying hack of evil get elected President.

If you thought the media was in the tank for Obama in ’08 and ’12, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s Us against Them.


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rodney on tapRodney Lee Conover is a writer / performer, living in Southern California’s Mohave Desert

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  1. TruePatriotInTX says

    I’m glad everyone is just coming up to speed on this now that national media has been forced to cover it. But the absolute truth is that CanadaFreePress broke this story weeks after it happened, prior to the election and NO ONE listened…

  2. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    Right on brother, and hanoi jane can’t hold a candle to this admitted marxist/progressive as far as traitorous behavior. The constitution means nothing to this piece of c–p, just another obstacle to overcome. She is complicit with Obama, fast and furious, running guns to the syrian revolution, becoming a multi millionair on a modest salary in 4 years, she must be good at crooked works. Judge Jannine said it best, she has done more to spread hopelessness to americans who still believe our country can be great again, americans who still believe in fellow men, as they watch her operate. It’s a shameless agenda by a hapless hag.

    1. CustomClubMaker says

      You’re right about Hanoi Jane. At least she didn’t take an oath to “…support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” before she began her anti-American behavior. Zero’s crowd all took the oath and immediately began to renege.

  3. grannylake says

    I believes it is the real Americans against those who want to destroy America for any reason.

    When our People are faced with the question, “Will you do everything in your power to ensure that every American citizen retains their individual freedoms so they can retain their power over the Government?”, we will have the majority we need.

    Ask hyphenated Americans based on politics, religion, race, sex, etc. to set aside their label and become an “Americans” that believe that America is the best country in the world because our government recognizes our birth rights, our Constitutional rights and our moral, ethical and civil values like truth and honor.

    This is the message we need to communicate. A united America.

  4. freedomringsforall says

    And it is time to kick some arss

  5. We Palmer says

    AND you can already see the minions of Bush stepping up to stop the people from demanding Obama’s removal ….

  6. Whittaker Chambers says

    Well done. “No longer parasites but the host organism” is a precise observation.

    1. mtman2 says

      ‘Aliens’ – the queen of the parasitic coven + brood mother of mindless, selfless killer minions protecting the endless supply of hatching larvaes ready+ able to take up “the cause”- thru gov-Ed.

  7. 2dogs3horses says

    Lying hack of evil ranks among the top 10% of succinctly-stated modiifiers of Hilliary ever encountered.

  8. joepotato says

    The weasel Speaker of the house is trying to do damage control for O’Soetoro. Some say he’s inept, some say corrupt, some say a drunk, and some say he’s a coward. He might be all of the above, but we know he doesn’t have what’s needed to fix one gawd —m thing in DC Cesspool. The entire GOP so called “opposition” to this (suspected illegal) presidency seems to be covertly complicit in actions that will, in FACT, destroy this nation.

  9. phunyfarm says

    We have a den of thieves and idiots running the show now.
    The country has no leader except us.
    Nothing, I mean Nothing, phases these people. The most hedonistic, self absorbed, greedy bunch of what?? no one word can accurately encompass their wickedness.
    It simply never ends and stretches the nasty tentacles everywhere.
    Again, WE must somehow be the leaders and continue the fight for America.
    My children and grandchildren deserve nothing less.

    1. wandacom says

      Impeachment runs so slow – why not gather in large groups on the W.H. steps and demand for Obama , Biden, Pelozi, H. Clinton to all step down and leave the W.H. at once. We won’t get ahead until they are all gone.

      1. becky says

        The sad part is Wanda, he’s not even eligible to be impeached. You have to be a LEGITIMATE president and HE is a non-American fraud.

  10. $13614178 says

    She is one EVIL b-t-h , and he is an S O B and a b–t–d as well , and twice as EVIL . But they have the mainstream media AND many conservatives fooled , while they have us placing blame for inefficiency and lying , the REAL scandal is being ignored , that being the weapons and ammunition to Al Quida and other muslim terrorists to overthrow Syria and set up another muslim brotherhood state like they did with Egypt . THAT is why they so willingly sacrificed those four Americans .

    1. becky says

      I think so too – that those 4 Americans were KILLED by this administration to cover up MORE of their deceit.

  11. USMCret says

    The Hell with congress on Impeaching Obuma, WE the PEOPLE should march on Washington and demand that Obuma remove himself from office along with his czars and appointees and H. Clinton and Biden and arrest them for Sedition and treason and do what should be done to trators and that ishangf them by the neck till they are dead, dead, dead.

    1. Oneyeopn says

      Dont leave out Holder and Nappytano (just what sex is it anyway, it has a lower voice than I do?)

      1. Que Dub says

        And the 6 top nobambbii admin officials, all mush-slum !!!

    2. phunyfarm says

      I still think the old “drawing and quartering” would serve best.

      1. becky says

        In the case of all these truly evil and unAmerican thugs, I’d have to agree with you funny farm.

  12. alpambuena says

    notice how all of these hope and change liberals have all lined their own pockets, while trying to keep everybody else on the government teet..look at all of them….they are all wealthy, obama will become a gazillionaire..peklosi, reid, and all of the rest of them, including the republicans..they are all lining their own pockets, while they direct us sheep from one pen to another….this is why i will never give them one red cent..and will bury what ever money i can get into the ground.

    1. becky says

      Yes i think we are at a point with their corruption that we need to take away ALL their retirement benefits – let the bas tards go get a real job – and CONFISCATE any wealth gained while in office. It is all STOLEN one way or another from us using bribes, kickbacks, ‘favors’ etc.

