Raping Arizona …

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… and the nation.

Last Saturday my wife and I were guests of Project Arizona, a group headquartered in Phoenix that is doing the Lord’s work when it comes to educating people on border security and immigration issues.

This is the first of a series on border security and immigration that I’ll putting up exclusively here at Joe for America.  Today’s installment will show you where we went and give you a firsthand account of what it’s like to live on the border with Mexico.  It will also reinforce why this information is critical right now.

I’ve never asked my readers to do this, but today I’m asking you to send a link to everyone you know with today’s installment and encourage them to follow the whole series.  This is an education you will not get anywhere else, certainly not in the major media and not in a condensed form even in the blogosphere.

Over the next week I’ll be covering the following…

  • Illegal immigration law in Arizona, specifically SB 1070 and how it SHOULD have been written.
  • Drug and immigration cartels.
  • The Fence.
  • The Numbers.  How many illegals are here and how many are coming across.
  • What is the Border Patrol doing and how effective are they?
  • How to stop the flow.
  • Gang of Eight Immigration Legislation, good or bad?

We need to get the word out and get people off the couch and activated if we’re going win this latest version of the amnesty war.  Byron York, in yesterday’s Washington Examiner, lays out the battle lines.

Organizing for Action, the activist group that grew out of President Obama’s 2012 campaign, plans what it calls a “major day of action” next month to gather support for the bipartisan Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill.

“This is a huge moment for President Obama,” said Emmy Ruiz, OFA’s immigration campaign manager, in an email sent to supporters of the Obama campaign Sunday. “The president made it clear last year that comprehensive immigration reform is a big part of his agenda — and we can help him keep that promise to the American people.”

Get the idea?  President Obama just took a major hit on the chin.  Don’t think for a minute that he’s down, he’s not.  His morphed campaign organization, OFA, will pull out all the stops to see that this bill is passed.  I can guarantee you they consider it a matter of life and death and we should as well.  Because it is.

I am not anti-immigration, and I don’t know anyone who is.  I am pro-legal immigration and the central point to my belief is that all immigration policy should benefit the United States of America.  I have no problem changing our existing policies to allow for increased immigration, but I have huge problem with rewarding law breakers and defacto punishing those who have been willing to follow the law.

What has illegal immigration done to my wonderful state of Arizona?  Well, here is a sign that stands about 30 miles south of Phoenix, about 100 miles north of the border with Mexico.

Immigration Danger Sign

You’ll see pictures not far from this sign in a coming installment that illustrates just how dangerous our desert has become.  This sign, by the way, is not out in the middle of a barren desert inhabited by snakes and Gila monsters.  It’s just a few miles away from cities where thousands of people – American citizens – live and work and it’s 100 miles north of the Mexican border.

So, if the area 100 miles north of the border is dangerous enough to put up a sign like that, what’s it like to live on the border?

We met with a group of residents of Cochise County – including County Sheriff Mark Dannels – to find out what it is like on the front lines.  I’ll talk more about that, but here’s a welcome letter one of our hosts read.

Our Tea Party and our community are grateful for your coming and listening to our stories and experiences.  It means so much t us that there are those who care and are willing to listen.  We see our friends, neighbors, children and grandchildren and want for them a safe environment.  A home that they can feel secure in, to live without having to check each room for intruders when they come home.  We do not want to live with news casts about tunnels under our border full of illegal drugs. We do not want to live with the pervasive flow of criminals and drugs through our community.

But my biggest fear is not intruders, drug runners or criminals, it is being forgotten.  It is after all the visits, all the speakers, all the talks that we will go back to our homes and our lives without knowing what affect our stories will have had or accomplished.  This is the third year the Palominas Tea Party has hosted these visits and we will continue to welcome those who come to hear our stories of how we cope with life on our unsecure border.  As long as you want to hear, we will tell our stories.  We have lived with home invasions, drug running, property damage, intimidation and even murders.  In response we are ignored, sued, called bigots, defamed and maligned.  Our homes are threatened and our mountain burned.

I know that none of you would be here if you did not care about this state and our situation.  Your concern is evident because you return year after year to listen and learn.  I believe it is time to turn this talk into mutual action.  I leave you with this question, How can we work together to accomplish our goal?

Thank you…

Welcome to the real world.  The assault on our southern border is increasing and despite assurances from Janet Napolitano, it is not secure and our towns and cities are not safe.

The picture John McCain, Jeff Flake and the rest of the Gang of Eight, along with the Obama Administration and the media, is painting is a lie, but what else would you expect from a Gang.

This series is a call to action and time is running out.  I trust you’ll find it informative, but we need to do more than “get informed.”  We need to act.  Today, you can reach out and get ten friends who are willing to find out what is really going on at our southern border and starting tomorrow you’ll have the ability to contact your Representatives and Senators directly from Joe for America.  We need to let them know that we won’t stand for amnesty.

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