That which must not be uttered

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When you remember that the national media and all its regional puppets merely act as the propaganda ministry of the Democrat Party, much of the silly nonsense from the media start to make sense.

  • Why is the name of ghoulish and prolific baby butcher Kermit Gosnell — whose victims were mostly or perhaps exclusively black — virtually unknown on national news while his trial enters its sixth week?
  • Why do the media not routinely mock the childish antics and obviously weak intellect of Vice President Joe Biden?
  • Why do the media repeat, uncritically, clearly cooked up economic numbers by the Obama administration that paint a much more optimistic picture than reality dictates?
  • Why do the media ignore the crime-ridden urban disaster zones which are Detroit, Chicago, Camden, and Washington DC? Why won’t they ask how those cities got that way?
  • Why do the media paint immigration reform and gun control as urgent matters to the public, when in fact the public in great numbers views such changes with either indifference or outright disapproval? [this Gallup “most important problem in America” poll has those at 4% each, while economy/ unemployment/ national debt added up to 58% – and wouldn’t it be nice if the media mentioned that?]

I could literally ask a hundred such questions. Literally. Maybe 500. But you get my drift. And now for what we really must discuss:

  • Why can’t media admit that the likelihood is growing rapidly that the Boston Bombers were motivated by Islamic jihad?

We know the media represent Democrats and have no interest in truth, so at least we’re not mystified. I mean, John McCain probably is. I think a great many things mystify him.

National media can’t bring themselves to even appear curious at the Islamic ties of the two brothers. In another sensational crime case, the matter of accomplices, handlers, and motivations would send them scouring public records, employment histories, social media, and email. Every possible angle would be worth looking into. And media reporters being the largely low-wattage intellects that they are, they’d be broadcasting possible angles, no matter how baseless.

You know, kind of like 4 days ago when they were blaming conservatives and Tea Party “tax protesters” before we knew what we know now. Their curiosity is limited by what serves the liberal cause the most.

Now that it’s revealed that the two murderers were Muslims from Chechnya and the older one shows signs of having been radicalized, suddenly the media see nothing, hear nothing, know nothing. Which leads to silly headlines like:

“Boston Bombing Suspects’ Muslim Identity Provides Few Clues To Motivation For Bombing” from the Huffington Post:

Social media accounts and interviews with friends point to both men being Muslims with an interest in Islamic insurgency movements in their homeland. But the motives that led the men to the killings still remain unknown.

Let’s see, where in the world are bombings of innocent crowds a common thing? And what are the motivations of those bombers? I can’t quite put my finger on it…. And this one from the Boston Globe just hurts my head:
Islam might have had secondary role in Boston attacks

Scholars, indeed. Oh dear God. Secondary role? Might have? Because the primary reason, was a youthful lark? Something to do on a Monday? Or hey, maybe they belonged to the Chechnyan Tea Party…

“This will open the door to the Islamophobic industry, an industry of ill-educated bigots, to attack Muslim communities,” said the Islamic Society’s Imam William Suhaib Webb, who posted a “Letter of Love to the Boston Community” on his ­Facebook page Friday. [Project much, pal?]

A family friend said he was served alcohol in the brothers’ home and that their mother did not wear the hijab, or head covering, that many observant women wear.[So clearly they could not have been jihadists…. m-kay]

“I think these are two young men who never adapted,” Toft said. “It’s a combination of ­nationalism mixed with self-styled jihadism, and some young men who had a hard time adapting to American culture.”[let me guess, you’re a “scholar” in Art History, or maybe Central Asian Immigrant Angst]

Makes you want to reach out and slap somebody.

Were these bombers radicalized? Did the older brother have contact with jihadists in Asia last summer? Did they have accomplices or possibly handlers who were local? I know that I sure want answers to those questions.

Say it, media. Take a walk on the wild side, and look for the truth, even if it’s not convenient for the Democrat Party, Obama, or your pet liberal causes.

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  1. Bonnie Somer says


  2. III J says

    if ONLY they had had Midnight Basketball, like Gore said.
    Naaaaah… the fact is, islam is a disease. The cure can be measured in grains or megatons.

  3. TruthorConsequences says

    Democrats support the abomination, the Mengele dr. of death of babies, homo-marriage, and every other perversion. On their watch we have the Texas college knife attacks while they are wanting to pass Second Amendment control, while Obama sues the state of California to overturn a majority vote of the people there to support traditional marriage.

    1. PatriotAmerican fortheUSA says

      So true, and so sad. You hit the nail on the head. This is how messed up our country is and they won’t even try to help solve the problems, but rather focus on idiotic idealism…….

  4. $8093868 says

    Endlessly repeating the same LIE till it becomes accepted as truth is called “proof by assertion” and has been used over and over by propagandists seeking to topple established societies especially the Communists and Nazis. It is a main weapon of Obama and his Media shills who drone on and on about the Obama agenda using the same terms ad nauseum. As in: “birther”, “assault weapon” and “assault magazine” to name a few.

