Are You Satisfied With Your US House Rep?

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Washington, DC – May 7, 2013
Today, the Madison Project PAC released its updated Madison Performance Index (MPI) for the full 112th Congress.

The Madison Performance Index factors the average of the 2011 and 2012 legislative scores from Heritage Action for America and the Club for Growth, the two most respected conservative scorecards. Each Member’s average score is pegged against the ideological orientation of his district, as defined by the Cook Partisan Voter Index.

It’s a simple way for us to create clarity for the American taxpayers. Either their Members are performing to the make-up of their districts or they are not, said Drew Ryun of the Madison Project. We believe the MPI provides a measuring stick for voters to look at when it comes time to retain or remove Members.

  • We expect an A (90+) from members in our most conservative districts, rated R+13 and above.
  • Members from our lean-Republican districts, rated R+7-R+12, are expected to score, at a minimum, a B grade – with a sliding scale from 89 down to 80 based on the regression in PVI.
  • Members from R+6 districts (some of which swung to Obama) on down to R+0 (pure swing districts), are expected, at a minimum, to score a C grade, with a sliding scale from 79 down to 70 based on the regression in PVI.
  • Finally, those Republicans in Democrat-leaning districts are expected to score, at a minimum, a D grade, ranging from 69 down to 60 based on the regression in PVI. Our minimum score for the lowest rated district that is represented by a Republican is 60.
  • Due to inherent margins of errors, members scoring only a few points below their target score are not necessarily underperforming. Any score that meets or exceeds the target score is a very positive reflection on that member.

Conservatives should bookmark Madison Project. It is an excellent research tool to find out whether or not your Republican Representative in the US House is undermining conservatives or not. Personally I found myself in a better place just by moving from an Indianapolis district that has just about forever been sending a Democrat to the US House to a Texas congressional district rated above R+13 that has been represented by a D- Republican.

The Democrats are delusional and drowning in wishful thinking about #turntexasblue. It’s not gonna happen. Currently Texas sends more Republicans to the US House than any other state. 24 of the 36 congressional districts in Texas are represented by a Republican. 18 of these 24 congressional districts has a PVI that is R+13 and above. If you are a conservative and you have the opportunity to move yourself to a better place, then Texas should be where you look first. A distant second choice is Florida that sends 17 Republicans to the US House out of 27 congressional districts. Both Texas and Florida do not have a state income tax.

Below are tables for Texas and Florida based on the updated Madison Performance Index results.

Texas Republicans

Cook PVI Member District 2011-2012 Average Score Index (MPI)
R+12 Weber, Randy 14 NA NA
R+12 Williams, Roger 25 NA NA
R+25 Stockman, Steve 36 NA NA
R+21 Gohmert, Louie 1 93 +3
R+26 Neugebauer, Randy 19 90 0
R+2 Farenthold, Blake 27 70 -3.5
R+17 Hensarling, Jeb 5 85 -5
R+11 Marchant, Kenny 24 82 -5
R+13 Poe, Ted 2 84 -6
R+13 Burgess, Michael 26 83 -7
R+28 Conaway, Michael 11 80 -10
R+20 Flores, Bill 17 79 -11
R+29 Thornberry, Mac 13 78 -12
R+8 Sessions, Pete 32 70 -12.5
R+14 Johnson, Sam 3 77 -13
R+13 Culberson, John 7 75.5 -14.5
R+10 McCaul, Michael 10 70 -15.5
R+25 Brady, Kevin 8 73 -17
R+13 Olson, Pete 22 72 -17
R+21 Hall, Ralph 4 70 -20
R+15 Barton, Joe 6 68.5 -21.5
R+14 Smith, Lamar 21 63.5 -26.5
R+14 Carter, John 31 62 -28
R+16 Granger, Kay 12 60 -30

Florida Republicans

Cook PVI Member District 2011-2012 Average Score Index (MPI)
R+14 Yoho, Ted 3 NA NA
R+9 DeSantis, Ron 6 NA NA
R+12 Radal, Trey 19 NA NA
R+6 Ross, Dennis 12 93 +13.5
R+6 Posey, Bill 15 85 +5.5
R+6 Southerland, Steve 2 83 +3.5
R+21 Miller, Jeff 1 88 -2
R+5 Rooney, Tom 16 72 -6
R+2 Webster, Daniel 8 66 -7.5
R+7 Mica, John 7 69.5 -11.5
R+9 Nugent, Richard 5 71 -13
R+6 Bilirakus, Gus 9 62.5 -17
R+6 Buchanan, Vern 13 59.5 -20
R+1 Young, Bill 10 55.5 -26.5
R+3 Ros-Lehtinen, Illena 18 44 -31
R+5 Diaz-Balart, Mario 21 44 -34
R+17 Crenshaw, Ander 4 52 -38

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