Ohio Republican Party Elects a New Chairman

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BorgesOn Friday, the Central Committee of Ohio’s Republican Party elected Matt Borges, to succeed current Chairman Bob Bennett. Borges, who is renowned for winning the unwinnable campaigns, beat his opponent, Tom Zawistowski, a well-respected businessman and Tea Party leader, with a final vote of 48 to 7. While it did not come easy or without controversy, the fact of the matter is that Borges’s election is a clear victory for conservatives who are tired of being outperformed on the ground and silently taking the “high road” while being publicly maligned by sanctimonious Democrats.

The primary function of the Ohio Republican Party is to elect those to office who espouse conservative ideals. In other words, they are in the business of winning elections. Borges began his career as a volunteer and climbed through the ranks to Executive Director of the Ohio Republican Party. Few in the State of Ohio have done more to elect conservative, pro-life, pro-small government, and pro-Second Amendment candidates to office. Therefore, Borges, who spent his entire twenty-three year career in the campaign trenches, is a natural fit for Party Chairman.

Before the vote on Friday, Borges told the members of the Central Committee, “I knew at an early age that the conservative cause was something to fight for.”

Borges has spent his entire career fighting to elect candidates who champion conservative values and shape policy in Ohio. For example, he ran Dave Yost’s campaign for State Auditor in 2010; a race he was told he would never win. Since being elected as Ohio’s Auditor, Yost has implemented programs like “Skinny Ohio,” designed to curb out of control government spending. Further, in recognition of his work electing pro-life conservatives, the President of Ohio Right to Life endorsed Borges’s candidacy for Chairman.



Not only has Borges run effective campaigns and won races that experts had dismissed as lost causes, but he also has gained a reputation for standing up to the media and the Democratic Party. This is why he is intimidating; the Democrats know he will not relent when they cry victim.

Instead, Borges fights fire with fire. For example, when Democratic State Supreme Court candidate, Bill O’Neill, cried foul and demanded the GOP stop running a commercial that claimed he was sympathetic to convicted rapists, Borges refused. How did Borges react when the Democrats huffed and puffed, and threatened the GOP with a defamation lawsuit over the video? He simply said, “Spare me.”  

The irony of O’Neill’s outrage is that it came only two months after the national media excoriated Todd Akin for his “legitimate rape” comment. See, the Democrats do not like when we turn the tables. Unfortunately, for Ohio Democrats, Borges has the fortitude to fight a messaging war.

With Borges as Party Chairman, Ohio elections are about to get heated. What a terrible time to be a Democrat.

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