What Makes a Liberal Swoon

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A lot of hay has been made by the Obama Administration about “the rich” paying their “fair share,” and not a photo-op goes by without the President spreading class warfare as only he can. Unfortunately, it’s working. He got re-elected painting his opponent as an out of touch 1%’er and groups of “Occupy” folks protested around the nation, claiming the rich were screwing the rest of us, with the press cheering them on.

But just what Barack Obama considers rich is your guess. Sometimes it’s a million dollars, sometimes it’s $200,000, and sometimes every working person in America sees their taxes go up, such as the payroll tax increase in January. People yelled and screamed that Obama was yet again going back on a campaign promise not to raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000. But you’re looking at it the wrong way, applying logic, reason and facts to an Administration with an agenda most find unthinkable.

You see, Barack Obama truly believes we’re all rich.

All Americans who have a job, run a business, or do anything involving the private sector are rich, so of course they need additional taxes. All of us who aren’t paying our fair share need to be taxed until no one is better off than anyone else. If you think of it in those terms – and I do believe Obama and his peeps do – it makes perfect sense. Quit shaking your head, throwing your hands in the air and wondering out loud how he can do what he does.obamasocialism

Understand that it’s a plan, and part of that plan is lying about that plan.

And when your liberal friends begin to lie about it as well, lay this on them. The Supreme Court has ruled that ObamaCare is a tax and that makes it the biggest tax in the history of this nation. The biggest middle-class, lower-class, business tax, and tax on the rich this country has ever see. But again, if you take into account the overall plan – that all of America is rich – it makes all the sense in the world. But even ObamaCare isn’t the largest and most hideous of taxes. Regulation is.

Some background:

Anytime you regulate, two things happen which make liberals swoon: 1) Business in the private sector is burdened, and; 2) government gets bigger. Worse yet, regulations increase the cost of goods and services, which consumers pay, effectively making regulations nothing more than another tax – the largest tax of all.

And regulations ignore whether you’re rich or not.

At this point in the commentary, the writer usually begins droning on and on about the ten thousands upon ten thousands of new regulations being imposed on America with or without input or oversight from Congress. This President is using his office to circumvent Congress at every turn and using Departments such as the EPA to literally go after the private sector, even at one point attempting to regulate dust from a farmer’s plough. I’m not going to run through the never-ending list of ridiculous and onerous regs these overlords have saddled us with – although the scope and volume are infamous. However, I would like to mention a couple new ones I believe define the category of this regulation for regulation’s sake:


Under yet another new Obama administration plan, The Department of Agriculture wants retailers who sell meat to include labels which tell consumers exactly where the animal in question was born, raised and slaughtered. That’s right, in addition to the price per pound, percentage of fat, etc.; the T-bones, pork chops and spicy sausage you’ve just picked up for the barbecue Saturday will have had to have been tracked and labeled from cradle to grave. How appropriate…

This from the folks who don’t have a clue how to keep track of a human being’s country of origin; and there’s a joke about a cows birth certificate … but I digress.mexican cow

Foreign countries who sell beef to America, namely Canada and Mexico, are up in arms about this plan, but not because it’s frivolous, increases the number of Ag inspectors running around the globe, or will raise the price of meats – it will. Canada and Mexico says its nothing more than thinly veiled protectionism and while it will hurt imported beef sales overall, I doubt that protectionism was the motivation here.

Besides, I like knowing where my food comes from, whether it’s a preference for Italian beef, Alaskan Crab or folks who believe in grass-fed or hormone-free animals to roast on the spit. I believe in choice for consumers and staying away from E. Coli is right up there with rooting for the Bulls, who are properly labeled as being from Chicago, and I wouldn’t mind knowing where the rest are from – BUT –

This IS the Obama Administration…

So you’ll forgive me if I raise an eyebrow and do a quick search for their agenda? This sounds too nice and easy, and to quote Tina Turner, they never – EVER- do nothin’ nice and easy… Let’s see here; twenty more seconds of research and BLAM! – there it is:

Well I’ll be darned – while giant box retailers like Target, WalMart and other single-store groceries will be spending millions of dollars on compliance and implementation of the new rules, restaurants and other food service businesses, such as Denny’s and McDonald’s, are exempted. Like I say, generally I dig food labeling, but I hate it when government – especially this government – picks winners and losers.

Sounds to me like the the big box sellers are on the losing end. Wonder how much they didn’t contribute to the Obama machine?

The farming industry has another beef (see what I did there?) and is pushing back against some more new proposals from the FDA this time, which are supposedly to aid in food safety, but will of course cost millions to consumers and farmers. The FDA wants to dictate complicated and unnecessary new rules on growing, harvesting and packing of fruits and vegetable for domestic sale. Estimates are that just a single change would cost a medium-sized farm around $13,000 for compliance each year. All the new changes will cost the industry as a whole $6 billion and take about 10.1 million hours of paperwork.

 Big farms can deal with the compliance, but what about the small farmers who just give up? Why on earth would a president who says he’s for the little guy institute regulations that will clearly put small and medium-sized farms out of business?

Think about the big plan now and you’ll see how it fits to allow big farms to get bigger and how less farmers mean less businesses to control. Of course, there’s always the mother’s milk of politics to consider and I doubt the smaller farmers had the donation power that Archer-Daniels or Monsanto has. They’re on the program. Look it up.

 Prices go up, private sector business gets hurt, government grows, liberals swoon.

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