J Edgar Hoover And Harry Reid

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Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Harry Reid wants to invade the privacy of law abiding citizens through strict gun control legislation, J. Edgar Hoover did it with the FBI.

Why is one way ok and the other not?

To further my point In 2001 Senator Harry Reid sponsored an amendment to strip Hoover’s name from the building. Reid stated “J. Edgar Hoover’s name on the FBI building is a stain on the building”.

What stain does Harry Reid want to leave behind?rust

Harry Reid’s extreme “overreach” has  actually woken up the ACLU.


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  1. drikk says

    J Edgar Hoover was a closet homosexual who sold out his country to organized cirme in exchange for sexual partners. In a time of rampant organized crime activity, he had more agents shadowing Earnest Hemingway looking for communist sympathy activity than he did working organized crime investigation in the whole rest of the country. Harry Reid is right, but for the wrong reasons.

  2. wellduh says

    Hmmm? Wonder if…. no, he couldn’t be a cross dresser could he? What goes on ‘tween him and Pelosi lately? Double hmmm?

  3. 2War Abn Vet says

    The difference is, whatever Hoover’s faults may have been, he was a patriot who loved his country. That cannot be said of Reid.

    1. $4119491 says

      Hoover and Joe McCarthy were BOTH right and history has PROVEN it. Look where all the left-wingnut psychobabble comes from. Exactly where they were FINDING it back then.

  4. Al Capone says

    Let me guess. They were butt-hole buddies. LOL

  5. Dghs48 says

    Let’s put Harry’s name on the door to the Senate S—house.

  6. vet says

    The only stain reid would put down is still in his shorts.And ovomit is a stain and will take generations to scrub that one clean.Surprised though that ovomit would go along with it because hoover was a cross dresser and I thought they had allot in common.Who would of thunk.

  7. spyderdalton says

    Obama is a stain in the white house

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