MotherJones: Republicans can’t make fun of our idiots

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Episode 18,430,965 of the “It’s keen and clever if Democrats do it, but it’s THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY IF REPUBLICANS DO IT” show. Produced by, in association with Slate, ABC-NBC-CBS-CNN-MSLSD-NYT-WP, the Democrat National Committee, and of course, the thugs, commies, crooks, tax-dodgers, and brick-shooting non-basketballing hoop-wannabes at Obama, Inc.

So. Let’s say I’m a currently sitting U.S. Senator. Let’s say that a fairly large-name Hollywood actress with some local cache has proposed herself as a potential to run against me in the next election. Let’s also say that this actress is a crazy person. And I mean by this that she mind-melds with unicorns and sees pink soda fountain butterfly rainbows in the sky. She has made public and private statements that leave you just shaking your head. Seriously troubled and delusional, and I’m not certain as to whether fame and fortune drove her to it or whether her very eccentric artistic brain was what made her a success. It’s hard to say with the Hollywood bunch.

Palin-bashing for me, no Judd-bashing for thee
Anyway, I am this Senator, and it does not pay to ignore famous potential challengers, no matter how loony. My staff and I certainly will discuss potential strategies, and the strengths and weaknesses of my opponent. Is that unreasonable?

Well, it is, if I’m Republican Mitch McConnell, and you are Mother Jones (find your own link). If my staff finds humor in this fun-for-the-whole-family-ball-of-yarn which is Ashley Judd, you think I am some kind of criminal if I don’t shush them? Heck no, I’m going to be laughing right along.

If you do a web search on the terms “MotherJones” and “Palin”, you will find that when the target is a Republican, MotherJones has no sympathy for the person they apparently believe to be unhinged and delusional. They are relentless in berating Sarah Palin. But Ashley Judd, who barks at passing cars? Oh no, you Republicans can’t have a little fun with that. You can’t even point out the obvious – that she’s an idiot – much less formulate campaign strategies that address that. Oh no. You BAD, BAD Republican!

Illegal recordings for thee, not for me
The McConnell camp has called in the FBI to investigate illegal recording charges. The recordings of a private meeting are plainly illegal, unless it turns out that one of the participants did the recording. Perhaps still illegal, depending on where this happened. Forgetting that the comments made about Ashley Judd were standard fare and nothing special, you can’t make those recordings. Beyond that, it is despicable to publish them, and use them to cast aspersions. MotherJones claims moral high ground here, because…… well, I suppose because they’re no less delusional than Ashley Judd.

Meanwhile, Slate magazine (again, no link) seems very put out – I mean, their panties are ALL bunched up – that the McConnell camp has called in the FBI to investigate, and keeps using the term “bugged” to describe what happened. Hmmm. What would you call it? “Enhanced interviewing”, perhaps?

So it’s to be torture then?
Keep living that dream, kids. We’ll quit making fun when you quit running idiots at us — Anthony “Check My” Weiner, Shotgun Joe Biden, Hank “Guam Tipping Over” Johnson, Diana “One Use Only Magazines Clips …..SQUIRREL!!” DeGette, Jesse “Can I Buy Me a Senate Seat” Jackson Jr, Kathleen “Wow, this Obamacare is a little more complicated than I thought” Sebelius, Elizabeth “Me Indian. How!” Warren, and I could keep going awhile….

The real question is this: You found much humor in Sarah/Bristol/Trig. Why aren’t you laughing now?

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