A Worthy Gang of 8

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Best gang of 8

Top row from left to right:

  • Jeb Hensarling TX-05 Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee
  • Michael Conaway TX-11 Chairman of the House Ethics Committee
  • Pete Sessions TX-32 Chairman of the House Rules Committee
  • James Lankford OK-05 Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee

Bottom row from left to right:

  • Candice Miller MI-10 Chairman of the Committee on House Administration
  • Dave Camp MI-4 Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means
  • Bob Goodlatte VA-06 Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee
  • Steve Scalise LA-01 Chairman of the Republican Study Committee

What makes these members of the US House a worthy gang of 8 is not their rise to committee chairmanships. They are worthy because they are the only leaders in the US House who have voted Yes on every key vote that the Heritage Action Scorecard and Club for Growth have issued as a Yes key vote for the 113th Congress. Now the sad truth is that while the Republicans have a majority in the House, Club for Growth has only issued 3 Yes key votes, and Heritage has only issued 2 Yes key votes. This debunks the narrative that the House Republicans are a bunch of meanies that only vote on right wing fringe whacko extremist measures. By his own words and deeds Majority Leader Cantor debunks this narrative. He has a vision of rebranding for the GOP.

These eight members and enough like them have thwarted so far some of the efforts of rebranding by Cantor. Some of us who are glass half-full types look for some good signs. The future leaders of the Republican House Conference is going to come from these who succeed in advancing to chairmanships, and not from the backbenchers. We need to elect more like them to follow their lead.

Listed below are the 3 Club for Growth key votes and the 2 Heritage Action Scorecard key votes.
Club for Growth:

  • Mick Mulvaney SC-5 amendment proposal to cut $20.4 billion in federal spending to pay for Hurricane Sandy disaster aid
  • Tom McClintock CA-4 Full Faith and Credit Act To require that the Government prioritize all obligations on the debt held by the public in the event that the debt limit is reached.
  • Michele Bachmann MN-6 To repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and health care-related provisions in the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010

Heritage Action Scorecard:

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