The Petulant President

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Barack Obama says we need new gun control laws? Hmm. That must mean existing gun laws aren’t working or are ineffective? Nope. If the Obama Administration really wanted to do something about gun violence and crime, they’d begin prosecuting people who are already breaking the law…

Last year, over 15,000 people tried to buy guns and were denied. Despite the fact that the ATF referred almost 5,000 cases to the Justice Department for prosecution, just 44 were prosecuted. Gun crime prosecutions on Obama’s watch in 2011 were down a whopping 40 percent from 2004 when George W. Bush was in office.

I’d like to know two things: What good will expanded background checks do if you don’t plan on enforcing existing law? And secondly, just why is this Administration, which seems to be obsessed with guns, not doing anything about people who are trying to obtain firearms illegally?

A possible answer is that they have no desire to curb illegal gun activity in order to perpetuate the problem. If merely enforcing existing gun laws were found to be effective – then why would we need new gun laws? If I was suspicious of the Obama Justice Department, I’d say they have an agenda to exploit a crisis, even if they have to create it.

But I’ll take it one step further: Barack Obama has no desire to prosecute criminals. What they want is to disarm law-abiding citizens – and not worry about criminals who don’t obey gun laws of any sort. The proof is in front of us: None of the new gun legislation proposed or otherwise would have done a thing to prevent any of the recent murder sprees. It’s the Second Amendment they’re out to get rid of, not criminal activity. Believe it.

Below is the full video of President Obama telling mis-truths and outright lies.

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  1. John Beam says

    I’d rather there was a transcript to read, because I blood pressure goes up when I listen to this disgusting person’s voice. I’ll just take your word for it that it was nothing but lies.

  2. KingofThings says

    He is clOwnfart in queef.

  3. Larry Christopher says

    Just a suggestion…what if Conservatives agreed to the background checks…IF OBAMA ALLOWED A COMPREHENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECK ON HIMSELF?? If he failed…then he resigns…or gets tried for treason.

    1. Lucy says

      I don’t think we would know the truth of a background check on Obama. I didn’t listen to the whole thing because I don’t believe anything he says and can’t stand to here his voice. Nor Joe Biden either.

    2. atchafa says

      Give him a lie detector test.

      1. Brian Niles says

        i doubt he would fail it, he’s a professional.

  4. kirkaloan says

    II A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    Notice it does not say, “being necessary for hunting”, it does not say, “being necessary for self-defense”, it does not say “being necessary for target practice”. This was written specifically for citizens (militia) to protect the “security of a free state”, from an oppressive and illegal federal government, such as the one our founders left, and the one developing in our country now.

    1. Joe Severa says

      Thomas Jefferson said the same thing over 200 yrs. ago. You’d think a scholar like Obama would’ve read about Thomas Jefferson, yeah right!!!

      1. Kat Hoffman says

        The half breed was too busy reading Marx, Stalin, Lennon, Mao, et. el.

  5. jsalazar202 says

    As usual Joe you are right on the money!

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