Who’s Afraid of Big Bad ‘Merica?

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On April 15, 2013 newly minted Secretary of State, John Kerry, told CNN that fewer foreign students are coming to America because our gun laws are too relaxed and the students fear for their lives. Using Japanese students as an example, Kerry said, “They’re actually scared. They think they’re not safe in the United States and so they don’t come.”

Kerry inconspicuously attempted to make the case for stricter gun control laws by contrasting Japanese gun laws with our own. He told the reporter that Japan was safer than America because “people are not running around with guns” on account of strict laws that prohibit the “private ownership of nearly all firearms, including handguns.”

Well, if Japan is doing it… Oh wait, America has that Bill of Rights thing that Japan does not have. Shoot. Kerry may have a point though, America is a pretty terrifying place what with our charitable giving, extensive volunteer networks, and the value we put on human life and all.

Who else in the world is quaking in their boots because American citizens are armed?

The irate protesters who demanded the execution of a school teacher for allowing one of her students to name a teddy bear Muhammad, and their randy counterparts that called for massacres and beheadings over a cartoon image of their Prophet.



Children who play Call of Duty with real guns instead of X-Box controllers.



All of the loving mothers who drape their children in explosives and send them off to die rather than off to school to learn.



The brave Freedom Fighters who stormed a school bus and shot a 15 year old girl at point blank range because she had the audacity to suggest girls should receive the same educational privilege as boys.

Malala Yousufzai Treatment


The fresh from mourning, power tripping dictator who threatened the US with nuclear destruction.



All the protesters who redress their government in a refined, peaceful manner. These people are not afraid of tyrannical dictators with torture chambers, but they’re terrified of American citizens and our guns.



The country that enables our money addiction while quietly strengthening their military.



Nigerians who hate America, but love how we fund their AIDS and Malaria treatments.



The Mexican drug cartels that decapitate people then suspend them from overpasses for trying to rid Mexico of cartel inflicted violence.

Drug Cartels


The peaceful religious leaders who regale their followers with spiritual renditions of, “Death to America” and the benevolent worshipers who chant along.



Yes America, the world is terrified of you. If only the government would step in and take our guns so the rest of the world would feel more safe.


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  1. $18476877 says

    Ya, that Bill of Rights thingy. It certainly is a thorn in the side of these progressive d-bags. John Kerry didn’t by chance mention how brutal Japanese police are with those 3″ long billy clubs they beat there perps with? If anyone one is looking for a serious beating, go to Japan and do something stupid. Any of you Navy fellas out there learn this the hard way?

  2. TeaTephi says

    Yeah…we’re so bad…..so why do all those countries overcome their fears of our violence to come knocking at our scary, bad ass American doors constantly begging for citizenship, money, hand outs and emergency relief ……… all the damn time?

  3. joeupyours says

    -uck them,joeupyoursMF’S!

  4. Wolfman says

    Americas changing liberal overpopulation legal, illegal immigration population from a what can I do for my country to a what America can do for me country = more government control and less freedom. Now we can also ban all running and sports and large crowd marathons,guns, pressure cookers what the hell is going on in America and all over the world

    1. don says

      its all in the marixs play book–obama is going down the list word for word

  5. v steve says

    Our military leader asked the Japanese military leader why he did not attack mainland USA instead of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese General answered that they knew there were guns behind every blade of grass in USA.==

    So, you didn’t have to learn to speak Japanese and eat with chopsticks because of our beloved Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights and all documents created by those brilliant white men, our Founders. The RIGHT to own and carry guns is clearly to protect us from attacks, and from tyrants who raise their ugly heads in our government. The 2nd Amendment is focused on evil would-be dictators in our government, not on rabbit hunting.

  6. Austin Jones says

    It’s good that Jap exchange students are afraid to come to this country. After all, the asshole that planned the attack on Pearl Harbor (Admiral Yamamoto) was educated at Harvard. If having more guns will keep foreigners out of this country, then so be it. It would also suffice to run a lot of these freeloading bastards OUT of this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Austin Jones says

    Maybe it’s good that Jap exchange students are afraid to come to this country. After all, the asshole who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor (Admiral Yamamoto) was educated at Harvard. Also, a lot of other Jap senior officers in WW2 were educated in the United States, especially at UCLA.
    Considering all of the foreigners that are in this country (both legal and ILLEGAL) it is a damned good idea for them not only to be afraid to come here but to get the hell out of here.
    But, apparently, American gun ownership is not stopping these freeloaders. Maybe some bang bang will.

  8. spyderdalton says

    Our country is being run by sociopathic malignant personality types that are dangerous to America. When will someone connect the dots between this mental disease and liberals?

  9. websmith says

    Life is like a pimple on the universes butt. In a few billion years, it will burst and be gone. It won’t be missed. Think how pretty it will be.

  10. James Barnes says

    Actually there are guns in Japan there famous mafia and friends have been well armed for years…

  11. hitthedeck says

    Kerry is talking about the Japanese students afraid to come to America when the little fat grand leader of North Korea has a nuke zeroed in from a couple of hundred miles should make every kid in Japan want to be in America. Kerry is driving the same honey truck Biden drives. They both carry the same load of Bull Sheeeeeeeeeeeet.

    1. don says

      call it what it is marxism

  12. ron says

    America is the best place to be, why do/t Kerry take his attitude to a third world night mirror he adores so much and settle in to world of peace and contentment.

  13. Leigh Combs says

    I say GOOD I hope the all the countries of the world fear coming here. Perhaps then we can focus on our own people with our own resources instead of giving everything away to foreign nationals and illegal immigrants!

