Stop The GOP From Caving On Gun Control

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manchin-toomeyGive an inch and they take a mile… Everyone has heard that saying. Well I’m here to tell ya it’s just not a saying, it’s the truth!

Our 2nd Amendment is in serious danger this very second. We, America needs you to act NOW!

Erick Erickson of Redstate just put out an article that tells of Toomey and Manchin reaching a compromise on gun control. Because no matter how they spin it, or the media spins it, it is still gun control.

I am so angry right now I can’t stand it! These no account, lily livered pieces of….er! Think they can compromise on my/OUR GOD given rights. You and I both know they will!

Please, I am begging you to contact your Senator, your House Representative and tell them to protect your rights to bear arms.

If you don’t have time or need help contacting your Senator, go here and I’ll help you. Yes, it costs money.

Voting to amend any one of the ten Bill of Rights is lawless. There is a mechanism to amend the Constitution and it involves the States and the people. Yet, our Congress is attempting to do just that – restrict your right to bear arms.

The Second Amendment does not force you to buy a gun, nor does it compel you to have one – it merely grants you the RIGHT to bear arms. And Congress is lawlessly voting to amend that right. It’s treason for our leaders to not uphold the Constitution. In fact, it’s the primary job of the Senate to do just that.

A lot of folks will go along with this, not believing their true endgame is to ban all guns and effectively get rid of the Second Amendment. Congress by law is not allowed to amend the Constitution, but they’re doing it anyway.

If we do not draw the line in the sand here, your right to own a gun to protect your family, your property and your right to live free from tyranny is in grave jeopardy. If we do not stand firm against this lawless and treasonous Congress, it’s only a matter of time before your rights are taken away completely. Believe it.


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