Obama Gets Beat and Cries

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failThe Senate on Wednesday defeated an amendment on expanding background checks, which was pretty much the key to Obama’s gun control bill. It must have been quite a blow to President Obama, who went all boo-hoo afterwards. First of all, congratulations to everyone who let their voice be heard and helped our side prevent the further erosion of our rights under the Second Amendment. That pesky Bill of Rights got in Obama’s way again!

What’s shocking is that whenever our President cannot get his way, he goes off the deep end and throws a temper tantrum in the Rose Garden, calling people liars, cowards and shameful for dutifully engaging in the process and holding up the highest law in the land… That would be the Constitution if any of you Media Matters folks are monitoring this today.

For standing up to the forces who would eventually eliminate the Second Amendment (believe it, brother), our commander in chief offered the following: “Intimidation tactics” worked to convince senators from pro-Second Amendment states that keeping their jobs depended on a yes vote, and quote; “they started looking for any excuse to vote no.” Now there’s the pot calling the kettle half-black and half-white (just being accurate). So Obama says The Senate is “intimidated”? I say they listened to the many and not the few. 90% my ass!!

And what about the Senators (some of them Democrats) who voted against the expanded background checks bill? This bill that by everyone’s conclusion would not have stopped any of the recent shootings at Sandy Hook or Aurora or anywhere else for that matter? Obama said because of the “continuing distortion of Senate rules, a minority was able to block it from moving forward.” Yo – Barack – at least they read the bill! It’s pretty amazing at how thin skinned our President is. He is definitely not used to not getting his way. We need to keep this trend up.

The bottom line is I trust my friends and neighbors far more with guns than I do left-wing politicians, bodyguards of celebrities, the ATF, socialists and the Marxists. Keeping our Second Amendment rights absolutely trumps all other rights, because without it, we risk losing all. In fact, the Second Amendment also protects my right to fantasize about what I would do if I was at one of these mass shootings with my gun and how different things would turn out.

Second of all, why aren’t we trying to outlaw bombs?… oh, yeah. It’s interesting to note that after the attacks in Boston, we blame the bomber, not the Crockpot, so why is anyone going after guns and not the shooters?

Hey Mr. President: Don’t blame the NRA. Don’t blame the gun lobby. Blame us, the citizens of this country who wrote our representatives in DC to oppose your attempt to dilute the Bill Of Rights. It would seem that the country trusts groups who are fighting for our Constitutional rights, rather that politicians who would gladly take them away. The NRA simply said that the background check amendment “would have criminalized certain private transfers of firearms between honest citizens, requiring lifelong friends, neighbors and some family members to get federal government permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution.”

I have some news for the President and all politicians regarding the right to bear arms and what happens when despots take those rights away: A crazy person may shoot 5-25 people unless a sane person is there with a gun to stop them. Governments, on the other hand – particularly the progressive/socialist/left-wing type, kill 100’s of millions after taking guns from it’s citizenry. Get a history book and spend some time thinking about the big picture. Or perhaps they have already?

And lastly, on a personal note: For our President to use the families of the Newton massacre or Gabby Giffords or any other victim of a maniac with a gun or a bomb or a knife or whatever, is repulsive. Barack Obama and the anti-gun forces are reprehensible when it comes to the sales-job they try to put over Americans. While he and the rest of government are protected by guns, we only want the same and have the God-given, Constitutional right to keep it that way.

Obama lost and America won!


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  1. Dustin W. Taunton says

    By the way, whatever happened with the Colorado theater shooter? Are they still in trial or is he swinging from a rope yet? Haven’t heard much lately.

  2. Dustin W. Taunton says

    They always always forget to mention these nut jobs who commit these violent acts are either descendants of Democrats or are registered Democrats. Instead they begin with lies like “it must have been a Tea Party nut job” or some other lunatic right wing gun nut. It seriously pisses me off. Then , no apologize for the wrongful disparaging remarks.

  3. Edgar Castelo says

    And what about the total lack of will by the Democrats to enforce the laws already in effect, namely Obama’s track record on Gun Crime Prosecution? Or his complete failure to even address Gang Wars Crimes? Seems once you committed a Gun crime, you’re invisible to Liberals.

  4. JR says

    OMG Will someone give Barry some cheese to go with that whine. My grand kids don’t even throw that big of a fit when they are being unreasonable and don’t get their way.

