Sequester jester: Taxpayers fund trombone festival, project on Ukrainian wedding rituals

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Budget problems? What budget problems? While airline passengers prepare to stand in multi-hour security lines and Iowa 6th graders are blocked from touring the White House, arts groups are laughing all the way to the bank.

Obama-tromboneThe National Endowment for the Arts has released its latest round of grants, this one totaling $26.3 million. They include:

A documentary on “the lives of various people living in Bolivia” – $75,000

International Trombone Festival – $10,000

“Public engagement workshops to showcase the script in-process exploring LGBTQ father-son relationships in communities of color” – $10,000

Chinese Cultural Productions – $10,000

“Commissioning of a site-specific fog sculpture at the Philip Johnson Glass House” – $25,000

“Support training for Navajo fiber artists” – $15,000

Chicago Flamenco Festival – $20,000

Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance – $30,000

Support “Preserving the Cambodian Ceramic Tradition through Student and Community Engagement” – $40,000

“Support a series of workshops, symposia, and concerts featuring bellows-blown bagpipes” and instruments including, “Northumbrian small pipes, Scottish small pipes, Irish (Uilleann) pipes, border pipes, flute, fiddle and tin whistle” – $10,000

“Project celebrating … the perseverance and change among marriage customs in several communities, including Bhutanese, Indian, Puerto Rican, and Ukrainian” – $20,000

Support Let’s Get Rhythm, “a film chronicling hand-clapping games” – $40,000

“Support the production of a documentary film series Muslim Voices of Philadelphia” – $32,000

“Support the production and exhibition of video games” by designers “who will be selected from a group of women, people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ community members” – $24,000

Documentary film on “the story of [a] Nigerian entrepreneur … and the dynamic African community in China’s southern commercial center” – $60,000

The full list can be found on the NEA website.

So frequent fliers, next time you’re stuck in a three-hour security line, just remember, your sacrifice has enabled the International Trombone Festival to honk another day.


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