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Wurzelbacher calls out left-wing politicians for urban decay in Detroit, MI

Toledo, OH-  Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher released a new video today, in which he linked the many decades of Democratic leadership with the poverty, decline, and unemployment in Detroit, Michigan.   The video features scenes from Detroit’s impoverished inner city neighborhoods and cites the many years that progressive Democrats have had complete control of the city.  The video can be viewed here:

Wurzelbacher said the following about the video, “It’s hard to believe that here in America we have streets lined with rubble and abandoned homes and businesses.  In Detroit, and here in my hometown of Toledo, OH, this has become reality after decades of progressive Democratic leadership.  In these cities, there are no Republicans for the Left to blame.  It’s time they take responsibility for allowing America’s great cities to become disaster zones on their watch.”

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  1. Que Dub says

    33% of our manufacturing is gone out of the USA !!!! WHY ??? clinton’s NAFTA, CAFTA, & taxes, corp taxes, EPA, PETA, all democrats doing !!!
    Remember people, the rich are the employers, nobammaa wants to drive ‘um right out of the USA.
    nobammaa says economic recovery !!! WHAT??? 1.5 MILLION laid off every month !!!

  2. voted against carter says

    Detroit MI. IS what obama, the democRAT party and their UNION masters want for ALL of America.

    Coming to YOUR town SOONER than you think.

  3. gamer2012 says

    If you believe that there should be an end to Muslim Immigration to the USA, then sign this white house petition

    1. Que Dub says

      I*t doesn’t matter. Look at nobammycare, 67% of us did NOT WANT it!!! So what’s a petition going to do. nobammaa doesn’t give a 5hitt about us!!!!!!! And congress is chicken 5hitt !!!

  4. Andy Withers says

    It’s not America that refuses to learn, it’s ignorant, black, low-information voters who believe anything a Democrat tells them- especially if he’s also black and running for Mayor or City Council.

  5. JohnM says

    Look at almost ANY large city with a history of Democratic ”leadership”…..Los Angeles, Memphis, etc and will see the exact same thing……And yet,…..America refuses to learn.

    1. Clint says

      Willful ignorance maybe?

  6. $14832922 says

    How True!
    How True!

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