  13. jimamrhein says

    Thank You for this item!!! Makes me feel good that some folks have the GUTS TO TELL THE REAL STORY!!! Tho’ we know the Liberals will try to worm their way out of it….. It’s a SHAME WE CAN’T HAVE HONEST LEADERS AT THE TOP RUNGS OF GOVERNMENT !!!! I for one am Completely Disgusted with These LYING COVER UP LEADERS OF OUR COUNTRY!!!! This applies to the Pres. Clinton, some girl named Rice, and the LYING GUN-RUNNER ERIC HOLDER !!!!
    Jim Amrhein

    1. Que Dub says

      Just look what nobammaa already got out of: fraudulent BC, Foreign student aid,, fraudulent multiple SS numbers, foreign passports, Chicago corruption , massive voter fraud, fast furious, and the many many LIES , etc, etc !!!! he will most likely git out of this, too.

  14. Tonto says

    What is wrong with these people?

    “What difference does it make?” –HRC

    History has a way of repeating itself!

  15. cynical bastard says

    Is that a scrotum on Hillary’s face or is it just 3 chins? Looks like a scrotum to me? “What difference does it make?”

    1. becky says

      LOL cynical! Now don’t get TOO nasty. Any woman who isn’t emaciated gets that hanging neck with age. It’s called the skin losing its nice youthful elasticity. You’d better not see me! Scrotum indeed… Funny guy.

      1. cynical bastard says

        Oh well, I may be too mean and nasty to be a patriot member. I hate everyone equally. Don’t want to leave anyone out when the SHTF.

        Do they have an I hate everyone equally except God party yet?

        1. becky says

          OMG cynical! Are you sure I didn’t write that post from you and you stole it??? LOL….

          1. cynical bastard says

            My old pal Steve used to say that “I hate everyone equally.” I used to say, “me too!” maybe that’s why were such good co-workers. He could shoot damn straight too.

            We used to shoot(high powered airpistols) the eye out of the camel on empty camel cigarette boxes with air pistols at 10 meters in the office on graveyards. back in those days the boss’s wife left a bottle of bourbon in her desk. The next day, she was stomping and snorting around the floor and hollering about, “someone drank her booze.” Steve and I had to confess, and we bought her a fresh bottle, so she’d shut her pie hole for a while…That was a screwed up office.

            We even had a sex dwarf working in there as an operator ( some co-worker found an internet porno of her) and yep, it was here too. Little Twit that she was she denied it. She used to pick her toenails at the desk. I got her fired!

            If you hate everyone equally you get pretty ok with life. When the SHTF, it will just be a little population pruning and ventilating here and there from sniper positions at my age. LOL

          2. becky says

            Ugh! What a strange ‘office’ you must have worked at cynical. I think we’d be called crotchety old curmudgeons! Except I don’t really hate everyone. It’s more like a total disgust with idiots in general – and there’s so MANY of them! Night cynical….Stay well – and crotchety…..

          3. cynical bastard says

            It was a circus sideshow, and Steve and I hated em all equally. Did ya see J.Canary today singing like a dismissive little bird. That guy lies so much I am surprised his pants aren’t on fire burning his birdballs off!

          4. becky says

            Can’t stand to watch any of the commies anymore. I did hear some of it. Can’t take much of that either! I rather think they squeal like a bunch of PIGS.

          5. cynical bastard says

            Hehehhheeeh, Becky You been watching “Deliverance” again?

            They(puppet show players) just can’t cover their butts fast enough…It’s like they are all sweating BS. It was so entertaining today as they stumbled and fumbled through all their lies on T.V. Clearly, any self respecting lefty should be able to see through this crap? You’d think.

          6. becky says

            Ah yes… back in the days of the GOOD horror shows! They are entertaining, cynical, but it’s kind of like watching a 1 yr old totter around learning to walk. At some point, you EXPECT them to grow the hell up and LEARN already. These evil commies never do so it appears their developmental level is less than that of a 1 year old. But as THAT intelligence level seems to apply to ALL dems/Communists, it’s no wonder NONE of them can see the wrongdoing. Have to have an adult functioning brain level.

  16. steveindajeep says

    We have a better chance of obama paying a parking ticket than we do for him or hillary paying for this.

  17. dad666 says

    Clinton and Obozzo should bein jail for the intentional mmisinformation campaign and for costing four Americans their lives. Liars and Thieves shold not be allowed to fill government positions. Run them out ofn on a rail.

    1. Guest says

      SAY WE DID get obummer impeached.. then would we not be stuck with that idiot vice president for a president for the rest of the term.. Mr shotgun .. what a joke.. CAN THEY ALL BE REMOVED WITH THE IMPEACHMENT as co conspirators or something..

      1. dad666 says

        Yes unfortunatelywe are in a lose lose situation but at least we would be sending a loud message to the remaining Dumocraps and then we must focus on the 2014 elections and the next plan for voter fraud by them.

        1. USMCret says

          And monitor every polling place so there is no voter fraud.

          1. phunyfarm says

            And make sure the military gets an opportunity to vote/not just lame excuses

    2. becky says

      Actually they should be in prison for MURDER by now. Border agents murdered by their gun running. 300 Mexicans murdered with their illicit and illegal weapons they ran into Mexico. Now these 4. There are probably more too, would be my educated guess.

  18. 7papa7 says

    This is one we need to win, we can’t afford to lose this one. The family and country deserve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Then the perpetrators need to be arrested, tried and shot.

  19. bahndon says

    I want to know who told the troops to stand down, and why.

    1. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

      The puppet’s islamic and communist handlers.

    2. Wes H says

      Who is the commander and chief thats who

      1. StarDust Dolittle says

        Obama needs to be impeached just for his threatening American citizens alone.

        1. joepotato says

          Only criminal indictments will get Bath-House Barry out of the WH. Not bloody likely with the cowards in congress …

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