    Here’s how one of Obama’s mentors, Adolf Hitler, put it.

    “But the most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.”

    Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle)

    Obama and his backers keep it simple and keep it focused on what his dupes can understand. That’s why the Media doesn’t report the economy. Simple lying and burial of the painful truth is why they don’t report on Gosnell.

    1. garysvent says

      “Endlessly repeating the same LIE till it becomes accepted as truth is called “proof by assertion” ”

      Boy, does that ever sound like the “Global Warming, Global Cooling, Climate Change” excuse for wealth confiscation and population control! Proof by assertion. Science by consensus. Same old same old. Paul Ehrlich (the population bomb) and Friends. “We’re all going to die!!!”

      Yep. You are. Better make peace with your Maker instead of trying to swindle the population out of their rightful lives.

  5. Guest says

    We all know how disappointed the media is that it wasn’t a right-wing, Tea Party conspiracy. So instead of placing the blame on the radical, anti-American jihadists and their ideology, this coming week they will search for ways to blame Americans and our culture for letting these poor boys down and almost giving them no choice but to become child-killer terrorists, (I mean misguided youth).

    1. dontdoitagain says

      I already heard it today from a radio talk show caller. He claimed that those poor little mass murderers were probably bullied in school, that’s where we need to start. School bullies. Beat or drug those mean children into submission! I had to deal with bullies, and I’m going out on a limb here and saying that most of us did. Did we blow people up? Especially those who had NOTHING TO DO WITH IT! I didn’t, I just learned how to deal with bullies. Hint: it wasn’t by cowering, trying to placate them, making excuses for them, turning the other cheek or any of that nonsense. I couldn’t believe my ears while this moron was developing his thoughts on the schoolyard bully issue. Come to think of it I can’t believe most of what I hear these day coming out of the news or from the government.

  6. John Brown says

    I don’t want to be called a radical stewhadist, but since this all transpired last week,
    I’ve been watching my Crock pot and my Pressure cooker really close, I think they’re
    plotting a cookout…you can never be to careful, when it comes to kitchen utensils…

    1. III J says

      John – then, by God, we MUST outlaw assault utensils!!! For the children!!

      1. PatriotAmerican fortheUSA says

        Too funny but so true….. Just don’t tell Senator Dianne Dumbstein that, she’ll probably begin writing a Senate Bill for next week that outlaws our egg flipping spatulas….

        1. dontdoitagain says

          Think of it… England is putting forth KNIFE laws. Since we now have to worry about what other countries think of us and our laws, I’m afraid that this is something that is coming to our shores. As an aside did you know that more people are murdered by hammers than guns? So will they outlaw hammers or simply take our guns so that hammer wielding thugs don’t get harmed by gunfire?

      2. Hoodoo H says

        You have a red dot on that crock?

    2. disgusted demacrat says

      Keep you furtlizer lock up!

  7. CaptTurbo says

    The media is complicit in the crimes being committed against the Republic by the current mis-administration.

  8. $13614178 says

    We no longer have a MEDIA in this country , we are left with only the indoctrination arm of this anti-American progressive government .

    1. lana ward says

      Fox reports things the MSM won’t touch. They are very informative!!

  9. Sharon Jeanguenat says

    Our media is so stupid that, they don’t realize, that when/if Muslims take over this country, they’ll be some of the first done away with. Our media, & our administration, on both sides of the aisle, seem to be trying to see how fast they can destroy America. They’re all pro-one world government, & when they get their wish, as they will eventually,it’s NOT going to be the Utopia they think. Satan will be in control, while we who serve the One True Living God, will be gone, & there will be NO curbs of any sort on earth.

    1. menjo says


    2. lana ward says

      Type in , Muslim Purchase of the United States Presidency” it is a VERY interesting article!!


    This author gets it!
    The media is a full partner in the liberal progressive radical democrat machine.

  11. James A. DeHart says

    If you wish to destroy America, keep the current administration in power; soon, we’ll be gone.

    1. Travis Travos says

      Its not just the current. The fact is that the people that have worked for all this time for the up and coming moment are getting old. They wish to see the plan in action for themselves. This is why it seems like Obama is over the top. Its been little by little for decades but now its more obvious. Bill Gates, and Ted Turner are both getting old. They are key players. Not the Jews.

      1. Travis Travos says

        Oh and I forgot Bush SR. Just know, its coming soon. All plan for population reduction.

    2. lana ward says

      Type in, “Muslim Purchase of the United States Of America”, Obama was bought by the Saudis’ to turn us into the United States of Islam!!!!!

  12. oZoNe64 says

    Most Democrats enjoy being ignorant of reality. They’d rather wear rose colored glasses and ride unicorns sprouting rainbows out of their butts.

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