Benghazi At Home

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As the story surrounding the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi has progressed, I have been plagued by one recurring thought: American Embassies and Consulates are considered American soil.

LogoIf there is any doubt as to the veracity of this statement, the reader is free to review nearly any espionage-themed movie set in a foreign land. Inevitably the protagonist (good-guy-spy) in these movies has an urgent need to escape a gang of antagonists (bad-guy-spies). Regardless of directing or cinematography, the plot line in these scenes is almost always the same. The goal of the fleeing-for-life good-guy-spy is to reach an American Embassy. An American Consulate. American soil.

So what if the attack actually did happen in the homeland; on terra firma Americana instead of a tiny island of America in some distant land? I don’t mean to ask in a paranoid conspiracy “this could happen at your local Starbuck’s” way. We have been consistently assured by the Obama administration that there were no military forces available to aid the besieged Benghazi Consulate on the night of the attack. Nobody was close enough to get there in time.

And it’s very easy to take that statement at face value when we’re talking about Tripoli and Benghazi and a few other remote locations. All those locations are far from us and that’s how we think of all of them…”remote”. But how far are they from each other?

To reiterate the question, what if the attack did happen in the homeland? If Benghazi was in the United States, how far would it be from military forces stationed or staged elsewhere in the United States? If nothing else, this should provide a more easily digestible demonstration of the scale of the Benghazi problem.

The following is a list of the military forces known or alleged to have been in play on the night of September 11, 2012. I would not presume to say these forces could have just been picked up and placed in Benghazi like pieces on a Risk board. There are diplomatic, military, and geopolitical considerations that I’m sure would have made it difficult or impossible to fly U.S. military equipment and personnel into Libya. However, these factors have not been offered by the Obama administration as significant obstacles on the night of the Benghazi attack. The reason given has always been the distance between Benghazi and appropriate military forces.


According to a Fox News interview with an anonymous Special Operator who had “knowledge of the response”, the C 110 is a 40-man Special Operations force that was undergoing training in Croatia during the time of the Benghazi attack.

The distance between Zagreb, Croatia and Benghazi, Libya is ~925 miles.

This is essentially the same distance from New York, NY and Jacksonville, FL.

The State Department has denied the existence of this force as an available alternative. However, it’s interesting to note that if this was a viable option, the State Department also maintains that they could not have flown these 40 Special Operators 900 miles (at 420 miles per hour in a C-130) in sufficient time to affect a positive outcome.

Commanders In-Extremis Force (CIF)

This elite branch of the Special Forces Group (Airborne) (SFG(A)) was redeployed from Stuttgart, Germany to Sigonella, Italy; ostensibly to provide highly specialized anti-terrorism capabilities. However, the CIF arrived in Sigonella extremely late (rough 8:00 the night AFTER the attack concluded…22 hours after initially being ordered to prepare for departure from Stuttgart). The CIF was not subsequently moved from Sigonella to Benghazi.

The distance between Sigonella, Italy and Benghazi, Libya is 470 miles.

This is essentially the same distance from Reno, NV and Los Angeles, CA.

The distance between Stuttgart, Germany and Benghazi, Libya is ~1240 miles.

This is essentially the same distance from Chicago, IL and San Antonio, TX.

The State Department has not provided substantive explanation as to why the CIF was staged initially instead of being sent directly to Libya or why the staging itself took 22 hours. In a C-130 Hercules the trip from Stuttgart to Benghazi would have taken approximately 4 hours.

Special Forces Tripoli

According to Deputy Ambassador Gregory Hicks in Congressional testimony, 4 Special Forces Operators assigned to Tripoli were prepared to board a C-130 when they were told to stand down. They were ordered not to board the Hercules, despite their clear intention to do just that. The source of that order is still under investigation.

The distance between Tripoli and Benghazi (both in Libya) is 403 miles.

This is essentially the same distance from Boston, MA and Washington, D.C.

It seems appropriate to end this article with a mention of Washington, D.C. Because if (God forbid) the Capitol Building or the White House or the Supreme Court were under attack from mortars and small arms, is it reasonable to believe Boston is too far away to muster and send military aid? If San Antonio were under attack would it be reasonable to say that military forces in Chicago couldn’t arrive in Texas to help for more than a day? If Los Angeles was besieged would we accept the narrative that Reno is too far away to maneuver forces to L.A. in a timely fashion?

It seems to me the State Department explanations are more accurately described as excuses. Excuses that stink to high heaven…from any city in the world.

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  1. Sam Huston says

    Using the USMC as umbrella lawn jockeys is disgraceful, not using the USMC to rescue his embassy staff in Benghazi is criminal!

  2. VeeDub57 says

    NOT defending the muslim terrorists, but….

    US embassies and consulates are NOT “American soil”. The media and politicians keep repeating this as well, but it’s simply not true!

