Raping Arizona – Part 5: What about those numbers?

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33 MillionWe are hearing a lot about how many illegal aliens are currently resident in the US.  Frankly, we’re hearing a lot of lies from people whose agenda is to grant mass amnesty to illegal aliens.

Let’s start with 2006.  That was a watershed year for proponents of amnesty including then President Bush and Senators John McCain and Teddy Kennedy.  Let me point out that any politician who would make peace with Teddy Kennedy on any issue should be subject to stoning.

2006 was the last big push for amnesty.  At that time we were told that there were approximately 11 million aliens in the US illegally.  The number is an estimate and is certainly subject to bias, so let’s look at what was reported in 2006 in the Christian Science Monitor.

Based on the national census in 2000, the US Census Bureau puts the estimate of illegal immigrants at 8.7 million. As of 2003, the US Citizenship and Immigration Services put the number at 7 million. Since then, United States immigration officials have said the number has grown by as much as 500,000 a year.

Those closest to the fight to protect US borders say the figure is higher. The US Border Patrol union Local 2544 in Tucson, Ariz., says the total number of illegal immigrants in the US today [2006] is between 12 million and 15 million.

The Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research organization in Washington, estimates 11.5 million to 12 million “unauthorized migrants” live in the US today [2006]. …

There may be as many as 20 million illegal immigrants in the US today – more than twice the official Census Bureau estimate, according to Bear Stearns researchers …

You should read the whole article.  Let me note that the Christian Science Monitor generally does a good unbiased job of reporting and I think this is a very fair story.  The bottom line is that the number is an educated guess and there is every reason to believe that 11 million is a very conservative estimate.

Another very important take away from the article is that illegal border crossing has increased dramatically over time.

The number of “unauthorized migrants” (which includes some who have temporary permission to live in the US or those whose immigration status is unresolved), also has grown since legalization programs began in the mid-1980s, Pew reported last month: About 180,000 a year in the 1980s; 400,000 per year from 1990-1994; 575,000 per year from 1995-1999; and 850,000 per year from 2000-2005.

In other words, offer the hope of amnesty and increase the flood of illegals.

Interestingly enough, the Department of Homeland Security reached the same conclusion.

In summary, there were an estimated 11.6 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States as of January 2006. Nearly 4.2 million had entered in 2000 or later.

What’s happening with the numbers today?  Well, Pew Research says the number is flat at about 11.1 million.  They say, as does DHS, that the number peaked in 2007 and has dropped back to the 11 million base.  The drop off is attributed to economic conditions in the US.

While it is true that illegals were leaving for economic reasons, they are flooding back today.  As we noted in Part 3, the border patrol estimates that illegal crossings have increased by a factor of eight to ten since President Obama announced his intention to grant amnesty on August 15th of last year.  Their estimates are based on the assumption that they catch about half of the illegal crossers, but DHS data from drone over-flights during the same time period indicate that they catch about 6% of the crossrs.

While it’s still guesswork, it’s my guesswork and I think a fair estimate of illegals currently in the US is more on the order 15 million as a conservative number.

So what?  Well, according to NumbersUSA in an article in The Daily Caller that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The pending Senate immigration bill would bring a minimum of 33 million people into the country during its first decade of operation…

The majority of the inflow, or roughly 17 million people, would consist of family members of illegals, recent immigrants and of company-sponsored workers…

When you look at these numbers, keep in mind that the current population of illegals are unskilled workers filling jobs that are considered to be minimum wage, entry level jobs.  When they’re working.  Guess what the families of those unskilled workers are likely to be?  Yep.  More unskilled workers looking for entry level jobs.

Guess what group of people have the highest unemployment rate?  Yep.  Unskilled, uneducated workers.

We’re getting ready to allow about 33 million people into our country, grant them citizenship and welcome them to the welfare roles.

If you’re upset about this, you need to call your Representative and your Senators TODAY. 

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