“Iron Lady” Thatcher Connected with Mama Grizzly

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Conservative commentator Ann Coulter said on Geraldo Rivera’s radio program yesterday that Margaret Thatcher admired Sarah Palin and said that Palin had “raw, political talent.”

In a sense, Thatcher saw a little bit of herself in Palin. As portrayed in the semi-biographical film “The Iron Lady,” when Thatcher first got started in politics, she took voice coaching in order to appeal more to the upper crusty, male members of Parliament.

According to Coulter, Thatcher wanted Palin to follow her political path with public speaking coaching. Thatcher wanted to personally meet with the former governor of Alaskaand vice presidential candidate.

In fact, the two women had a lot in common. Both shared a conservative, political philosophy, were independently fierce in their convictions and had a large, devoted following as well as outspoken critics. They both admired and respected President Ronald Reagan.

Unfortunately, neither women got their wish to meet one another. Thatcher’s health deteriorated to the point where she was unable to greet guests. What a pity. One can imagine what sage advice the Iron Lady would share with the Mama Grizzley.



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  1. CarolParks says

    Nice tribute to both ladies, Joe.

  2. James Star says

    Very sad indeed! I certainly would have liked their meeting.

  3. old_crank says

    What a pity they couldn’t meet! I would second the advice about the publc speaking coaching…it might help to sever the Tina Fey connection.

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