  5. raccman says

    We have nothing more than a “Chicago-style” Neighborhood Organizer trying to make like a President with very little success, in our White House ! Anti-White, Anti-American and very pro-SOCIALISM are not what voters expected from this despicable man – but that’s what we got !

  6. robbie says

    Couldn’t happen to a worse guy. Now if everyone would just step up to the plate and impeach this imposter, maybe we can save whats left of our nation.

  7. Charles Goff says

    The President said the NRA “willfully lied”. This is a case of the POTUS calling the kettle black.

  8. John Baudat says

    Did anybody catch the look on ol Crazy Joe’s face? He looked like someone pissed all in his Cheerios and then kicked him in the nads. Priceless!

  9. grassroot says

    This is employing the ” overton window,” the tactics of radicals advised by alinsky.
    You push and whine and weedle for much more than you know you can get, and then
    settle for less, which is what they expect to get anyway.

  10. Striker says

    Anyone see that video when osama kicked that door in? No, he’s no dictator. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-5Oh2Vfeew&feature=em-uploademail

  11. Linda Ketchum says

    Thank you for this website. So nice to see the views of the ‘other side’ for a change. However, one victory does not win the war. Conservatives and Independents, keep up the pressure, turn up the heat, and keep the liberals sweating!

  12. MARYANN33 says

    Of course he cries he is a big sissy….He knows his days are short. God is going after the democrats now and Obama will be humiliated very soon…About time…

  13. DenverKitty says


  14. R.T. Alamo says


  15. HongryHawg says

    Maybe the blind will see, but it’s doubtful, as many are blind by choice.

  16. $8093868 says

    Obama’s LIES got him nowhere this time. Even some in the MentalMedia called him out on that 90% GARBAGE. If 90% of America really wanted something the Constitution would get changed to accommodate that. Nowhere within long rifle shot of 90% wanted this gun grab, though, and the Senate knew it even if O-Boo-Hoo didn’t.

    Really, did Uncle Joe Stalin or Mao ever climb pouting up to the microphone and WHINE like Obama does? His idols must be rolling in their graves as Obama wallows in self-pity.

    Is there ANYTHING adult in the conduct of this guy?

    Well, look out American Pocketbook. Look for O-Boo-Hoo to take to the air in AF-One to campaign for more money to trash the Constitution then hit a swanky-spa for another $4,000,000 vacation at tax-payer expense. Then he’ll hit the links where he can sulk and makey-feely-goody by fudging on his score card.

    His next move? Probably a 3:00am sneak attack of some sort where everyone in the Me-do-ya is invited but not the opposition. Lying, cheating and stealing. Hallmarks of the Leftist agenda that Liberal half-wits love so much.

  17. jaxtom says

    Today he quotes the Bible, tomorrow the Koran, next day the LBGT mantra…ad nauseum. He just wants his way and you meanies won’t let him!! GOOD!

    1. MARYANN33 says

      He does not want to keep us safe…He probably knows in advance of the attack plan…

      1. lana ward says

        I wouldn’t put anything past him, he is one evil, communist muslim

    2. fed up says

      Your so right jaxtom, only thing I would change is he “misquotes the Bible. As with everything he does, he puts his spin and own angle. he knows nothing about the Bible or Christians.

      1. lana ward says

        You really can tell to!!

  18. gwedem5995 says

    I guess all the parents in Sandy Hook and Gabby Gifford didn’t do the trick after all. Obama is not used to not getting his way. He gloats when he wins and whines when he loses.

    1. kent says

      Adolf Obozo the “door kicker”, the President of the Greatest Country in the World………. gets pissed and kickes the door open after a loss!!!!!!!!!!! what an ass

  19. Matt Gray says

    Obama is trying to do to our rights what Koney did to the people in Africa

  20. Tom Dillon says

    The King is sinking with his liberal friends. Hopefully America is waking up to this tyrant and his cronies.

  21. sandy2249 says

    He didn’t get his way and he was sure he had used the victims in the shooting and bombing to get his political agenda to come true but what happened is more Americans are waking up & it sickens them & me the way he uses the victims & their families to further his political agenda. He acts mad and he might shed a tear but its not for the victims is because he DIDN’T GET HIS WAY AND THAT’S ALL. He uses people then throws them away and he should be ashamed using victims & their families as political tools to get his own way ! He reminds me of a little kid who screams & cries because he didn’t get his way but if he sheds a tear its just another photo-op to try and convince the American people he really cares and if anyone believes he does their crazy, he hasn’t showed one emotion since taking office except the times he didn’t get his way and that’s the only time !

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