It’s Community That Works Not Government

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images (6kirs)I have worked in law enforcement in some capacity for 17 years, the last 10 as a deputy.  I have seen the best and worst humanity has to offer.  I am a public servant, a member of a community, a student, a mom, a wife, and a citizen of this awesome country.  We have a history of greatness, compassion, and bravery and we have a history of mass murder, slavery, and bigotry. We know of our history because of the great freedoms afforded to us by our constitution, most notably the first amendment.  It is not our government that is forthcoming with the black marks on our record, but the people; journalists, private citizens, from the student to the high powered businessman, who all have the ability and the right to hold those in power accountable for their actions.  This is a truth the left doesn’t want to acknowledge.  Where it not for the outrage of private citizens and the reporting of Catherine Herridge of Fox News, Benghazi would be nothing more than a footnote in history.  Where it not for Kirsten Powers of the Daily Caller most of this country would have never heard of Kermit Gosnell.  It was not our government that came forward to inform us of injustice and it wasn’t government that propelled themselves into the assertion of justice for the victims.

    The bomb in Boston on Monday is still fresh, raw, and painful for every American.  Another tragedy befell a small town in west Texas as a fertilizer plant exploded killing dozens and injuring many more.  In both cases the government will respond.  In both cases, emergency personnel paid for and sponsored by tax payers in the form of firemen, police and EMS will respond as they always do, but before a single 9-1-1 call could be made these scenes were characterized with just regular Americans going about their day.

    What struck me in Boston, just as in New York following the 9/11 attack, were the images of regular people, not in uniform, with no duty to respond, coming to the aid of their fellow man.  Runners were seen removing shirts and belts to be used as tourniquets for the victims.  Others were seen carrying the injured away from danger and still others were seen lying on the ground next to victims providing comfort and reassurance until other help arrived.  This is the America that is immune to the evil terrorism has to offer, and this is the America the left simply cannot understand.

    Barney Frank hit the airwaves soon after the attack pushing the left’s agenda for big government.  His statements to the effect the police, medical and FBI response were a result of a well-funded, professional government ignores that fact it was private citizens who probably saved dozens of lives with their actions.  Furthermore, having run 5 marathons myself I can tell you the finish line was already staffed with police, EMS, and physicians as required by the promoters of any such major race.  Their presence was also, to some extent, paid for by the entry fees of the runners.   Our system works because of private and public partnerships.  Our country works because of regular people recognizing they have a responsibility to help their fellow man beyond dialing 911.

    The left thinks they can bottle up this kind of response.  The left believes that with the right after school program you can make people behave in a way that is honorable, responsible, and good.  The left believes by taking away 2nd amendment rights of law abiding citizens bad people won’t use guns to hurt innocents, and the left believes all of this is possible with government intervention.  The left is wrong.

    The brave response of individual citizens on 9/11 and in Boston was the instinct of those people, not the result of a government program.  It comes from a society that still feels at its core it belongs to something and we belong to each other.  You can’t instill that if you spend every day teaching, preaching, and reporting how people are disenfranchised.  The rush of people who responded to help in Boston at blood banks and the same response to the victims in Texas is who we are, the left doesn’t get it, and those who seek to do evil on us can’t stand it.  Those fans at the Bruins game that broke out in the National Anthem were not staged.  They were not flown in on Air Force One as a prop for patriotism, and they were not programmed by a public education system to sing with such love and support of their fellow Americans, they were operating at an instinctual level.  This is who and what we are in this country.

    When we turn on the news tomorrow there will be stories of heroism and tragedy.  We will be led down a path to fear, or hate that which the talking heads tell us, and we will be lectured and chastised by a government convinced of its own superiority.  A government so secluded in their own bubble they won’t even notice most of us will be celebrating the triumph of our best nature as we go on with our lives raising our children to say “please”, helping a neighbor with mowing the lawn, and taking in yet another stray animal that needs a loving home.


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  1. Don Bahn says

    The left has never understood why every time the communist / socialist / marxist / fascists system NEVER works. They need to read Animal Farm, corruption at every level of government keeps the system from working. In a capitalist republic that the people, control who is in office the system will work, until some progressive / socialist / communist / marxist / fascist gets into control of the educational system and corrupts the history, and starts to make government responsible for any thing beyond securing the country from corrupt governments outside it’s borders. When the “we the people” stop watching who is being sent to make laws, the demise of that nation starts.

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