  14. gamer2012 says

    Joe, I like it a lot that you are saying the things, obvious as they are, that too many Americans are afraid to say out loud. I want to fight back.

    1. don says

      if that be so gamer first thing you must do is stand up. no more sitting an talk — action is needed

  15. Tonto says

    We are the bad guys, right? Japan had a cult of loonies using nerve gas on a subway train.

    It has been a while since we beheaded somebody like King Faisal’s nephew in 1974 or so.

    Singapore had a nice caning ceremony for the graffiti artist. I think he was blaming ADD or ADHD but I imagine he is still afraid of spray paint.

    We keep criminals in jail at the same cost per capita as an Ivy League education.

    If it is too bad here, the students are not forced by us to come here to school.

    Still, if we are the bad guys, please stay safe at home.

  16. cynical bastard says

    Does anyone listen to that traitor John Kerry? Japanese society has always been xenophobic. It’s nothing new nor is it because of our second amendment rights. Bunch of horsecrap.

    1. gamer2012 says

      That’s right. Japan’s immigration rate is essentially zero because they decided to control who can live in their country, because if you don’t, it becomes someone else’s country. Yes, Japan has crime, but they don’t yet have the Muslim problem we do.

      1. cynical bastard says

        yep… we got more problems than muslims and the lefties let em all in on student visas and by not securing the border. This country is in need of leadership. We need a military leader not a cheerleader in panties with rah rah speeches and lip service to patriotism.

        1. fed up says

          A million thumbs up!!

          1. cynical bastard says

            your icon ny your name is funny looking Barbara…thanks : )

    2. 2War Abn Vet says

      Kerry is just being the sorry traitorous b*****d he has always been.

      1. cynical bastard says

        It’s amazing to see how many people that have no business in politics manage to get kicked upstairs into positions which are way over their heads. Kerry, Holder, Napolitano, Pelosi, Feinstein, “Fall on her head” Hillary ( who will re-surface next election) She is one that ducked out after the Benghazi debacle.

        When will be get some military leaders in office again damnit!!!. I wanted Schwazkopf to run, but he wanted no part of it and passed away recently. I loved Stormin Norman. That guy looked like a perfect poster child for USA to me!

        Colin Powell would have been a good leader perhaps? If countries outside of USA fear us that is a good thing. We just need to break out the BIG STICK and whack em harder and more frequently. They understand that logic.

        N Korea mocks us and brings idiots like Rodman into the spotlight to show how ridiculous people look in the USA. When I saw Rodman walk out of treatment on that stupid TV show for drug and alcohol rehab I knew he’d resurface again somewhere. Last place I thought would be N Korea.

        In N. Korea they indoctrinate all their children at an early age to hate the USA. The muslims have their jihadist brainwashing terrorist schools, China probably does a good job at brainwashing their people against USA.

        When will the USA learn it can not buy Democracy and stop giving foreign aid to countries that hate us? We have plenty of people needing help at home. We could put many of our vets back to work as border agents and airport security agents that can walk around in their uniforms with firepower and intimidate foreign nationals from playing games in our country.

        Look at these two brothers who came in with their families seeking political asylum? This is how we lose. Foreigners resent us. They resent our way of life and the money we give them. They (not all) move freely without scrutiny and place bombs at our sporting events and fly airplanes into our buildings, not so much to kill people folks…

        They want to ruin our economy. That is the main goal. Misery loves company and they sure want to prove that to us don’t they? I say lock down the borders Today!!!!

        1. 2War Abn Vet says

          I met Powell at Ft. Leavenworth when he was a Brigadier General; he was an impressive individual. I think he, like McCain, was once an American hero. Unfortunately, both of them have been in politics, and hanging around the Washington “halls of power”, so long that their legacies have become debased.
          I only saw Schwazkopf once, when he visited XVIII Abn Corps HQ, at Rafha, after the Desert Storm ground war. He was completely surrounded by about two dozen bodyguards. I wondered, at the time, if he thought he needed to be protected against American paratroopers.

          1. cynical bastard says

            I guess your probably right about Powel and McCain, and I have not been hearing much good come out of McCain in over 12 years

            It would appear that in order to be in politics you have to “play ball”. Perhaps that’s at the heart of the problem. Integrity in America is on the wane. Usually military leaders always look formidable and serious. I think that is why they garner respect.

            I think what I want to see is some leaders who look formidable and do not lack integrity. That way hopefully we can quit trying to buy democracy and lead by example as a nation and get everyone back to work so that the circular flow of economics starts to circulate.

            Printing and injecting 85 billion a month by Feds is not working…We can clearly see that much!

  17. gwedem5995 says

    What about the guns laws in e England and Australia. No guns but crime going up. I wish every country would be afraid of us so they would quit coming to our country and getting our education and other benefits. I guess the Mexicans aren’t afraid since the one illegal who looked mexican got caught and he said I am not afraid, Obama will let me go.

    1. cynical bastard says

      I believe that murder per capita in UK is higher than in USA. Of course, guns are not permitted in UK. These use knives, clubs, and bad food.

      I guess here murder is higher in US states like Chicago, Washington D.C. California, and New York with all of their leftist politics and state gun laws. Seems their criminals obtain guns quite freely on the street.

      Mexican Nationals and the Narco Terrorists laugh at our border security and throw rocks and shoot at our border patrol agents while they infiltrate our country smuggling drugs, guns, and more dirtbags into Arizona, Texas, and the Left Coast

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