Stop Buying Guns & Ammo!!! (Part 2)

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Black Talon

It appears I touched on a topic a lot of our readers can relate to.  If confetti were emails, my inbox looked like the aftermath of a New Year’s Eve party.  Dave who works at Gander Mountain told me that as soon as they get a truck in that it’s like Black Friday with people lined up waiting to buy what little ammo comes in.  Gayle said she is a senior and can’t even find 22lr to buy.  I loved Kathryn’s comment. “They (government) started it.”  Another gentleman in the articles comment’s section said, “I’ll stop buying when they (government) do.”

A lot of you think that this is Obama’s fault, but panic to this degree actually started with Bill.  Remember back to 1992, the start of the Clinton years.  Now those were some crazy times.  We had the wacko who shot innocent people on NY’s subway with the dreaded “Winchester Black Talon” Hollow Point bullets, a bullet that had supernatural powers (according to the media).  We also had unprecedented gang violence/homicides in our major cities and everywhere you turned there was Sarah Brady wheeling her husband Jim around like some sort of puppet reminding everyone that guns are the reason people commit crimes (by the way, they are not).  With all the chatter of a pending Brady Bill, guns, ammunition, and high-capacity magazines slowly began to dry up and prices skyrocketed.  I can still remember paying $300+ for 1,000+ rounds of corrosive, Yugo, 7.62×39 AK-47/SKS ammo.  Those Black Talon HPs, they went from $8-$9/box to $40/$60.  It was the end of the world, so we thought.

Then, in 1994, that horrid waste of parchment (the Brady Bill) was actually passed and signed into law.  Not long after, ARs were robbed of their muzzle brakes and bayonet lugs, magazines were limited to 10 rounds, and we couldn’t import guns and ammo from China (never understood how they got that one in there).  Despite it all, we survived and the Brady Bill did just what we thought it would, nothing.  Slowly, but surely, ammo supplies once again became available.  In 2004 the Brady Bill expired and life was once again good for supporters of the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.  Now fast forward to 2008 and the election of President Barack Obama, undisputed guns and ammunition salesman of the year (multiple years running).  When President Obama got elected, those of us who remembered history of not too long ago surmised that it would not be long before we would have to step up and fight for the 2nd Amendment once again.  With a Democratic President who had a questionable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment as well as a Democratic Senate and House, there was reason for concern.  If Sandy Hook or Aurora had happened in 2008-2010, there would be an assault weapons ban today, guaranteed.  So, the panic of the 1990s once again began.

Another blessing/curse that we have today, that didn’t exist in 1994, is the internet and 24/7 news.  Every piece of news/rumor is broadcast instantaneously around the world.  Facts are sometimes just things that get in the way of a sensational story.  I’ve even had some interesting conversations with some of my fellow 2nd Amendment supporters that leave me asking, “Where the hell did you hear that?”  Typically I ask this question after I’m told that: the DHS is testing HP rounds on dead bodies that have been brought back to life, that the TSA only hires pedophiles who want to fondle our kid’s twig and berries, that a double barrel shotgun is the best weapon for home defense and that you should shoot through doors without identifying your target, or something equally as moronic as that.

I believe that every law abiding person (regardless of where they live on the globe) should have the right to keep and bear arms and afford to shoot them, period.  Can I say with 100% certainty that the 2nd Amendment will be unmolested in the next 4, 8, 10, 20+ years, no.  However, my Faith trumps any governmental policy.  I’m all for being prepared (I was a Boy Scout after all), but with today’s guns and ammo prices we are pushing out the average Joe from owning/shooting a firearm.  We are also making it almost impossible for future shooters to enjoy what used to be an economical sport that taught so many of us valuable lessons in personal defense and the defense of our families and country.  Even though the catalyst often times justifies immediate action, all panic ever did was crash the stock market and kill 100 at a Great White concert in Rhode Island.

Mr. Ags writes for Joe for America and welcomes your feedback: @blackswampfire and [email protected]

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