    The land an embassy is built on remains part of the host nation. If a crime is commited on US embassy property, unless commited by an assigned American, it is in the jurisdiction of the host country.

    Now, the Geneva Convention prohibits the host country from entering embassy property without authorization from the Ambassador, and like the diplomats inside it is exempt from many local laws, but that is it. It is American property, not America.
    Consider GITMO. We hold terrorists there on an American base, so they are not subject to American laws and rights.

    1. Sam Huston says

      Why are you defending muslim terrorists?

      1. VeeDub57 says

        I plainly pointed out that my statement in no way is supportive of terrorists nor does it defend any of their actions.

        Pointing out a FACT is NOT defending anyone. Would you rather people go off repeating a falsehood and be proven idiots by the socialist/democrats? The FACTS must come before passion of the moment. Make a statement that is proven false by those people and you lose any credibility as a knowledgeable commentor.

        “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence; nor is the law less stable than the fact…” ~ John Adams

  3. disqus_Ed8LYkU7q2 says

    The islamic communist puppet’s regime told all TO STAND DOWN because it was a set up to kill American and Christian witnesses to giving weapons to more islamic terrorists to take over another country. And maybe htey would have gone even further to release the shiek.

  4. Bob Hauser says

    I think it most appropriate that we should soon hold a “disaster drill” somewhere near the White House and carefully study the “response time”

  5. lorenrhooker says

    In these discussions, no one mentions the Sixth Fleet. It is a pale shadow of the carrier battle group it used to be, but couldn’t it scrape up a few Marines?

    1. JT1964 says

      The Sixth also has attack aircraft (with hellfire and HARM missles) and cruise missles. It has been reported that one of the SEALS was illuminating a target(s). How about a few salvos from a couple of the long guns or a few GPS guided missles. I would think that at mach 2 or 3, there would have been plenty of time to put some ordinance on target and extended the timeline to allow special force units to get there. Man, it seems like the gubmnt WANTED those men dead.

  6. Michael Ruda says

    On 9/11/2001 the FAA did not know that the flights that were not showing up on rader were hijacked flights. It didn’t stop George W. and Dick Cheney from getting fighter jets in the air and on their way to Washington DC. That 9/11 was over in two hours. The one on 9/11/12 lasted 9

  7. BrotherPatriot says

    The problem with this whole thing is that if it’s pried into to far…it will open up a “can of worms” and the trail will lead into the deep level of corruption that resides in Washington DC. Obama and many of our “elected” are actually just puppets of those who pull their strings. Who are those people? Well…many are deeply connected into the Secret Societies that influence/control much of the human experience. By them controlling our money supply they influence everything else…news media (that’s why they don’t report the truth), entertainment industry (that’s why you see black/white checkered floors in most movies, the #13 and 33 show up often, and there is triangles/pyramids everywhere), our food (introducing GMO’s!), and even our water supply with doses of fluoride for everyone. Oh…& don’t forget the chem trails that we often see being sprayed in our air.
    Seriously, if We the People ever wish to be free we must seriously and without pulling punches…we must thoroughly investigate the influence of the secret societies and what they have been up to. It is my opinion that we have two types of people in this world…Us & Them. Because if you are not one of them then you are at a disadvantage when you compete (job market for example) with someone who’s connected with Them. To me that’s two distinct types of citizens and your out in the cold if your not “in” with the good ol’ boys network of secrecy. That’s not what I understood America was supposed to be about.
    Again…these people swear Oath’s of fealty to their secret brotherhood and that Oath appears to trump the Oath to the Constitution. That statement is being proven over and over and over again to be true. It’s time to talk about these taboo subjects and from what I’ve learned…I’m rather upset.
    God Bless the Truth.

  8. joshuasweet says

    The February 17th Martyrs Brigade, a
    Benghazi-based militia with Islamist elements that the State Department hired as a “quick reaction force” (QRF)just look at who they are. I want to see that contract.

  9. Frank W Brown says

    Can you say IMPEACH???
    Can you say BENGHAZI???
    Can you say FAST AND FURIOUS???
    Can you say IRS???
    Can you say AP???

    Where is the RULE of LAW?
    Where is CONGRESS? Didn’t you take an OATH?

    1. daveveselenak says

      Amen, amen and amen… the Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his henchman E. Hold(card)er both commited treason and have murder on their hands and as far as I am concerned should both be tried for treason and given the death penalty; DHS, screw you punk^sses too!

  10. usluv says

    Its all a bunch of lies. This thing goes deeper than O/D and company will ever admit. EVER.

  11. CapNCraigAgain says

    I want to do what OBama did. I’ll sleep on it and you can dream up a bunch of talking points to quell the masses into believing that I did the right thing.

  12. David R. Williams says

    How can the statement “couldn’t get there in time” possibly be known? How could the obama administration know how long the attack would last? The stench of obama and hilary grows greater every day.

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