VA Fail

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VA-FAILIsn’t it time more of us volunteered at your local VA hospital or veteran’s organization to make the life of our wounded service men and women more comfortable? If you take my advice it will change your life and you just have no idea how much our Veterans need you.

Some will need the company, as it’s often difficult for family members to pay the cost of travel, or take off work to spend time with the wounded. Most of the wounded will just appreciate having someone who cares to talk to. It’s not easy though. Seeing these brave warriors struggle with injuries and disabilities is heart-wrenching and uncomfortable.

Imagine how they feel.

They volunteer to protect our nation… They risk life and limb so that our adversaries will not come to our shores… They train to exhaustion, then go thousands of miles to engage foreign enemies on their own turf and territory… Some are killed, some injured, disfigured, disabled – most at a young age…

But what happens when they come home is the real tragedy.

Sometimes the wounds are on the outside, and sometimes the injuries are hidden, on the inside… Our service people need the promise made to them when they signed up and reported for duty a reality. To think our lawmakers will not come through on taking care of these heroes is disgraceful, with veterans waiting nine months to receive benefits.

Members of Congress don’t wait to get their benefits, yet honorable veterans suffer, waiting for theirs. Our leaders have failed our men and women in the military. It is nothing less than outrageous and appalling. In an age where we’re being told that government run health care is better for all of us, the folks in Washington DC can’t even make good on the health care of these brave soldiers.

It’s repulsive and an abject dereliction of duty on the part of our representative and the Obama Administration. It’s time to put a stop to it. In addition to calling, writing, and emailing your representative in Congress – how about step up to the plate and volunteering to run these selfish and self-serving Congress people out of office?

I know most of you are busy with your own jobs and family and couldn’t possible march alongside of us literally, but help us get the word out in whatever way you can by donating to the cause of getting our Veterans their benefits in a timely manner and increasing the quality of the health care at the VA and other facilities who help and look after the wounded?


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  1. John "gun rights" Public says

    The V.A. Have we not learned what govt. healthcare is like through them? We need to downsize govt. to reduce the debt, not enlarge it more

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