4 Americans Killed, What Difference Does it Make!?

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Yes, that is exactly what Hillary Clinton said when asked about 4 Americans murdered by Islamic terrorist.

My answer to you, the TRUTH.

Main Stream Media. MSM, doesn’t want the public to know anything they don’t put in front of you. Gosnell is a perfect example, as is Benghazi. If MSM’s guy or gal may come off as looking bad, or get caught “Covering IT Up” they direct your attention elsewhere. Then they send their hired trolls to sew seeds of discourse and try to make you feel stupid for wanting the truth to come out.

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  1. HarryTC says

    You have already seen the best of the Clinton’s morality, they feel that it’s a politicians (and attorneys) right to lie, cheat, and steel! There is NO retribution for a politician sending someone tho their death to further their personal goals. They could have sent in the Marines to Benghazi, they are sending unarmed marines to Egypt to defend Morsi, and to their deaths. But, Hillary would say to my comment, “what’s my point?”, as expected. She would make a great tyrant!

  2. bayman61 says

    This is from a woman that protested the Vietnam war right alongside her husband. Her husband also burned his draft card and was never arrested for it. Even though there was a warrant out for him. We trust this woman to care about people killed in a war, with her history?

  3. Laura says

    I will never let this GO, Mr Obama and Hilery Clinton among others have committed tresion

  4. Laura says

    I have no words this is an absolute disgrace and if Mr Obama is not removed from office then there is nothing left of our countries dignity to fight for. My sons are flying those missions your daughters are out there this very moment. Put an end to this treason How could anyone announce the names of those personnel and turn them to targets. This information was illegally released and never before been done..These people died , forever gone for two people to attain theiR GOAL.

  5. stratman51 says

    What difference does it make how many sleazy chicks have cozied up to Slick Willy’s willy?

  6. Centurion ' says

    Be careful how you address the Queen. Subjects in the Clinton court have met unexpected accidents or worse.
    The scariest part is that we now know how the Queen of Progressives will answer the 3:00am phone call, “what does it matter “.

    1. bayman61 says

      Turn about is fair play.

  7. Richard Helsel says

    If this plays out, Clinton won’t be able to get a job picking up dead pissants at any DNC meeting.or anywhere else for that fact.

  8. MARYANN33 says

    Just look at the deranged face…We can never have that creep in office again, in prison is where she belongs and many with her…How long will we let this group of terrible people in government rob us of the country we own??? Their brains are so screwed….Their thought processes so distorted…We have to sentence them and get them into strong punishment to save America and to be sure the fools never try to do this again…It is so very shameful…They should never have one nights sleep.

  9. Texas Belle says

    Hillary apparently thought that her little tirade at the hearing would stop all inquiry. After all when the “Queen” speaks everyone is supposed to listen. What an ugly scene; she is the wicked witch of the West. God help us if she should be elected President; the corruption would continue unabated.

    1. stratman51 says

      When you stack the deck with non-existent blue-state voters like the Demorats have always done. she is a shoe-in! That is if the Lyin’ King doesn’t declare term limits over and installs himself as permanent Monarch of Amerika.

  10. don says

    hillary hang it up you have lowered yourself by the lies you have told that you now are crawing lower than a snakes belley. you lady let 4 of our people die. you can never ever be trusted agin.

    1. scgator2001 says

      But Hussein Obama left over 40 Americans to die when he ordered the military to stand down. Only the President has the authority to do that.

      Are you starting to figure out who this cockroach in the White House is? Hillary is just a useful idiot liberal. Hussein is the real target here.

  11. Big_Jake says

    What difference does it make? Let’s see. Four souls… F-O-U-R S-O-U-L-S. What difference does it make? If you’re so morally bankrupt that you have to ask that question then you aren’t fit to hold ANY office above Dog Catcher – 3rd Class. To use that question as a sleight of hand tactic to avoid your accountability is proof of the empty spiritual vacuum within your black heart. Oh Hillary, someday every knee shall bow. Even yours.

  12. Luckyme52 says

    Her ass should be kick out of this country she is a bigger liar than the sax player playboy, i would like to put her on the front line of action and see how she handles it.

    1. MARYANN33 says

      She would run away…she is a coward.

      1. TxPatrick says

        Run, with those thighs, more like waddle away…. 🙂

  13. Jeff Boaz says

    What difference dose it make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If God was really watching it would have been Hillary, not the other 4

    1. don says

      you make no sense

      1. fort9erdon says

        Makes perfect sense, …… to ANY thinking person! Only an imbecile would be confused by that statement.

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