Stop Buying Guns & Ammo!!!

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Seriously, stop it.  I went to a gun show this past weekend in Michigan and almost shat myself when I saw the price that people were selling ammunition.  $65 for a crappy box of 525 rounds of Federal 22lr and a dollar a shot for basic 223 and 308???!!!  That box of 22lr was $14.99 not even 6 months ago.  Ok, I have to come clean.  That was me selling the ammo for that price and I would have felt bad, but the growing wad of money in my pocket eased my feelings of remorse.  What can I say, I was prepared for this day and they weren’t.   I did notice that the $2,000+ AR-15s of December 2012, now aren’t selling at even $1,100.  At least that has died down a little.  People are starting to realize that without ammo, an AR is just a really expensive conversation piece/club.

Here’s the math on why not to buy right now.  These price hikes are caused 100% by panic and insane demand.  If we all stop buying, the prices will stabilize and go down.  No current law in Congress (that is actively being pushed) would restrict the purchase of ammunition.  About all they may get (and I pray they don’t) are enhanced background checks.  Now it is time for me to go ADHD on you and get off track for a minute and address the background check issue.  In short, these background checks wouldn’t do a damn thing to make anyone safer.  However, they will make the politicians who vote for the bill feel like they are really dealing with the problem of “firearm’s violence” in America.  It doesn’t matter that no background check would have stopped Aurora or Sandy Hook from happening.  But, let’s not let the facts get in the way of an asinine law.  Seriously, what would this new background check form look like if this bill were to pass:

-Have you spent time on anti-depressants in the past year, or are you currently on medication that could make you snap and go postal?

-Do you suffer from PTSD?

-Are you a member of a militia, or the NRA?

-Do you have more than 500 rounds of ammunition in your house?

-Are you really really super pissed at someone right now, I mean SUPER PISSED?

-Do you have thoughts of strangling kittens or harming small, woodland creatures?

-Seriously, are you crazy?  We really need to know so that this FFL dealer does not sell this gun to you and then you go and use it to harm others.


Ok, now that the enhanced background check theory has been debunked ever so masterfully by Mr. Ags, on to my original rant of not buying guns and ammo.  Just stop it.  Relax.  Let Walmart, and your online retailers, restock their shelves and then get back to shooting and buying ammo at a normal pace.  Just because you bought an AR-15 does not mean you need to purchase an entire pallet of 223.  This too shall pass.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampfire and [email protected]

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