Only 4% of Americans Think Gun Control Is Important

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images (6)tyListening to Obama, Bloomberg, and Feinstein you would think all of America wants stricter gun-control laws. Well, that is not the case.

Americans are more concerned over the economy and long term security, which makes sense. Seeing as jobs have been an endangered species, and security, hell, the government trying to grab our guns don’t make us feel secure at all. tell us:

Only 4 percent of Americans think guns and gun control are an important problem facing the country, according to Gallup, and far more Americans are concerned about the economy, unemployment and the federal debt.

In its poll from Apr. 4-7,  Gallup surveyed 1,005 adults by telephone and asked, “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?”

Respondents answered in the following order:


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  1. James Riley says

    Hard to believe people still believe Obama and the Media.NRA does not back background checks in anyway that infringes . Intelligent people recognize it as a grab for guns, not Criminals as it should be.

  2. June Gagnon says

    But, according to White House “mouthpiece-carney”, 90 % of Americans are in favor of “gun control”; as usual his “facts” are non-existent!

    1. Trikke says

      The US has never been 90% for any issue. obama pulled that number out of his ass. It is an absurd number.

  3. Centurion ' says

    Joe send me information on civil action that can be done to ensure our Second Amendment is preserved, in tact.

  4. raccman says

    The action verb that makes the most sense and also protects our future and those of our children :Impeach !

  5. spyderdalton says

    4% think it’s important so Obama flies all over the country trying to promote it while people are still jobless and losing their homes… get the attention off his failures by trying to destroy the constitution…

  6. CaptTurbo says

    I would have thought the number higher considering the % of liberal morons voting for the free stuff and keeping the usurper in power.

    1. taliesin319 says

      Every liberal hypocritical own a gun and a fair number have conceal and carry permits. We the people can’t be trusted after all most of us believe in God. How crazy is that ? Our Second Amendment is our guarantee of all the others. Smile Barry !

      1. will249fyi says

        That’s what happens when there is a god complex Or mud spelled backwards= obama

      2. Trikke says

        SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! End of discussion!

    2. will249fyi says

      They already got paid for that appearance on the obama stage . This is act 2 , no money left so they aren’t acting for free. Thats why there is only really 4%

  7. Paul says

    Actually Joe, it is a lot more than 4 percent. About 90 percent think it is very important. Important enough to do every thing they can to defeat it. There may be an event some where a gun not being held by a human did kill some one, such as the holder dropped it and the shock of the fall caused it to go off. MAYBE! In every other killing that involved a gun, some human holding it, pointed it at the person to be killed, and pulled the trigger. 3 functions that a gun can not do by its self. Besides guns have no brain, no hate, not even mild dislike. A gun is a perfectly inanimate piece of material. So why do we need special laws to make this piece of inanimate material safer? Doesn’t make much sense when you consider it, does it. Now if it is being killed that causes you grief, think of all the other ways you can become very dead. I understand the number 1 way is by doctor mistakes. Auto accidents are probably pretty high. Work place accidents are on the rise since our current president has become elected. I believe that by now you are aware that with a little bit of reasoning we could prove 40 different ways that cause more death than guns do. Weapons? How about a table fork- deadly when stuck into your juglar vein. Something as simple as a soda straw from McDonalds can be used very effectively if one only knows the secret. So how about moving on to some more important things that affect more of us that the few who want to rule the country like kings. Oh all those types have body guards that carry guns, isn’t that interesting?

  8. cynical bastard says

    Hehhhe, Obutt-head and his lobotomized lackies!!!!

    Arghhhh….Watch now… they will waste more time and taxpayer’s money banning pressure cookers, black powder, bb’s, black nylon bags, circuit boards, 9-v batteries, …like I said before the bad guys already have their gear. President Pinnochio and his puppets are all on the wrong side of this issue.

    You can’t ban evil by gun control legislation!

    5 Democratic Senators(they come from good states in our union) voted against the new legislation on more background checks, which do not prevent criminals from obtaining guns or other weapons. I figured on Mc Cain being a disappointing dufus. He needs to retire. He served our country and sacrificed, but it’s time to put on your slippers and sip your coffee on the back porch ol boy.

    This problem we had in Boston is just the tip of the iceberg folks. I say for every one suspect there are 500 more planning evil deeds and the liberals let them into our country on student visas or they just never left when they crossed our border. or perhaps the evil does are homegrown malcontents. We certainly have had a few bad apples in the last 30 years.

    Perhaps our government needs to focus more on our economy, job creation, and border security?

  9. John "gun rights" Public says

    Ban guns so that when we get nuked by Iran & dprk, we won’t come uncorked and retaliate against our lawmakers for allowing it to happen.

  10. Bill waller says

    I just heard Obama say that 90% of Americans wanted this gun control to pass the senate. Where does he get his numbers?

    1. $8093868 says

      The same place Von Runstedt said Hitler got his – “Cloud CooCoo Land”.

      Whatever number the Emperor uses the Media will swear to and the Libiots will buy into. Truth means nothing anymore.

      Obama is LYING because he sees his gun grab in danger of failing. But when doesn’t Obama LIE?

    2. TJ says


      1. PatriotAmerican fortheUSA says

        That is too funny…..LOL Unfortunately it is pretty much the truth.

    3. brownsfan51 says

      He gets his numbers from polls taken showing most people favor universal background checks and restricted sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Most NRA members are also in favor of this. The gun control side is not as well funded, organized or vocal about bullying members of Congress to get their way as the NRA and gun manufacturers. Who do you think is paying Joe W’s bills? The obnoxious bully who runs this site has been fanning the flames of “taking away our 2nd Amendment Rights” hysteria with outright lies. Shame on all of you!!

      1. will249fyi says

        But if it is polls then where is the true evidence to prove what he saying. If this is true he should be proud to show the proof and validate it ?

        1. will249fyi says

          Every thing to this guy is a great big IF or a pretend . And neither one amount to a hill of beans.

      2. Trikke says

        LIE! Most NRA members are NOT in favor of gun control! That is another tale obama just pulled out of his ass. Your messiah, obama, is the obnoxious bully. His whole administration are bullies. Shame on YOU for being such a friggin’ moron. You are way too trusting of obama! Grow a brain cell!

      3. brownsfan51 says

        I cannot imagine anyone with even half a brain cell being in favor of terrorists, felons and mentally ill people being able to buy guns online or from private sellers with no background checks. Come to think of it, most of the people posting on this site would not pass one!

    4. Trikke says

      He pulled that number out of his skinny butt, just like all the numbers he spews.

  11. Patrick Henry says

    I can control my own weapons!!! Who is going to control the weapons that the obama administration is purchasing and hiding???? I dont think they are getting them for the 4th of July celebration….

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